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God is Spirit and Spirit is Conscious Awareness

God is Spirit and Spirit is Conscious Awareness

God helps those who help them selves, is a statement I’ve heard from many people all of my life. Now is an excellent time to really understand what that statement really means. If we consider that God is Spirit and Spirit is Conscious Awareness and that Spirit is One and Indivisible and a part can not be where the whole is not then, this means that as we are a part of this Oneness, we are perfectly imperfect. Now by brining Free Will to this we reality, that we chose to be born as a human, it was our idea. Again Free Will comes into play, this tells us that we also chose to be the kind of human that we are, for our own particular spiritual purpose of Conscious Self Awareness. Accepting that this creative energy that we are a part of, doesn’t make mistakes or anything that doesn’t have the same value as the whole, our essential purpose is to find the value of our own human creation, ourselves, with focused intention. This world is a feeling world, the Spiritual Challenge is to choose to consciously become in tune with our essential energy, which is Love. When we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves, when we decide to take care of ourselves, the only judgments we will make will be how to improve. Good health and a good life is then produced with a good, loving attitude. Change your focus to self love and you will have achieved your Spiritual purpose and everything else will follow automatically.
Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

God is Spirit and Spirit is Conscious Awareness

Here is inspiration from Kryon.

The Healer and the Channeller
From Kryon Live Channel, “J.O.P.B.”
September 2014 in Basel, Switzerland

Now a healer and a channeller have something in common. They both are channelling, but in different ways. Healers don’t heal. They balance. No Human Being can force healing on another. However, most patients are asking for balance so they can heal themselves with the assistance of the balancing healer. True healing requires this cooperative process, and what you’re hearing right now is similar. There is balancing energy present within the message being delivered.

The messages I give contain energy, dear ones, and like the healer, there is balance to help clear the way within your thinking process. This clearing may help you make a decision, enabling you to move to a different level of understanding. It’s a healing of the mind. This is free choice. Many times, the message is simply the exposure of the energy of truth, ripping away the veil for a moment, which creates balance.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

The evolution of Conscious is taking over

The evolution of Conscious is taking over

The evolution of Conscious is taking over, we are going from the two levels of Consciousness that we have always been playing with, Conscious Acceptance, which is a product of the mind and the belief system’s reality and Conscious Awareness, which is Divine truth. Now we are being inspired to move into 5th Dimension Conscious Awareness, seeing and understanding ourselves, each other and our world and our abilities with a different perspective. This can be as easy or as difficult as we choose to make it. When we have been experiencing life on earth with limited awareness and taking life times to work our way to a more spiritual vision as a reality, (I’m not talking about religion) it may be difficult to realize that everything is in the process of change. We we are changing not only into a reality that’s going to be incredibly different than anything we know or have ever experienced, so we have little or no idea of what to expect, what these new changes  may be and mean and do to us. This can be scary and or exciting, the intelligent approach is,’ Let the changes continue’ they are going to happen anyway so choosing to go with the flow and look for and find the value of a more 5th Dimensional Conscious reality, is a feel good choice.

Here is a channeling from St. Germain, Lady Portia and for  inspiration.

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

from the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

BE The Change

March 2015 ~~ Part 1

Your heartfelt intent and gratitude for everything and everyone in your life is vital to establish and expand the love, wisdom and power of your Presence within the whole of your being. We applaud each of you for your dedication to live as your Presence and from that level of your consciousness, to make any changes that you know would assist in creating the foundations of a new world and the manifestation of a new Golden Age of Freedom. We are here to inspire you, to support your gifts and to encourage you to create and co-create with others because all changes must come through those of you who are currently living on Earth.

~ Saint Germain, Lady Portia & the Councils of Shamballa

You are each expanding your capacity to give your God Presence the authority to create, through you, a completely new world founded in the unifying principles that are a natural part of the consciousness of every Ascended Master and indeed, every ascending master. Since the fall of Atlantis, you have been waiting for this glorious opportunity to be an active part of creating a new Golden Age of Freedom ~ don’t miss it!

