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We are the creator of our life.

I keep talking about this again and again, because it’s so extremely important and valuable to your life. We just don’t get the fact that we are as powerful as we really are,.every time we think, speak feel and act we are creating exactly what we are expressing. This may sound silly and illogical, but its true, we are creating what we feel and how we think about it, this is a feeling world. When we choose to understand this, if we do, and honor it by functioning more consciously. Our life changes accordingly, we are the creator of our life and our world, we just don’t get it. A lot of us have such low feeling of self esteem and a subconscious belief of low self worth and ability, that we keep proving to ourselves that it’s true by the way we unconsciously choose to think, speak, feel and act, we keep our selves in limitation with our subconscious beliefs in a limited life, or a negative and limited expectation  of what we can do and what we deserve. We deserve abundance. it is our birth right but few of us really believe that and claim it. Our chosen spiritual purpose is to find the value of this life and it must start in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with us or our life, we can overcome any obstacle and transform all of our problems into opportunities any time we choose to believe in ourselves and our unlimited power.We are Divine beings pretending we are limited humans and it’s time to remember who we really are and take charge of what we choose to create. Change your intention and you can change your life, why not? everything else is silly and stupid. Give yourself a Christmas present and become consciously aware of what you’re doing.

Achieving Self Awareness & manifesting a glorious future.

