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How to be more positive?

Change is actually a Heart and Mind cooperation. First identify with our mind, then see what we have identified with our hearts and find the positive value of what the mind has identified with, then decide with our mind  how to use the positive value that our hearts have realized as the way, to improve our life and our world, with this situation we are playing with. This is the way we can create positive change, making better and more productive choices. It’s mind and heart before mouth and action. When we choose to do this we are using the power of our judgment to make things better responsibly, instead of what may have been an old repetitive, negative comparable reaction. This an example of ‘I don’t do that anymore, I AM feeling good’ in action. Our Minds think, our Hearts feel, when they work together to inspire positive change they are undefinable. So be as aware of your old unconscious reactions as you can and choose to trade them in for better ideas. Be critical of the old and embrace the new. Sure feels good and satisfying when we do it.
Here is Hilarion’s weekly message to inspire us to do more work on our selves
As you open your mind and heart, you’ll see the unlimited potential that resides within you…
November 16-23, 2014
Beloved Ones,
Each of you is going through a process of self evaluation and re-evaluation. You are looking at all the patterns such as addiction and noting which ones need to be replaced with something that is more conducive to the path that you are on. In all things, it is a matter of balance, not necessarily the need to give up something that you enjoy indulging occasionally, just becoming aware that you have the detachment necessary to walk away when it is time. The energy downloads are bringing up areas that you might not necessarily have wanted to look at objectively to this point. Love is the answer in these instances, the understanding and compassion for one’s underlying needs that want to be acknowledged and met. The concepts of right and wrong, judgement and criticism, blame and shame – these are all human perceptions that have been assimilated into your thought processes from the time you came into this world as an innocent and wide open child, ready to experience all the wonders of life on this planet in all of its many variations.
The prospect of giving up those things that stand in the way of full integration with your higher aspects is daunting. This is where end point visualization on that which you wish to experience is most helpful for you and this can be done many times each day. It will help you to remember your higher purpose as you continue to progress in the mastering of the elements that comprise the human experience. As you work upon the refinement of duality, let it not become so weighty that you lose your perspective. Make time and take the time, for frequent breaks from your dedicated efforts. When you do this you come back refreshed, revitalized and regenerated, filled with renewed enthusiasm and passion for your projects and goals. The fire within you that aspires to greatness of spirit and creation burns brightly once again and moves you forward on your noble quest in the search for higher meaning in life.
Enjoy the benefits of all that you’ve created and relish it. You know that you can create more and you’ve learned how to give and are now learning to receive and keep the flow of energy moving through your life. Appreciate all that you have manifested into your life and seek to be in balance with all of it. Celebrate life and all the infinite potential that each new day brings to you, on all the wonders that you are given. You have everything you need to be happy and fulfilled and there is always more than one option available to you in moving forward. You simply need to look from a different angle and perspective to discover new possibilities for your life. As you open your mind and heart, you’ll see the unlimited potential that resides within you.
The next step on your journey is the surrendering of your human will to the divine will in a greater heart opening. Trust all that is unfolding even as you experience all the emotional and physical occurrences that take place. Allow the universe to nurture and support you and feel its loving energy to flow through and embrace you. Observe your mind and the words that you say about yourself. Make it your objective to become your own greatest ally and friend. Be as kind and forgiving of yourself as you are of others who are also going through their own initiatory experiences. As one who is here on Earth to give assistance to others, loving yourself with compassion and nurturance is one of the greatest soul lessons on the journey of physical incarnation. If you do not have your own needs met then it is most difficult to give of yourself in service to others.
As you release all that no longer serves and nurture yourselves, you are creating the space for your inner abilities, gifts and power to awaken within you. Feel into these as you become aware of them and begin to experiment in the utilization of them. Allow your inner light and goodness to shine as your inner treasures and gifts of spirit come into your awareness. The energy downloads are assisting with this process of uncovering what lies within you. It is important to stay grounded and clear. Keep your daily life as simple and uncluttered as possible and give yourselves quiet time.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion by:
©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Low Self Worth


We get so attached to the idea of ‘Low Self Worth’ that we spend a big percentage of our energy proving to ourselves that we are victims to our limitations, that we think we have. We have become ‘YEAH BUTS’ resistance to positive change is our problem, others may be able to attract what they want BUT not us. We may have tried to make inner and outer changes But they never happened the way we wanted them to, in the time period we expected, so we accepted that it was because we weren’t worthy. Now we rationalize that it was because our karma (or some other silly reason) won’t allow it we are ‘Unworthy’. Abundance of everything and anything is our birth right any time we “Believe” that we are worthy and chose to create it. Existence does not make ‘Unworthy, does not make mistakes’. All it really takes from us is focused intention, Trust and Faith, and lots of visualization, seeing that we have what ever it is that we want, and NO resistance, Just do it, believe in the process and get out of the way. Perseverance and knowing that it will happen, is the way to go, if you are really interested, really care, and are ready to achieve what you really want, instead of proving to your self that your fears of being unworthy are true. No they are not, it’s just being stupid. It’s your movie, what kind do you want and what are you willing to do about it? It’s up to you, just do it.

How are we going to manifest our goal for 2014

Lets make a goal for ourselves for 2014. What is it that you are going to achieve this year? Now lets create a Game plan. How are we going to manifest our goal? Plan this by identifying 10 steps. What do you want and what are you going to do to make sure you get it? Make your steps simple and progressive. Use the power of the Law of Attraction, be sure to add all of your senses in your visualizations. Don’t allow your belief system to limit  your progress with doubts, fears and impatience. Know that success is yours to claim. Just do it. Here is some New Years inspiration to add energy to as well,from PAO
Imagine a world free of pollution, free of want, free of disease, free of disaster. Imagine a world populated with smiling, laughing, happy, joyous people—all radiantly healthy, all abundantly supplied, all loved and loving. Get the feel of such a world, and put yourself right in the middle of it. Think of yourself as filled with life and energy and vitality, with a body that is strong and vibrant. See yourself surrounded with abundance and enjoying true prosperity. See yourself doing what you love and loving what you do, unbound and free. See yourself with the capacity to embrace and love and serve every single man and woman and child on this planet, regardless of who they are or what they have done—and feel that unconditional love radiating from you to all, and returning from all to you. Let there be peace in your hearts!

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