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My approach to life has been ” In search of the Simple” since my late teens. This lead me to investigating and researching every approach to the Game of Life. Things like what’s it all about, how does it work, why are we what we are, what can we do about it, how do we make ourselves sick. how can we heal ourselves, what’s our purpose etc. What I discovered is that the basic answers are
essentially the same. This is our Movie, we are the script writer, the casting director, the producer and either the star or a bit player in our own movie. The choice is always ours, its our Spiritual Challenge to find the value in everything. It’s there all we need to do is look for it and we can find it. This begins in the mirror. Until we can see our value, being exactly what we are the way we are, we can’t see value of our chosen life, or much of anything. As we judge ourselves we judge the world and everything in it. Existence doesn’t make mistakes its that simple. So change your focus and love your essential creation, YOU


You – all of humanity – are enormously powerful, divine creations who have hidden from that aspect of yourselves by burying yourselves in the illusion, which you have mistaken for reality. The moment when that mistake will be corrected is fast approaching as you work on demonstrating the effectiveness of loving and accepting attitudes in your daily lives. Many of you have suffered greatly over the eons and now, in just a few short years, you are releasing the multitude of defensive barriers that you constructed in rather vain attempts to protect yourselves from the dangers and suffering that always seemed to threaten you.
Acceptance of where you are is the key. If you rail against the situations in which you find yourselves you will not see, let alone understand or learn, the lessons offered to you, and which you decided with divine guidance to incorporate into your life paths. Frequently, you will find them confusing and unsettling, but if you will accept them and observe how they make you feel, it will become apparent why you chose them. And always ask your spiritual guides for assistance in understanding them; that is why they are always with you, desiring only to help you to learn them quickly and easily, so that you can return Home to the glory that awaits you.

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