The more profound your passion and willingness to live on Earth as your Presence and as emissaries for Source, the more the Diamond-Opalescent Light of Mother/Father God can keep stimulating the opening of the ancient crystalline strands of your DNA, and your connection with more of the multi-dimensional consciousness of your Presence.

Your awakening into a new dimension has been creating an etheric bridge of consciousness and that bridge is now being used to assist you and others in moving into the next dimension of consciousness. Your Presence and the truth of your Divine spiritual inheritance to act as Golden Age emissaries will keep magnetizing you into new dimensions of consciousness while expanding the gifts and skills you have accumulated over many lifetimes.

As you keep drawing upon the ancient, pre-separation information encoded within your crystalline DNA, you will find that your consciousness is not truly limited to any one dimension. New levels of consciousness will continue to be activated in direct proportion to your willingness to live beyond all of the 3rd dimensional paradigms that were ever created to control the thoughts and feelings of humanity. You are each in the process of remembering who you are beyond all the confining, fear-based information that was sent into your mind, heart and body after the fall of Atlantis.

Your willingness to align your consciousness with your Presence during these times is constantly expanding your abilities to make any personal or planetary changes that are in harmony with a new Golden Age and the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for the planet. It is the expansion of the Creator’s Love and Light within every cell and atom of your being, and your willingness to live on Earth as your Presence, that is making the ascension of humanity and the ascension of your planet possible.

We are here to support you in being magnificent demonstrations of living on Earth in total harmony with every aspect of life. Everything that you create will then be exemplifying your interconnectedness with all of humanity, with the animal and plant kingdoms and with all those living in the heavenly realms and throughout the cosmos.

You are truly the agents of change who were called to your precious Earth to assist in shifting the consciousness of humanity out of duality and fear into their unlimited capacities to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness. The power of your Presence must be given full dominion over your thoughts and feelings so any duality implants can be rendered null and void. You are the strong of the strong and truly you are the Light and Love of the world, for how else could God truly be intimately involved with you, with your world and with your ongoing creations to fulfill humanity’s Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. Stand tall in this knowing and never allow yourself to believe otherwise!

From Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose.

We are the way we are as our spiritual challenge

We are the way we are as our spiritual challenge

Although it may not seem so, life is really quite simple. our purpose on Earth, is create assist this world to move into a 5th dimensional vibration. We do that by transforming the challenges of our experiences into creative responses. Every time we find the value of our experiences, our inner light shines brighter and we improve our conscious awareness, we have seen the light, we have recognized the solution that all problems contain. This is how we get stronger and wiser, when we focus our intention on looking for and finding solutions, finding the value of everything. The challenge of finding value really begins in the mirror, until we recognize the value of being this person we chose to be, we spend an enormous amount of time in judgement and comparison. Once we get the message that we created what we are the way we are as our spiritual challenge of self acceptance and we recognize the value of our existence, our true life begins and finding the value of everything else becomes an interesting game of discovery. This state of mind is our earthly purpose, once we achieve it we start loving ourselves and we start sharing our love with others and begin doing what we came here to do, assist the transformation of each other and our world into an enlightened state of being. In case you would like examples of what we can do, I’m sharing Humanity’s post for inspiration.
How are you actively helping to uplift humanity? Are you living the most authentic life you can and sharing your truth with those you meet? This may be more than enough if it is satisfying to you and feels like it is your life purpose. What happens if you have the feeling that your life’s mission involves having a greater impact on the world as a whole? What has been your plan for achieving that impact? Are you sharing a special gift in a courageous and generous manner?
Some people need to be actively engaged in causes that can change the heart of people or try to change policies that make life a challenge for people. Others feel like focusing on the energetic level is the best way to have a dramatic impact. When you understand the quantum nature of the universe you realize the possibility of your thoughts and actions connecting to all other living beings. When we realize that we are all connected in oneness, we realize it is possible to impact others with just our thoughts. What a powerful presence we can have if we combine both direct action and focused and trusting connection with the Source to bring forth a more loving and compassionate world.