Actually we only have one problem, one enemy and it’s between our ears, our belief system. Our belief system was created ,by us, from conception to 6 1/2 years of age and we created it in response to the emotional feelings we are receiving from our parents and our environment, to protect us from pain, fear and the fear of more pain to come, we are into survival without reason. To begin with we are reacting instinctively, we aren’t able to reason and consider until we are 6 1/2 years old. We are reacting to the strong emotions we feel from this world that we are now a part of and creating our ideas of this world. The energy of this world is emotional and we are getting a preview of what to expect from the emotional expressions of others. We are totally reactive, first in the womb for nine months and then, as we feel the emotions of our parents way of teaching us what to do and how to act. Their intentions are guide and protects us, our reactions are quite often feeling that we aren’t good enough, that we are being told we are wrong, and should be different. That’s the game of life, creating doubts and fears to over come as our spiritual challenge. Transforming our childhood belief system into conscious awareness by choice, is our essential purpose of self awareness. I’ve added a long article about achieving self awareness and manifesting the abundance that is our birth right for you in case you care to check it out. I’m available to answer questions if you have any,at
What You Must Know About Negative Beliefs ~ The Laws of Attraction and Polarity
By: By Tania Kotsos
Your negative beliefs are attracting more of the circumstances you do not want in your life, despite your best efforts to focus on what you actually want. By pitting your conscious mind against your deeply ingrained, subconscious negative beliefs, you are inadvertently setting yourself up to attract more of the same unwanted circumstances that you are trying to change. To understand why this happens and how to by-pass such negative beliefs when consciously creating your reality, you must first understand how the subconscious mind runs your life, and how the Laws of Attraction and Polarity work with your beliefs to create your circumstances.
The Role of Your Subconscious Mind:
Your subconscious mind is responsible for executing the incredibly powerful mental programmes that run every aspect of your life. These programmes are automatically carried out by your subconscious, without any need for your conscious input. They are based on your deep seated positive and negative beliefs and are what determine your overall mindset, emotional vibration, habitual actions and ultimately, the circumstances of your life.
What are Negative Beliefs? Simply put, negative beliefs are those limiting beliefs about yourself or any aspect of life, that prevent you from achieving success. When consciously creating your reality, no single factor is more important than your beliefs. This is because thought power underlies the conscious creation process and so, it stands to reason, that the source of your habitual thoughts is the single most important determining factor of your reality. And what is the primary source of your habitual thoughts? It is your set of personal beliefs, with your positive beliefs contributing to your success, and your negative beliefs preventing it.
Is Your Subconscious Mind Serving Your Success? The subjective nature of the subconscious mind means that it does not distinguish between positive or negative beliefs, and hence does not distinguish between which programmes serve your success or not. It dutifully carries out any programme it is given; but it is also loathed to change a programme once it is in place, irrespective of whether or not it is premised on a limiting belief. This does not mean that the subconscious mind cannot be re-programmed through various visualization and meditation techniques, but rather that doing so effectively with long-term results, can be difficult to achieve.
The good news is that you do not have to wait to re-programme your subconscious mind before you can consciously create your reality. Instead, you can learn to by-pass those negative beliefs that hinder your success, by shifting your mental focus (but more on that later). Next, let us look at the relationship between your mental focus, limiting beliefs and the Law of Attraction.
The Law of Attraction in Isolation:
The Law of Attraction states that you attract that which you both focus on and are emotionally in vibrational harmony with. This makes perfect sense when you look at the existing circumstances in your life. For instance, if you are experiencing financial difficulties, the chances are that both your mental focus and emotional vibration, are aligned with financial difficulties; otherwise you would not be experiencing them.
The Problem of Using the Law of Attraction in the Face of Negative Beliefs:
It is important to clarify that while your mental focus can be chosen at will by the conscious mind, your emotional vibration is mostly a function of the subconscious mind and hence is heavily influenced by your beliefs. The problem arises when you try to change your unwanted circumstances by using the Law of Attraction in the face of subconscious limiting beliefs. The problem is that mainstream advice tells you simply to focus on what you want; but, if what you want and hence focus on, is the “opposite” of what you have, then it contradicts what you are subconsciously still in vibrational harmony with.
Playing Mental Catch Up with Your Beliefs: It takes time and repeated effort for your subconscious emotional vibration to catch up to your new mental focus. For instance, just because you are thinking about having a lot of money, does not mean you are emotionally feeling it as well. Remember also, that a person who is already financially wealthy does not think of money all day because his (or her) money-programme is being automatically run by his subconscious mind without any related negative money beliefs. To understand how your negative beliefs affect the Law of Attraction, we must next examine the role of the Law of Polarity in creating your circumstances.
The Importance of the Law of Polarity:
The Law of Polarity is one of the Seven Universal Laws and tells us that everything is dual. This means that two things that appear to be opposites are varying degrees of the same thing and are inseparable. The simplest example is heat and cold. Although common sense tells us that they are opposites, they are in fact varying degrees of the same thing we call temperature and we cannot have the one without the potential of the other.
The same applies to everything you want or intend to manifest in your life. Everything you want is inseparable from its “opposite” which you do not want. In other words, dualities come in a single package that includes all the degrees of the spectrum between the extremes of that duality. For instance, you cannot attract financial abundance without the potential for lack; you cannot attract success without the potential for failure; you cannot attract a healthy body without the potential for an unhealthy one. You always attract the “complete duality package” since the two extremes, and all the degrees in between them, are inseparable.
How the Laws of Polarity and Attraction Work Together:
Let us quickly recap. The Law of Attraction states that you attract to yourself that which you mentally focus on and are in vibrational harmony with. The Law of Polarity states that everything is dual and that the two extremes that appear to be opposites are in inseparable. This means that you attract to yourself the complete package of your mental focus and that which is manifested in your life out of that complete package, is whatever you are in vibrational harmony with.
The problem of mentally focusing on something that is simply the “opposite” of your existing negative beliefs should now be getting obvious. Staying with the example of finances, someone who is experiencing financial lack due to their negative beliefs, who then chooses to consciously focus on financial abundance, will attract to himself the complete package of financial-lack-to-abundance, and since his subconscious emotional vibration is one of lack, he will simply create MORE of the same in his life.
The Net Effect of the Laws of Polarity and Attraction:
The net effect of the Law of Polarity and the Law of Attraction in the face of subconscious negative beliefs, is that at best your circumstances are left unchanged and that at worst you attract more of what you do not want. If you are attracting more of the same circumstances that you do not want, despite your best efforts to focus on what you do want, then the chances are that a negative belief rather than your mental focus is determining your outcome.
It may seem like there is little chance of consciously creating your intended outcome without first changing your negative subconscious beliefs but this is not the case. There is a very simple method of mental focus that can help you by-pass your negative beliefs and free your subconscious mind to attract and create those circumstances you actually want to experience.
“Place your mental focus on what you want at the exclusion of all else”. Sound familiar? You are likely to have heard this advice a countless number of times stated in different ways. On the surface, this may sound like good, solid advice about how to consciously create your reality but, dig a little deeper, and you may find that it is the very reason you fail to do so. This is not because the advice itself is wrong, but rather because the circumstances under which it is prescribed, are unsuitable.
The secret to effective mental focus lies in knowing how to distinguish between when to focus on what you want and when not to; and in the case of the latter, knowing what to focus on instead. There is a very simple method of mental focus that can help by-pass existing negative beliefs and align you with the Laws of Polarity and Attraction in such a way that you create what you want, instead of more of what you do not want. Before examining this method, let us take a look at when you should focus on what you want.

