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Time to listen

One of our major problems is that we seldom listen. The minute someone begins to tell us something we begin to analyse what they are saying. WE start comparing what their saying to what we think is true or start judging what we think is the validity of their point. We seldom if ever really hear their entire statement we are too busy thinking about our idea of what they are telling us. Generally if they asked us to repeat back to them what said we couldn’t do it. Our mind likes to hold on to our accepted views of life and is uncomfortable with differences of opinion. WE are habitually reactive instead of response-able. Its difficult to consider another opinion unless we listen to the whole story, think about it, perhaps ask questions related to what they say and then we can share our opinion. First though we have to agree within ourselves to listen. Who knows we might get a different view point to think about.

Time to listen


Let me tell you something that no one has ever been told. It has to do with the breakdown of the Human body–regarding the aging of the Human body and choir. Your aging body will often start to break down the ability of the Human ears to block out the lower-frequency portions of The Cellular Choir. Some of you have ringing in your ears, don’t you? Scientists don’t understand why that is either, so I’m here to tell you what it is. Although you are hearing only a few of the very low tones (compared to the tones of the cellular structure), The Cellular Choir is what is getting through to be heard to some degree by an aging ear system. Do you understand what I’m saying? You’re actually starting to hear a portion of the choir. This is due to the breakdown of a system within the inner ear that has the ability to filter it, but not in an aging ear. The next time some of you are hearing the ringing and find it distressing, I want you to start understanding what it is. Then perhaps you will not be distressed, since you uinderstand it’s part of health. You’re just now starting to hear something that was blocked totally when you were younger.

~ Kryon, Book Nine as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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