What do you want?

What do you want?

Two of the questions I ask everyone in sessions and in classes are “What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it?”. It’s amazing how many people have the same response, to what do you want? answer,” I don’t know” and to what are you willing to do to get it? answer, “Anything”. First of all, until we decide what we want, we can’t get it, we need to have a goal, a focus of our energy on a specific thing or change in our self, or nothing changes. As long as we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we are getting, we need to re-focused our intention. After they say that they will do anything to accomplish what ever goal they finally decide they would like to achieve, I explain that they need to do specific home work to convince their cellular memories that they are sincere, that they really mean it, abundance is our’s but we need to work for it. When we decide to accomplish goals we need to prove  that we really mean that we are making the changes we have decided on, to accomplish our decided goals and then we will need to keep on doing our agreed upon homework, until we have convinced our cells and our selves  that we can do it and it will be done, we have decided to change our lives and achieve our chosen goals. We are changing our life because we can and we are willing to persevere because we have decided we would and we are doing it. That is really the key to getting what you want, make up your mind, see it already accomplished, make a plan, decide what you need to do to step by step to accomplish your goal, believe in your ability and just do it. In our work we guide people daily to do just that and those who do their homework and persevere create miracles. Speaking of miracles, here is some inspiration from Merlin The Magician​


Merlin on Your Creative Power
from Alison James
How often have you heard it said, “As above, so below”? And yet have you truly believed that your petition to the Universe will bring fulfillment to your command? This phrase is not just a tenet to live by. Creation is a living, breathing “word” and “logos” that is forever pulsing to move from nothing to something. Creation is the law of the universe.
Behold the torus, the doughnut-like form of the universe: it breathes in and breathes out in a continuous flow, moving from one polarity to the other, creating a flow of energies that may be shaped and reshaped, taken in and sent out again. It performs cosmic recycling, there is nothing new under the sun. The desire of your heart, your intentional focus, and the infusion of your love are the fuel that will bring your cake to fruition. If you can perceive of a thing, you can create it. A word from your spirit can be made flesh, so to speak; this is a gift to you from the Creator of the universe.
If a dream, vision or idea comes to you, who are you not to birth it? It has been dropped into your consciousness. Since the time before clocks, powerful forces have been at work to enable you to matriculate from Earth’s university and to be a loving Co-Creator within the universe. Try it on for size, for heaven’s sake.
It is important to learn to control one’s negative thinking and to imagine how you would like the dross in your life to become gold. Nothing goes to waste with the Creator. Focus on the outcome, not the income. Remember that Creation is a natural force that is not new to you. You are already experienced at fulfilling your needs and desires. It is simply that you forget to recognize the truth of who you are, and to love and appreciate yourself. You are a Co-Creator in the universe, guided and led by your God Self. It’s simply a matter of applying oneself to the task, seeing the end from the beginning. Believing brings seeing. Practice, practice, practice while you’re on planet Earth. You might surprise yourself!
Your transformative magic lies within your heart and I am ready to assist you.
Your Obedient Servant Merlin
April 15, 2014 by Alison James.