Extremely important Day for your Emotional Intelligence

The problem is never the problem, the way we feel about the problem is the real problem. We learn by increasing our emotional intelligence and transforming our doubts and fears into conscious awareness and full moons are a special time.
This month’s full moon on May 14th will be felt more profoundly than usual. Full moons are always about shedding and letting go of what’s no longer wanted. This is energy is intensified because the full moon will be in the water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio, by nature, always feels very deeply. Scorpio teaches you how to delve into the parts of yourself that you have buried so you can transform them. When you pair this with the full moon, you’ll have a very emotional day indeed!
The best way to handle this energy is by being very honest with yourself about the aspects of your life you want to change, particularly in the area of relationships. Oftentimes, we feel we are protecting other people by keeping quiet about things that are bothering us. Perhaps you want to avoid conflict or hurting other people’s feelings. By doing so, you are telling your subconscious that someone else’s happiness is more important than yours. In order to be truly happy, you must listen to your own needs first. You will ultimately find that by honoring your own well being, everybody benefits.
To harness the powerful energy of this month’s full moon do the following:
Make a list of everything you’ve been afraid to say to someone.
Write down how you really feel about a person or situation.
Take some time to connect with your intuition.
Express your feelings to others honestly and directly.
It’s time to take conscious charge of our emotions, our life and become our own master of our own life. Here is an encouragement from Kryon.
The Mantle of the Master 
From Kryon Book 10: A New Dispensation
Page 144 
Well, dear Human being, perhaps it’s time to put on the mantle of the master—the master with your name, with the layers of who you are. If you do, the genetics in your body will all listen to the mantle of the master. And when you speak to yourselves and say, “It is time for a change,” the new contract is upon you. Your cells change! They say, “We wish to be joyful and enjoy the love of Spirit. We wish to change our cellular structure, our genetic makeup. We wish to influence all that we have with our own intent, just like the masters did.” Do you understand what we are telling you? Do you understand how profound it is?
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Who is our real enemy?

The only real enemy we all have is between our ears, it’s our belief system. most of us are a victim to our own belief system. What we believe we are, what we believe the world is, was developed before we were 7 years old. It’s our instinctive survival mechanism, our subconscious way of protecting ourselves from Pain, Fear and Fear of more pain to come.
According to cutting-edge research from Dr Bruce Lipton at Stanford
University Medical Center:  “Most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is it is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs…”
 What this means that the real secret to success is NOT motivating
yourself to “take action” towards your goals, it’s learning how to reprogram your subconscious beliefs so success is no longer hard, but automatic and effortless.
This is the type of work that we do.We assist you to Identify. Focus on, Clarify, Defuse and re-program any Limitations that may be a part of your subconscious belief system. Here is what the Ascended Masters wish to share with you. An encouragement to be more conscious.
Golden Age Messages from the Masters
Living in the Here and Now
This magnificent, mysterious cycle that you are all moving through is asking you to trust life exactly as it is and to live in the present more than you have since your last Golden Age of Atlantis. Being fully present in every moment is much more rare than you might imagine, yet that is truly the only way that you can fully experience yourself as the Presence of God ~ and how else can God really come to Earth except through you and all life that is living on your planet? We are filled with delight just knowing that so many of you are beginning to respond to your divine invitation to embody your Presence. We are with you at all times because oneness is our only reality and we fill you with our Love and our Light because that is what we truly are.
~ Mother/Father God Dieux

What do you believe?

