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Self worth

We all have the same problem “Low Self Worth” Most of us spend our lives trying to be what we think we need to be, to get the Love and Appreciation we want from them. So we do our best to please others and it isn’t the way to go. We need to accept ourselves just as we are, learning from our daily experiences how to do better. When we choose to love ourself and appreciate our efforts, we have love to share. Until we do it that way we are victims to what we feel others do or don’t do to or for us. Dumb and productive of unfulfilled emotions. Sharing what we give to ourselves is the magic of satisfying relationships. We are the only ones that know what we want, so give it to yourself and enjoy your gifts. We are only victims to our own beliefs, change your focus and change your life. Why not its our movie.

Self worth

From conception to around 7 years old we function with ‘Instinctive self survival” the world is our world and the way we feel is our primary focus. We have ESP and know how everyone feels especially in relation to us. The energy of those around us and those who are connected to us is our identification to this world and our place in it. We focus on survival and feel threatened by any negativity that is expressed in our environment, we feel that its happening because of us. This becomes the foundation of our belief system. This is how we establish our ‘Self Worth’, from shame and blame. What we think we are and what we think the world is, is established by the time we are 7 years old. From that time on, under stress, we function from that self created belief system and prove to our selves the we aren’t what we should be and live in self doubt. Our subconscious mind is just a tape recorder that we allow to control our lives. Its time to doubt our doubts and live up to our potential instead of continually accepting that we aren’t worthy or that we are unable to be what we should be. We are what we should be and there is nothing to change except our attitude. Existence does not make mistakes! So lets enjoy our uniqueness and look for our value instead of doing our best to prove that we aren’t good enough. Dumb idea!

Self worth

What is the essential problem we use as a reason to create all of our problems? Negative self worth. Otherwise we wouldn’t have problems, only opportunities for awareness and spiritual growth. We came to conquer adversity with creativity. We never attract difficulties we didn’t want as a challenge and we never have challenges we can’t transform. The real problem is our attitude. Change your focus, change your life.

SElf worth

Our biggest fear is unworthy-ness,. so we are over sensitive to what we think others are doing or not doing in our relationships. We try to buy our acceptance by taking care of or catering to the outside world. The purpose of life is to choose to love ourself and enjoy ourself first. Then we can share what we have created with others. Other wise we have become beggars for acceptance and we’ll hate it and our life.

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