New Year Resolution

The most important New Years resolution we all need to make will take care of everything. “I vow to take care of myself, make myself first, love myself, appreciate myself and give myself permission to develop the conscious awareness that will enable me to fulfill my resolution.”. When we choose to give ourselves what we really want the way we want it and stop looking outside of us for some one or something to be the answer to our desires, the game of life becomes what we all really want it to be, a life of love. Our search has always been a search for love and we have been looking in the wrong place, looking for what we all want, to be loved the way we want to be and we are the only one who knows what we want and need and the only one who can do it. Once we love our self, just the way we are, we have love to share, with anyone we care to share it with and we  can now help others to decide to love themselves by being an example of the value of love fulfilled. Since conception we’ve been seekers of love and beggars for affection, being disillusioned and resentful when we didn’t get it the way we wanted it and blaming ourselves and others because when we didn’t get love the way we wanted it. When all of the time we were looking for love in the wrong place, expecting that it had to come from someone else when all of the time it was inside of us waiting patiently for us to realize where true love existed, inside of our hearts. When we get the message and love our self, our world changes, we begin attracting the abundance of life that self love will bring to us and we become a beacon, a lighthouse of light and love to others and our world. This is a great resolution, so lets all of us do it so we can become the the loving person we came here to be. Happy, Loving  and Prosperous New Year to us all and our world.
To inspire our self love, here is a Saul channeling from Jesus.
from John Smallman
Trust in Love, because It is the only trust that is never misplaced.
Here in the spiritual realms, where you will soon be able to gain instant and limitless access whenever you wish, we continue to observe with delight the enormous ongoing progress that humanity is making towards its inevitable awakening. It is inevitable, and the moment of its occurrence is closer in every moment. There is only the now moment, which is infinite, never ending, in which all happens, in which all that is exists. And you are going to become aware of that and then open to it, whereupon you will be overwhelmed with amazement at the wonder of it, and in the new-found awareness that you have always been here!
Nothing has ever been withheld from you, it is just that the illusion which you built, and which seems to contain and limit you, has been a very convincing and long drawn out dream. So convincing that you fear to release yourselves from it because you believe that should you do so your existence will be terminated because there seems to be nothing apart from it. Of course nothing could be further from the Truth! You are all eternal beings playing with limitation and termination – death, oblivion, nothingness – through the illusion of time.
You do get momentary feelings or sensations that life is far more than you imagine it to be, that it should be uplifting, inspiring, truly joyful, but you mostly dismiss those feelings as childish nonsense, childish dreams that you have have outgrown. And you teach your children the same lessons. But today’s children are refusing, on a massive scale, to learn those ridiculous lessons, and they are demonstrating to you, by the way they are choosing to live, how misguided you have been. And that is yet another reason for rejoicing.
Today’s children are far less unconscious or unaware of their divine heritage, and are far less willing to cover their Light with a dark cloak and kowtow to the rules and dogmas of their families, cultures, and religions. They know, they absolutely KNOW that those rules and dogmas are insane, but many of them have not yet reached the point at which it comes fully into their conscious human awareness, or the point at which they are ready to disclose to you and to others their knowledge and understanding. They love you and do not wish to frighten you.
Many of you would be frightened if your beliefs and perceptions were suddenly and irretrievably removed by their being shown to you to be illusory. However, Love does not work against your free will, and your beliefs and perceptions are free will choices that you have chosen to accept and be ruled by. Love accepts that free will choice and waits patiently for your inevitable change of mind.
When you are ready you will discard them. But, at present, many are not ready, they wish that they were, but their fears have a strong hold over them because they have been shamed and misled so many times when their trust in another was betrayed. Their ability to sense when they can truly trust another, including God, has been weakened by their experiences within the illusion where they are desperate to find someone they can trust and who will love them for themselves, unconditionally. And it has been during that search for someone to trust and love that they have so often been misled and betrayed.