What do you believe? This is the most important question to ask ourselves. Do you believe that you deserve abundance? Or do you believe that something is wrong or missing that you need to understand and get fixed before you are worthy of this abundance that is supposed to be our birth right? Our belief system is self created nobody did it to us we did. From conception to 7 years old we were judging ourselves by what we wanted and didn’t get, the way we wanted. We not only felt wrong and unworthy, we blamed ourselves and believed that unless we acted the way we felt they wanted us to we would spend our lives being a victim to what we now believed was true, Something is wrong with me and I need the approval of others to assure my self that I’m O.K. I’ve become a victim to what I believe to be true. Now subconsciously I keep looking for external justifications of my victim-hood. Proving to myself again and again of my feared unworthiness. Until I understand that I’m only a victim to my own belief system and change the way I’m thinking I will I will live in doubts and fears. Change the way you think and you will change your life. There is nothing wrong with any of us existence / God doesn’t make mistakes we can’t be wrong the worst we can do is silly and stupid. It’s time to chose to love ourselves just as we are. Then the door of abundance will be open to us. Here is a part of a Saul’s channeling to inspire you.
Your awakening is guaranteed, it is inevitable, there is no other option because, as divine beings created by God for eternal joy, your will and His are One, and His Will is that you shall awaken. You decided, briefly, to experience separation – a state that cannot exist simply because God created all as One with Him and within Him, and He is Reality, all that exists, there is nowhere to be separate – and so the illusion was born and you entered within it and closed off your awareness of God and of who You truly are, temporarily. It does seem that you have been enveloped within it for eons, and that is part of its illusory nature, but in truth your presence there has only been momentary, a brief moment of intense fantasy, as you will realize when you awaken.
God is Love, and because He created you, you too are Love. Love is undiscriminating, utterly inclusive, accepting and embracing of all that exists, and separation from It is utterly impossible! Nothing that God creates is ever separate from Him, and He is the only Creator. What you have been apparently experiencing for eons, a state of existence separate from Him and from one another, truly is an illusion no matter how real it seems to you while you are experiencing it – you have a term for a modern computer application “virtual reality,” which is like a very much scaled down version of the illusion that you constructed for yourselves. You could perhaps say “What goes around comes around.” It seems that you wanted an even more illusory illusion as an escape from the one that has seemingly contained you for so long!
Well you will escape by awakening into Reality, not by building another illusion! We in the spiritual realms are here to assist you in that process, and we are available to you 24/7, so do not hesitate to call on us. Humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, but many of you keep forgetting to hold the intent, and our job is to remind you to do so whenever you meditate or pray, or call on us for help.
Your collective ability to hold the intent to awaken is strengthening and intensifying as the Light bearers, wayshowers, and starseeds among you become ever more competent at sharing and extending the fields of Love that surround and envelop each one of you. You are all, all of humanity, enveloped in the divine field of Love in every moment of your eternal existence, but due to the decision to experience separation your awareness of this became very indistinct, unfocused, almost lost. Now that awareness is being restored, and as that happens you are reconnecting and weaving together your individual energy fields in a beautifully harmonious expression or reflection, in fact an exact mirror image of God’s Love for all of you, and it is drawing you together in recognition of your inseparable Oneness.
What is occurring is absolutely magnificent, and you are observing signs of this everywhere as more and more of you come together in prayer and meditation all across the world with the intent to promote peace and harmony among all peoples. New groups are forming daily for this divine purpose which further increases the strength and intensity of Love that you are now willingly and enthusiastically offering to all. The Light of human Love, an extension of God’s Love, is becoming ever brighter as you clean up your “mirrors” by removing all the smuts and congealed dirt that has dulled them – the unloving attitudes, mistrust, exclusivity, rejection, and judgments that have plagued humanity for so long – thus making them shine quite brilliantly as they also reflect the brightness of His Love for all of you.

How honest are we about ourselves

How honest are we about ourselves? Are we really ready to take control of our lives or is the idea just an idea? What do we really want and what are we really going to do about it? We are such creatures of habit, an unconscious victim/slave to our own childhood belief system, that we created as our spiritual challenge before we were 7 years old. The challenge is the same for all of us, to find the value of creation beginning in the mirror. Existence doesn’t make mistakes we can’t be wrong, there is nothing wrong with any of us, we just believe there is and keep proving to ourselves that it’s true. “See, See I knew that I wasn’t good enough to be loved the way I want to be loved by others.” This is a childhood belief accepted by most of us as a child and still prevalent as an adult. The subconscious purpose is to encourage us to understand the truth of love which is to chose to understand our ability to love our self so we can know what love feels like and when we decide to love our self we then have love to share with those we choose to share our inner love with. So be honest, do you really love your self? Do you appreciate the way you approach the lessons of  experience and  the way you grow in consciousness because you have chosen to do so? Or are you still a procrastinator, a ‘Yeah But’ person. As we chose to be Grateful first to ourselves for deciding to take advantage of our life and Grateful for our challenges and Grateful that we can find the value in ourselves and our ability to cope and add our positive energy to this changing world that we are now a conscious part of. And so it is..

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