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My Poem

This is a poem that I wrote that is a part of Book #2 of my trilogy I want to share with you.
In Search of the Simple
A part of Existence
that soon will be me,
Was wondering what else
there was still to see.
To begin with I knew
everything was O.K.
So I decided to come to earth
to live and to play.
I looked at all I had done
in all lives before
And decided I needed
lessons galore.
In order for me
to mend and repair
The imbalances I had created
with little or no care.
The amount of my digressions
were a strange sight to see,
And I realized how scary
it was just to be me.
As I looked with amazement
at this incredible mess
I thought do I really want to do this?
THE ANSWER was yes
So I planned a new journey
both difficult and long
Knowing in my heart
I could never choose wrong.
I understood clearly
that the earth world was strange.
Whatever earth offered
was subject to change.
My purpose was to transform
earth’s darkness into light
And I vowed I would do so
with all of my might.
I picked my agenda
With spiritual insight,
Knowing “Life’s Journey”
Would be a good fight.
I then picked my parents
carefully and with glee
Knowing their limitations
would be just right for me.
The amount of resistance
I will feel from their way!
Will be exactly the game
I wanted to play.
Then I arrived
and the life game began
I forgot everything
according to plan.
My intention was suddenly
to live and survive
Now I wanted desperately
to just be alive.
To be born was the purpose
so life could begin,
And I could indulge in it
and look for the ‘Win.’
My life was quite interesting
my parents quite mad,
Now that I have lived through it
I’m certainly glad.
The journey was treacherous
and extremely dark,
It certainly wasn’t
what I’d call a lark.
I felt lost, abandoned,
and all alone,
I had never experienced
what I could call home.
I felt it was my fault
and I really felt sad,
To deserve this kind of life
I must really be bad.
I felt like a victim
and guilty as well,
I felt I was being punished,
by living in Hell.
When I’d had my fill
of this terrible stuff,
I vowed no more misery
I’ve had quite enough.
Now my new intention
was quite clear to me
I was going to look for and find
the way to be free.
I’m going to change
this sad life of mine
And create something
that’s seems much more divine.
I followed my quest
with focused intent,
So I began recognizing Spirit,
where ever I went.
So I went inside
and looked very deep,
I did this each night
before going to sleep.
I also went searching
for messengers of light,
Knowing my journey
was now going right.
The things that I found
were simple indeed
Everything created
starts with a Spiritual seed.
It all starts in darkness
and grows toward light
To choose the Light Path
is the Spiritual fight.
I was no longer a victim
my choice became clear
By trusting Existence
I could lose doubt and fear.
I now look for life’s beauty
and transform the rest
I trust in Existence
because it always knows best.
My life has become
a most wonderful trip
What ever the experience
I say “Let it rip”.
I know in my heart
that everything’s fine
It all has a purpose
and all is Divine.
So now on my journey
I look for their pain,
And do my best to show others
that nothing‘s in vain.
We all have the power
to transform our plight
To give up our darkness
and follow the light.
This all may seem too simple
to fully embrace,
But this is the purpose
of the whole human race.

Energy follows intention

We are told by many that the Secret is Intention. Energy follows Intention. So we practice positive intention and most of us are still looking for the promised results. Why? The answer is simple, our self limiting belief system’s intention is interfering, it is stronger than our intention to manifest positive, so we subconsciously defeat the positive with our belief that we are unworthy. Here is a channeling on intention that may help. Doubt your doubts and be patient.
Dear Ones, these are such wonderful times you are living in now. We see your amazement at so many surprises happening to your daily lives and do remember that they are here because you were able to clear yourselves from the old, which we feel has no real power over you, and if there is something that sometimes makes you to turn back, you are quickly returning back to the new wonderful experience of Love and Light. We are so very happy that so many of you finding your true connections to Yourself and others that are your companions on your chosen path. You can feel it in your heart, and from your heart you will surely know if you feel attracted to someone or not. This is the way of communicating with each other because you always know the true intention of the other, no matter what he or she says, as intention carries energy that cannot be hidden behind words or actions. Do practice this way, and you will see that it became so easy in no time, and you will feel such comfort in knowing that no one can lie to you and on the other hand you cannot lie to them, as they will feel it too. This does not mean that you always have to tell “everything to everyone”, but you want to show yourself the way you feel it and the way you truly are, and do not need to hide behind the mask of “what someone else would think of you”. There is no one who is judging you, and you are wise now to know that if someone tries to do it, they are blaming themselves because they do not feel enough self love. Send them your love and think of understanding and sooner or later they will also come to the state of mind when they can accept themselves as they truly are.
We hear you constantly asking when your dreams and visions will come finally true and the only answer is already so very well known to you – in the right moment for each and every one of you. Let your heart tell this to you, as we know you are able to feel it. Some do not feel it and that means they are not ready, and they wish to work more on issues they are currently processing, some feel it so very strongly at this moment and no other thing is in their mind and this means they are ready and sending out this intention very powerfully, they will see it happening Now. This is the time of great changes and we are starting to play the next role in our common plan and this is to help you to enter the higher reality, the one filled with love, joy, friendship and Oneness of All That Is. Feel the energy behind these words and it will help you to visualize where you belong and all that is there for you in higher reality that you have created for you. Feel the power of your own creation and explore all the possibilities that are coming from it. You will surely feel strong attraction towards one or few more, so focus on them and make it your intention. Remember that you are very powerful now, so shortly you will feel that you are walking the way straight to that possibility of your choice.
Let the Light and Love shine on your path with full power and intensity, and in no time you will see peaceful and loving energies surrounding you each moment of your existence. This will enable you to feel all Beings of higher dimensions so closely, that no more doubts will hold you back on your way. They are all waiting for you to welcome you and they will help you to understand all that is happening to you. Do ask for help, do speak to them and the help and the answers will find a way back to you and you will surely know it.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I know that all your wishes are being fulfilled right now and we all are so happy to see your light growing immensely and all of you that want to meet us will do so, according their wish and choice of the right moment. We bless you all.
Channeller: MADAD 


What is Truth?

My approach truth has always been ‘In search of the Simple’ I expressed this in the 3 volume offering  ‘Heaven is an Attitude.’ I wrote. Here is one of the simple truths that most of us ignore or refuse to see the value of:
We all suffer from the same problem, we think there is some thing wrong with us, that we need to perfect what we are into something 
of greater value that is acceptable and recognized by others. So we continually try to fix something that isn’t wrong into something that is better. 
The truth is: We are exactly what we wanted to be just as we are. We are our own purposeful creation so we can (when we are ready) choose 
to understand and recognize the value of our creation. This is the essential purpose of everyone “Self acceptance AS IS’ 
 We are not a victim to anything except our own beliefs. When we drop what we believe we are or aren’t, our life begins. Until then we spend a lot of time looking for reasons to pretend that we are victims and we find them again and again.
There is nothing wrong with any of us, we are a part of existence, part of the Divine force field and existence does not make mistakes.
Life is a journey we chose to develop Conscious Awareness and it all begins with being Consciously Aware of the value of our self. When we
are O.K. just as we are, the world and everyone in it is O.K. as well.
Existence is one and indivisible, a part cannot be where the whole is not. We are therefore the same as the whole. The only difference is one of degree and the degree of difference gives us our unique indivual personality. 
Change your beliefs change your life. The world is changing, it’s time for us to do the same. I AM THAT I AM

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