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Others Opinion

Its important to be aware of how reactive we are to others opinions. What others say is really just their opinion, the way they see things, When these opinions are directed toward us though they are often seen by us as as criticisms. They change from opinions to threats to our integrity of being, especially when coming from loved ones? Are we so insecure about our self worth? After all its just an opinion and everyone has a right to their own opinion. When we do this we are using someone outside of us to feel judged or criticized and it’s always coming from a feeling of low self worth, we feel we need to defend our self. There is nothing to defend and nothing to change except the way we perceive our self, self acceptance as is, is our spiritual challenge Self love is the purpose.. Here is a Kryon comment

Your Lineage
From Kryon Live Channel, “This Is Not Your Father’s New Age”
February 2015 in Atlanta, GA

Some of you love to do ceremony, which looks like clearing. Go ahead, but know that it’s not necessary to clear, since you are there and your presence alone has done it. So instead, think of it as “patterning”. Instead of clearing the negative, put into the room the new pattern of energy that you wish to create. Now, again this is controversial because you might say, “Look at all of those people who might be negative in a place like this. Think of all the meetings in the past that have been held in a place like this. We must clear this past energy which has attached itself to the area.” And we say, “No you don’t. Not anymore.” If a master walked into this room, would you stop and clear it? The answer is no. The master clears it! You understand? This is the lineage that is yours and that you worked for. Claim it. Go for it.

KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Time to change our beliefs

We’ve played the ‘Poor Me’ game long enough, it’s time to play the ‘Good For Me’ game. There is nothing wrong with us except being a victim to our own childhood belief system.. To begin with we were growing up in a confusing environment world of emotional expressions that we weren’t yet equipped to understand and respond to, with awareness and clarity of emotional intelligence, so we did our best to protect ourselves from what we were experiencing and created what we believed was the way to go to survive. We also felt we deserved what we were feeling, that we caused their emotional out bursts and we developed low self worth. This is the way we created our own ideas of our self value and what we believed as a child, with out yet having the ability to reason and this is the belief system that we still react from in present time, under stress There is nothing wrong with us we have 100% power to cope with our life’s experiences, any time we choose to believe that we have the power and  trust that we can. All Doubts, Fears and Limitations are creations of our childhood reactions, that we are still reacting with, under stressful situations. It’s time to be the adult that we are now and be response-able instead of reacting from our childhood beliefs.This is our spiritual challenge to become consciously aware of our innate power and choose to feel good about our ability, instead of pretending that we are a limited person that has to struggle and suffer. It’s wake up time as another Christmas present, from us to us. Doubt your doubt and claim your power to be the loving person you came here to be. Then share it with others, that always makes us feel good.
Here is some inspiration from the Archangel Gabriel..
The Archangel Gabriel
By Shanta Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel has been featured more prominently throughout history than any other Archangel. Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her about the birth of the Christ Child, came to Moses and opened the Red Sea for the Israelites’ safe passage from Egypt, and from his appearance to Mohammed a new religion was birthed. The theme for all these visitations seemed to be a message of hope.
Especially at Christmas, awareness of Archangel Gabriel is at a peak. The empowerment of Divine Love is more available and ideas of Peace, Harmony and Good Will are prevalent. These are all qualities of consciousness that Archangel Gabriel represents.
More about Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel is the master of communication, the inspiration behind the muse, the creative energy in the creative flow, and a most beloved partner. Some even see Gabriel as the Angel of Resurrection. With all of these attributes, joining in partnership with Archangel Gabriel allows balance to flow into our lives creating the spark of Divine Love in worldly partnerships, and a heaven-sent gift to open our hearts.
Archangel Gabriel is centered in the Second Chakra, which is our Creative Center. Calling on this powerful presence can definitely bring more Light into our beings. Since the second chakra is located below the navel at what is called the “Hara Center,” it is here at the center of our being that some cultures attribute the “breath of God.” When the breath flows through this center it can bring new balance and cooperation into all relationships.
When we join together in service of the Greater Good for all, it is a worthy goal for any partnership. This intention will have a ripple effect up-leveling all relationships on earth creating new loving respect for all beings. Assurance of a creative flow is part of the promise when one turns to a life of serving God. Honoring one another and seeing the powerful connection within all beings is the basis for respect and empowerment in personal relationships of all kinds.
The Dalai Lama speaks of this link with all beings when he says, “If you see yourself in others, then whom can you harm?”
The Second Chakra, or Svadisthana, is the center that is most well known as the Sexual Chakra, although it affects all creativity. It can reflect the desire to create children as well as bring our creative ideas into physical form. One of the strong qualities of consciousness in this center is “Honoring One Another” as this chakra resonates to our need for relationships on an emotional level. There is also an energetic connection to the physical body which affects all the organs in that region.
The primary strengths in this chakra are the ability to survive financially, the “fight or flight” instinct, and the resilience to recover from loss by re-establishing our life by making good decisions for ourselves. The primary fears are abandonment, betrayal and financial loss, among others. When we notice that we are making decisions from these fears, rather than from the faith that we are being cared for by a Greater Power, it is time for more trust knowing that we have powerful support to enable us to take care of ourselves. My favorite affirmation for this is:
“All my needs are met with grace and ease, and I am cared for eternally.”
All of our relationships, whether personal or business, have spiritual value as we learn to become more conscious through each interaction. We learn to form unions with people who support our development and release relationships that handicap our growth. In the second chakra, we can also balance our inner male and female, and come into harmony with ourselves.
When we focus on the qualities Archangel Gabriel brings into this center, we can choose to become more honoring and compassionate with ourselves. This will allow a healthy flow of energy through these very volatile areas, setting free the power of Creative Solutions in every area of our lives.
If we were only enlightened enough to have the greater perspective necessary to see our way through every challenge in the world, we know there would be a creative solution. This is what is available to us when healthy energy is flowing in the second chakra, and we are calling in the Light so that we may see more clearly. I believe it is an immutable law such as the Law of Attraction.
I have had many direct experiences with the amazing opportunity inherent in the Law of Creative Solutions that Archangel Gabriel brings into our lives. You might want to experiment with this idea. Do not expect that the solution will look anything like what you imagined. Praying for Creative Solutions will take it out of your intellectual process and turn it over to a Higher Power, saving you a lot of stress. You will feel the rightness of the decisions made from this creative place.
One of the last messages I received from Archangel Gabriel in November 1997 before my life moved into great upheaval was, “Just when did you THINK you would need Faith?” In other words, it is easy to maintain faith when things are going well, but in times when we are faced with tremendous challenge, that’s when we definitely need to have faith. It has been a powerful teaching for me and for all of us during this intense time of change on the planet. We allowed ourselves the assignment of anchoring Light as a Bridge from Heaven to Earth. Because we volunteered for this mission of service, we have a tremendous wellspring of Divine Assistance to call forth into our lives. It is up to us to call it in, and in that moment, we will be surrounded by Wings of Light.

