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Wake up call

Important wake up call to all (repeated again because of its value to us)

Statistically we express our selves with negative comments 70% of the time. Every day, we each “speak” to ourselves, providing feedback on how
we’re doing. Usually it’s NEGATIVE feedback. As a result, we feel
worse, our self-esteem diminishes – and end up in a rut.

By managing and changing our “Self-Talk,” we can both elevate our
level of self esteem and empower our lives to attract rich
relationships, abundance, fulfillment, happiness and all of the
other things we all want in our lives.

We can REPROGRAM our minds to enjoy greater happiness, wealth,
confidence, love, success, health – and more.

ALL just by changing what we say to ourselves. pay attention to how you are talking to yourself. Choose to transform your old self negating habitual thoughts with the gift of transformation given to us from Kryon ………

“I don’t do that anymore! I AM feeling good!”

Wake up call

A Wake up inspirational message:
What are we doing with our energy? How much time are we still using to be being reactive with old habits? We have experienced the value of “I don’t do that any more! I’m feeling good!”Are we remembering to use it as often as we could or have we forgotten? It’s amazing how something that is so simple and works so well is forgotten so easily? Are we stupid or do we just enjoy pretending that we are victims to our belief system? We are in an increased energy experience with new and increased power and we still do the same old dumb limiting habits? That’s embarrassing. Talk about being ‘Careless’ Oh well that was yesterday, today I’m renewing my dedication to myself in a stronger and more determined manner. Past is past and the Power of Now is here and so am I. Onward Light Workers we shall create the world we wish to live in because it’s up to us and we love our Spiritual Challenges.

WAke up call

We keep getting the message that Consciousness is expanding. Great but what does that mean to us on our individual awareness level? What should we expect? Consciousness means awareness of truth. What truth? The understanding that we are really ‘Divine beings’ pretending that we are limited human beings. WE did this to inspire ourselves to choose to go beyond accepted limitations to the awareness of our innate divinity that we have forgotten. The increase in consciousness that is now a daily reality will inspire us to re-member (become a member again) that the game of life was a choice that we made to play in order to transform chosen limitations (darkness of the unknown) into the light of understanding that has been the collective energy of change that we are know experiencing. Good for us! Now we can experience the rewards of life times of effort. Its time for us to focus on Trust, Faith and positive out comes and increase our ability to assist in this that we have transformation into the 5th dimension reality that we have been a part of life time after life time. Plan ahead visualize the world that you want to live in. Feel the joy of accomplishment of a job well done. Drop all doubts and fears its up to you its always your choice.Its time for us to accept our increased Conscious Awareness and celebrate our ‘Divineness’ then act accordingly. Good for us!!!

WAke up call

This time now is when humanity begins to take control and responsibility in a new way for their existence on the Earth, their spiritual growth path and soul development. It is due to this new level of responsibility laid at the feet of humanity that you will be asked as aware and awake light workers to assist in many activations and alignments that need to take place. Galatic Heart

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