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The choice is yours

Wind of Birth 
From Kryon Book Twelve:
“The Twelve Layers of DNA” 
I was with you at the wind of birth, each one of you. Before you slipped into this planet, before the angels stood around the bed and sang to your mother and the joy of your birth, I was there. 

Right before you came again, I inquired like I always do, “Is this really something you want to do? Look at the potentials, and the hardships, the disease and sorrow of being Human. Do you really want to go back?” 

You looked at me like you always do and said, “Send me in. I can hardly wait to get back and finish what I started.” 

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

The choice is yours

Our Negativity
When we talk about working on “our” negativity, calling it “ours”
isn’t altogether true. In reality, the only eternal truth is that of
our soul, which is already perfect as it is.
Removing our negativity is just chipping away at those hard
coverings that keep us from seeing the truth of our inner perfection.

Reinvent Yourself
Our past does not dictate who we are.

No matter where we have been, and no matter what we might have
done in the past, it is a God-given gift that we can change. We can
become the person we have always dreamed of being!

We each have the power to reinvent ourselves as someone better
than we were yesterday. The choice is always ours!

Yehuda Berg and me

The choice is your’s.

Our brain is our computer between our ears. That’s the source of either progress or repetition. And the choice is, as always, ours. What part of your computer is in operation when you choose to think? The back of our brain is the home of our memory where every experience is recorded and stored. The front lobes of our brain is where we go to make new choices, all new choices are a creation of the front part of our brain. Under stressful encounters we automatically go back brain to find how we handled the same type of situation before to survive and repeat old patterns. This is an automatic reactive expression to emotional stress. When we think about what we are faced with and decide what we feel is an intelligent response for the situation, we go fore-brain and make what seems to be appropriate at the time. This is choosing to be ‘Response-able’ instead of ‘Reactive’. All reactions relate to a childhood program we created to survive as a child with limited awareness to available choices. When we choose to be response-able we are aware of what value our choice produced and can choose to repeat the same choice again or choose a different one next time. THe choice is always up to us.

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