We transformed old negative limiting habits into productive expression

Many of us have increased our conscious awareness, raised our vibration, improved our lives because we chose to do so and worked at it. We proved to ourselves that it’s really up to us and we can and did accomplish changes in our lives. We transformed old negative limiting habits into productive expression because we chose to do so. We believed that we could, we worked at it and found that it can be as simple as choosing to think positive and taking the response-abilty 
to identify old limiting habits and replacing them with a positive expression. Those of us that chose to use “I don’t do that any more! I AM Feeling Good!” found out that it really works are using it more and more because we like feeling good. Now it’s time to share our success with other people and encourage them to check it out. We can inspire them to join the ‘It’s time to lighten up group that we are now a part of it’s important to share. Here is a sugjestion from Saul to consider.
Many of you have acted as guides and mentors for others and have learnt that very often all that is required is that you allow the person to talk while you listen silently and intently while maintaining eye contact. Frequently it is enough for someone to know that they have been heard. When you listen attentively to another they can feel it, it allows them to relax, their stress levels fall, and then their own inner guidance, their intuition, their higher selves or spiritual guides can get through to them.
You have seen this many times and have yourselves assisted others in this manner. So why on Earth can you not acknowledge and honor that need in yourselves? Every one of you are divine and irreplaceable aspects of God, our Source, the Supreme Intelligence, and as such you are beings of infinite worth and value. Presently you are experiencing the intense sensations that the illusion provides while restricted by the severe limitations that a human body imposes on you. It is incredibly stressful, and you are very easily distracted from your spiritual path as you get caught up in the suffering and drama of this unreal environment, which almost constantly offers you the message that you are not good enough, that you are not working hard enough. Well enough already!
The way forward is to remind yourselves of who you truly are by reading and re-reading the holy works that spell this out for you. You can accept it intellectually, so do so, and then go within, when you make that essential purely personal time available, and remind yourselves of this divine truth. When you do that while in your quiet space intend once more to make it real for you, and you will, thus regaining and rejuvenating your spiritual strength that you need to complete your journey home.
Remind yourselves frequently that you are being lovingly watched over and supported in every moment, and relax into the sense, the feeling that that knowledge brings into your awareness.
With so very much love, Saul.

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