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Hi, I keep sharing what my inner self feels is positive food for conscious consideration. The Kryon messages are to me gospel. I respect the ability of everyone to accept what they want to and ignore what they don’t like or aren’t ready to consider.


As Chenrezig, the Lord of Compassion, I come forth today with my Beloved Qwan Yin to invite all of you to be our emissaries on Earth by extending compassion into the hearts and lives of all sentient beings. This is especially needed on your Earth right now based on the tremendous changes that all of life is experiencing in your realm as you collectively lift your consciousness into a much deeper connection with Source. The new paradigms many of you will be creating in this year must be founded on caring for one another in ways that are often foreign to those living on your Earth. See the other as yourself and then see yourself and all of life as the One Beloved. This compassionate practice has the power to heal all that has created duality, fear and separation in your world and beyond. We extend our gratitude into each of your hearts for your willingness to create 2012 out of the profound compassion that is the natural estate of your Presence.


A sharing from Lee Caroll:
Dear Warren,

Happy New Year to all!

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about 2012? There are so many like me who are seeing this year as a pivotal point to the times. It’s the year of the Galactic Alignment, and many cultures saw this as a “make or break” time for our civilization. Well, we have made it, and we are going to have some additional surprises this next year (according to Kryon)… good ones.

My main message from Kryon is that Lightworkers who have been struggling with certain energies for years are now going to find that to be different. The energy is beginning to change and it will be far more cooperative with those who are manifesting change in their lives. It won’t be as difficult to create as it used to be… to get out of drama and fear.

2012 is the “year of change” in numerological terms, and it’s a change in energy that is far more cooperative with what many of us have been working on for years. Health issues will be at the fore-front, requiring a time to.. (ready)… talk to your cells! (a Kryon message of over 20 years).

Kryon says: “Watch governments change, getting rid of many of the old ways… specifically N. Korea, Cuba, and Iran. Watch others around you change, as they finally realize who you are. Watch your life change, as you now are able to create things that you have tried for years. This is a good time.”

Celebrate 2012. It’s the END OF AN OLD TIME.


Each time we forgo a selfish desire and choose selfless behavior—each time we choose our response instead of reacting—we make a change in our lives. And with each change, we receive a little more Light.Our efforts benefit our families as well, giving them additional strength to identify and transform their own negative selfishness. Positive selfishness can be our focus: give your self what you want the way you want it, don’t look for it or expect it from anyone else. This way you have more to share without any expectations of something in return, you just want to share what you already have. That’s a true and successful relation, sharing what you already have. Enjoy, feels great!

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