Love is all that there is. The divine Truth of this is seeping into every human heart, but the courage to accept It is still a little lacking: “What if I am just imagining this? If I open in Love, and behave only lovingly, I will be taken advantage of. I will be betrayed yet again. I had better wait and see what others are doing.”
But to wait is to delay the inevitable, and there is no need to delay. You are all so well supported from the Godhead, your divine Source, and by all of us in the spiritual realms that you can safely open to Love and offer It freely. You may get your foot trodden on occasionally, but that is all that can go wrong.
Trust in Love, because It is the only trust that is never misplaced. Your experiences of love betrayed in human relationships occurred because you loved conditionally and expected something back, felt that you were owed something in return for loving someone. That, of course is not Love, that is an attempt at bargaining, the setting up of a business arrangement, and business is extremely competitive, it moves on when it is offered a better deal. That has been your experience many times throughout the eons as you have incarnated again and again as humans seeking Love in all the wrong places.
There is only one place that you will find Love, and that is within yourselves when you visit your holy inner sanctuary and accept yourselves unconditionally. Release all your self judgments, your self doubts, your self flagellations, and utterly accept the fact that you are, each and every one of you, perfect divine beings created from Love, in Love, and that all your perceptions and beliefs to the contrary are unreal, illusory.
What God creates is everlasting and unchanging, and He created you! Let go of all your unreal self assessments in which you find yourselves in any way inadequate, less than someone else, not as good as someone else, and, sometimes, better than someone else! Everyone of you is eternally and infinitely loved by God, and that state of being, which is perfection, cannot be altered, it is permanent.
Victims, martyrs, those who see themselves as downtrodden or walked on, often justify themselves by pretending that they are being good and that their suffering pleases God or me, and they rejoice in that suffering because they believe that they have been promised restitution and even perhaps vengeance in the next life, the afterlife, when those who have made them suffer are cast permanently into the fires of hell. Another insane idea amazingly developed in the illusion to use against your enemies – everyone who does not agree with you, who tries to make you wrong
Everyone of you is the Center of the Universe. God is One, you are each One with Him, and He is the Center from which all of creation extends, the Center of the Universe.
However, within the illusion, your egos, in their terrified state of separation, have used that concept to build themselves up at the expense of all others – the egoic belief that everyone is a separate island, alone and threatened by all that surrounds it – by being smarter, stronger, better informed, better armed. But the fear remains that someone else who is stronger and smarter may appear at any moment, and that fear, that unknown threat has to be prepared for and defended against – if possible, even preemptively destroyed before it has a chance to destroy you.
You do need an ego to live competently in the illusion, but the vast majority of you have elevated it to the state of an idol which you adore and worship in the form of your bodies and brains, and then allow and encourage to advise and control you. And it is very competitive, encouraging you to engage in conflicts and disagreements in which it attempts to destroy the egos of others and prove to you that you, through its skill and wisdom, are the best, the winner, the one who is right. . . . And then you have to do it again, and again, and again, interminably.
When you engage in Love with a powerful intent your ego will object, but it is in awe of Love, terrified of It. So, when you attempt and intend to be loving and you encounter fear and anxiety, realize that you are engaging with your ego and choose to ignore or bypass it, thus allowing your true Self to guide and direct you. When you do, peace will flow in, and you will feel the Love that constantly holds you in Its loving embrace, waiting ever so patiently and lovingly for you to turn towards It and return that embrace. When you do you will confirm your acceptance of the eternal divine offer which has been waiting for just that acceptance so that its Love may comfort and console you, awakening you to your eternal and joyous inheritance.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Our Heart Chakra

