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What do myou want?

Energy follows Intention. The question we need to keep asking ourselves is ” What do I really want and what am I willing to get it?” Until I decide what I want I can’t have it. I’m not talking about material possessions I mean as the person I believe that I am. What would make me happy being me? The positive spiritual answer is “acception of myself as is!’ I created myself as is, as my spiritual challenge, to find the value of what I created. There is nothing to change, nothing to achieve, except understanding what I can learn by being this person I wanted to be. Existence doesn’t make mistakes, we can’t be wrong. The challenge is choosing to enjoy and love what we are. When we are O.K. so is everyone else.

What do you want?

What do you really want? and what are you willing to do to get it? The first step is to accept that you are worthy of having it. Self worth is the basic problem with everyone. Most us us are ‘yeah but’s’ instead of yes and’s. Abundance is our birth right and few of us ever claim it. We all begin life with a degree of self doubt. We get messages that we have to accomplish something to be what we are supposed to be. What we are isn’t good enough, few of us, if any of us, heard as children that we are perfect as we are. That just being ourselves as we are is what ‘they’ wanted us to be. We had to prove ourselves, behave better, get better grades in school, do what they say and do it their way. So we get the message that what we are isn’t good enough, we need to change in order to be worthy. They had good intentions, they meant well. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. We can’t be wrong, there is nothing to do except self awareness, understanding, appreciating and loving our what we created, us as is, in all our glory. This is what we really want.

What do you want?

What do you want? and what are you willing to do to get it? Not something or someone outside of you but inside of you. What would make you feel really good about you? What attitude toward yourself or acceptance of something about yourself, that makes you really feel great about you just as you are, could you think about instead of what you may think is missing or needed? Nothing is needed except a choice to feel good. Whose thoughts are they anyway? Turn on the light accept your inner beauty, its there, so why not? The choice is yours. Be a Nike, just do it.

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