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Take charge

Life is an energy game. We get back tomorrow what we do when we Think, Feel and and Speak today. It’s the Law Of Attraction, Cause and Effect. Change the way you choose to Think, Feel and Speak today and you will change your life. The Choice is always yours. Here is a good idea.
1. Begin speaking kindly and lovingly to yourself

Remember, that little voice in your head will keep
repeating what you consistently tell it to…

In the past you may have been harsh on yourself when
you failed at something or didn’t follow through with
goals you set.

Cut yourself some slack! Remember that what you
manifest into your reality TOMORROW is dependent
on what you think TODAY.

The Universe holds nothing in escrow as punishment
for past failures. Everything you think, feel and do
today however ‘is’ going to shape the life you
experience tomorrow – and into your future.

‘Recording’ over that negative voice with more positive
messages is very simple with a little practice – just keep
speaking kindly and lovingly to yourself as often as

Remind yourself (often) of how wonderful, kind and
loving you really are.

In time, the tone of that mental voice will begin to

2. Celebrate your achievements!

If you believe that nothing you do is ever good enough,
begin making it a priority to celebrate everything you
do. Even the tiniest accomplishment should be cause
for celebration.

Pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself, and
most importantly feel GOOD about who you are and
what you do. Keep striving to do better, but also give
yourself some recognition for even trying!

I have a wall at home that is full of small post-it notes.
Every time I do something good I put it on a post-it
note with the date and stick it on the wall.

Over time it has become a great source of inspiration
for almost every time I walk past it.

3. Believe that abundance is your birthright!

Keep affirming that you *do* deserve an abundant and
happy life. ‘Expect’ abundance and goodness in all

Say things like this, “I just know I’m meant to live a
powerful life. I believe I have the strength and ability
to make my life into anything I want it to be.”

If you know you deserve abundance, expect abundance
always, and allow yourself to open to abundance – you
GET abundance!

Remember that it will probably take some time to get
used to these little practices – but I can assure you it’s
highly worth it!

Keep doing the steps as often as you can, and before
long you should find yourself feeling lighter and
happier, AND attracting ever-increasing amounts of
abundance into your life.

Take charge

Doubt your doubts and face your fears, choose to feel good.
Assistance to move from fear into love is constantly with you — waiting only for your call. So don’t hesitate! As soon as you sense anxiety or fear invading your energy field, make the call for assistance and you will receive it! While you are experiencing physical existence within the illusion, your bodies keep drawing your attention to your separateness; it is their purpose. And so you do need help to maintain your awareness that all are one and that bodies and their sense of separateness are distractions of the illusion. You have been under their influence for so long that it can seem insane not to react spontaneously to their demands for your attention, but the further you move away from fear and towards love the less power they have to influence and move you. And remember, the power that they do have is the power that you have given them.

Your choice to embrace the Love field surrounding you is the way to access your power and bring into your conscious awareness the realization that no one and no thing can or does control you. You are one with God and so His Will is yours. The small will that you chose to have and use within the illusion is as nothing compared to the Will that you share with God. Embracing the field of Love that is all around you will confirm this and enable you to engage with your true power: the divine energy field in which all sentient beings have their existence.

Take charge

Transformation is a very real force and active process in our lives. For example, the version of you reading these words right now is not the same version of you who bought this book or who will finish turning the last few pages of it whenever you reach the end. At a basic physical and atomic level, our body is in constant motion, replenishing and reinventing itself. The body is not a structure, it’s a process. This year’s version of your body is a recycled model of last year’s. At the level of molecules and atoms, you are constantly reinventing yourself, which means you have a new skin once a month, a new skeleton every three months, a new stomach lining every five days, and a new liver every six weeks. Your DNA which holds memories of millions of years, is recycled every six weeks at the level of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

Likewise at an emotional level, we are also constantly changing because of the web of memories, hopes, desires, relationships, and interactions that we find ourselves involved in. Each of them influences us in countless ways, from the metabolic responses they can trigger within us to the choices they may push us toward that alter the course of our lives. Most of us, however, are not aware of this never-ending state of change, so that transformation is not active evolution, rather, it waxes and wanes and falls victim to the ebb and flow of our moods and the emotional climate of those we surround ourselves with. That is, we become trapped by the creation of our boundaries. Our actions and beliefs are limited by our perspective. We become convinced of our own inabilities, or that we are in the right, or that the world is somehow out to get us. No matter what the specific boundary is, the end result is that without the Law of Transformation, we are stuck and will always struggle to change.

Take charge

Find the means within yourselves to detach from any seeming chaos that comes forth and maintain those powerful visions of a better World for all upon your beautiful Planet. Daily focus on your heart chakra and feel the pulse of your love reach the hearts of everyone upon, within and around the Planet. It is your love united in Oneness that will change this World. Let all that you think, say and do reflect this.

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