Our mind is a powerful and wonderful accessory when it’s used as an accessory. When we use it as our lord and master we miss the mind’s purpose and become its slave. Head strong is valuable when we are consciously in charge of how we are using it and in consistent trouble when we function from the minds belief system, because when we are in a stress related situation, our belief system takes over and we are functioning from our childhood survival reactions. We need to think from our Heart, our heart is our truth and our belief system, in our mind, are our pre-decided reactions, it isn’t reason-able, it’s reactive. When we function with the wisdom of our heart we are responding with mind before mouth and until we choose to do so, we are automatically mouth before mind. Our Heart Chakra, our source of love, is in the center of the 6 others in our body and is our connection to our spiritual reality, it’s the feel good place, where we go when we are choosing to feel good. So when we function from our heart and take control of our mind we are functioning consciously and expanding our awareness of the value of our choices. Check it out and see the difference it makes in your life..
Here ia a long channeling on our Heart Chakra and how to improve you use of it.
Healing a Broken Heart by Archangel Michael
Channeled through Natalie Glasson
14th November 2014
I am Archangel Michael and I bring forth a soothing balm of light to gently and easily heal your heart and all the thoughts, emotions and feelings connected to your heart chakra. I have a role of bringing your heart chakra into the light and loving vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom to further more recognize the Creator within your loving heart energies.
The heart chakra is so expansive, its energy and abilities are beyond any imaginable thought. Your heart chakra at a physical level is the key to unlocking and experiencing the heart energy and consciousness of the Creator. Imagine existing in and as the heart chakra of the Creator, it has a capacity to love on such a large, limitless and extreme level.
Nothing is too small or large, too important or unimportant to be engulfed in the loving heart of the Creator. When you connect into your own heart chakra you are connecting into the heart chakra of the Creator, you are drawing upon, channelling and experiencing the supreme love of the Creator; a love that is beyond any boundaries and limitations. The more you connect with your own heart chakra seeing, sensing and acknowledging it as a portal and limitless gateway to the Creator the more you will develop your capacity to love in all situations and experiences. Love is healing and truthful, when you enhance your capacity to love you allow yourself to become the consciousness and energy of the Creator in manifestation.
Certain situations and experiences are brought forth to you attracted by your soul to enhance your capacity to love. You could say that the gateway of your heart chakra is too small for the intense and supreme love of the Creator which needs to be expressed through you. It is also that in order to be and express the vibration of love upon the Earth certain illusions and old habits need to be broken, ended, erased and dissolved in order to allow love to bring through a new consciousness for your acceptance. A broken heart which describes the pain a heart chakra experiences can be activated from numerous circumstances such as small disappointments to great losses of all forms.
While your actual physical experience and situation has reason, meaning and the ability to teach lessons, the main purpose is the growth, expansion and giving freedom to your ability to love. You have the ability to love beyond anything you could possibly imagine and yet sometimes you can become stuck in your capacity to share your self love with others and yourself. While humanity is beginning to grow spiritually without the process of pain being an activation many people are experiencing situations in their realities which cause the feeling of heart break, this is because the Era of Love is moving through you, clearing all unneeded energies and asking you to love and be love.
The expansion of the heart chakra is the key to accepting and receiving the love of the Creator; if you practice expansion in your heart chakra then you may discover you experience less painful situations in your reality, your attachment to the painful situations cause your heart to feel like it is breaking. If you can have a continued focus of the ever growing expansion of your heart chakra you will always be releasing limitations to love with ease and effortlessly, thus in truth you will be experiencing more love in your reality. The
Era of Love poises the question can love exist in every aspect of your being and reality, in all your relationships, creations and experiences and how much love can be experienced? The answer is ‘Yes,’ now is the time to feel, sense, acknowledge and experience it.
While everyone awaited the Era of Love its purpose is to challenge your capacity to be love and to express the limitless love of the Creator.
‘Today I easily and effortlessly expand my capacity to be love, give love and accept love.’
‘I let my heart chakra expand easily and the love of the Creator to flow through me today.’
These are two affirmations which can assist you especially if said to yourself upon waking in the morning, setting the intention for your day. When you discover a challenging moment in your reality you may also wish to remind yourself of one of these affirmations.
You may discover that as a light worker even in painful situations in your reality, your heart chakra never really closes. Even when pain is experienced, emotions activated you can still sense and acknowledge the love and openness of the heart chakra. This is due to all of your spiritual practices and a greater ability to forgive and share compassion. If you find that your heart chakra does close in painful situations this is due to your fear for your safety and a disbelief in the process and love as well as not feeling secure or trusting in the Creator. If this is the case then there is a need to build your confidence in your everyday life of your continued protection, safety and security. This can be achieved by building a deeper connection with my energies, Archangel Michael. I am a reflection of your own energies of safety, protection and security.
When you call upon my energies asking me to protect you, love you and create a space of safety I will always be there for you and yet I am simply you, a reflection of the power within your being.
Any feelings of a broken heart, disappointment, loss, suffering, pain, rejection and so forth each have a purpose. No matter what the situation is the purpose is always the same. It is to bring you back to the centre of your love and to ask you to love yourself with greater expansion. It is to ask you to acknowledge the greatness of your love and how completely it can fulfil your being and reality. Every situation and experience upon the Earth has this one purpose, it may be disguised by explanations such as to make you stronger, to help you let go, to help you heal and yet the most truthful expansion is to focus you upon your own self love and your ability to explore and experience your self love in your daily reality. You can ask
yourself questions such as:
‘In this situation how can I love myself more?’
‘How can I express my love to myself?’
‘What does it feel like to be loved by me?’
Loneliness is the energy that you move to when you are unable to love yourself unconditionally, it is separation for the Creator and this is why it is so painful. Love is a unity with the Creator which all have the divine right to experience. Accept your divine right because it is only you who is stopping yourself from loving yourself unconditionally. Unconditional self love equals acceptance and experience of the Creator.
Chakra Dance   Quote
The greatest tool whether you are experiencing sadness, pain or suffering, or not, is to focus on yourself being surrounded
by deeply loving Angels and simply breath in and out with concentration on your heart chakra. Feel love following upon your breath, it is as if your heart becomes your lungs absorbing the breath and the love and exhaling. Such a simple exercise and yet so profound in its abilities to expand your heart chakra, draw more love from your soul and the Creator into your heart chakra and reality as well as easily shift unneeded energies, illusions and fears from your heart chakra. Thus the health, continued wellbeing and development of your heart chakra are supported eternally through this simple experience. You will find that less challenging situations are experienced in your reality because of your greater core focus upon your heart chakra and capacity to love. Repeating an affirmation of your choosing with this process will enhance the experience. Affirmations such as:
‘I love myself,’
’ I accept my love,’
‘I am supported and loved,’
‘Love fills my being and world,’
‘I am love,’
‘I am always loving to myself,’
‘Love is my truth,’
‘I am healed by my love,’
‘Love sustains and fulfills me.’
There is so much simplicity in loving yourself unconditionally and so simple practices have great influence and yet it is often difficult to accept simplicity because it doesn’t seem hard enough or as if it will not give a worthy reward. Love is simplicity and so simple exercises reap abundant rewards.
Holding you in my loving heart eternally,
Archangel Michael

Silence!! A must in Life!!

A lot of us are so busy playing the game of life the best we can, with the tools we believe that we have, we don’t take the time to become aware of what more we really have available. We are a lot more than we may think we are. Being a part of Conscious Awareness, the whole is always available. Existence is one and indivisible a part can not be where the whole is not, we are therefore the same in kind and quality as the whole, the only difference is one of degree and that degree of difference is the way we have chosen to think and believe. The door way to more self awareness is silence, as long as we are thinking we are what we think and no more, we are limited by our programmed mind, in silence we can become aware of our essential truth.The problem is that most of us don’t take the necessary amount of time and practice, to still our mind long enough, to stop the mind’s dominance long enough for us to  enter and become one with silence, where the rest of us exists, so we don’t know what more is available. It takes work, focused intention and most of us are too busy doing other important (?) stuff, to become more of what we really are and what we can become. We came here with unlimited power and ability to play The Game of Life and then most of us have made it difficult.
Here is what Kryon has to say about it.
Been There and Done That
From Kryon Live Channel ” Soul Journeying, Part 1″
March 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand
What is one of the chief attributes of mastery? Silence. You knew that. We have taught you, “Be still and know you are God.” It’s silence. When you are silent, there is an internal knowing. You’re wise beyond words because in history you’ve been there and done that. Perhaps you don’t know the details, but just sit there for a moment and be quiet. Don’t you feel who you are? Is this too far removed from your Human intellectual pursuit? Is this too far removed from your 3D logic to think that there was more to life than what you’ve been told?
 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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