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Self love

We all want to improve our lives, we want to do better, have more of what we want, be more positive, more creative. What keeps us from achieving our heart’s desire? SELF DENIAL. Somewhere in our sub-conscious, self created, belief system, is an accepted and resented feeling of limited self worth. We all suffer, to some degree, that there is something wrong with us that we have to fix or change or overcome. we aren’t O.K. as we are. We can’t be wrong, Existence doesn’t make anything that’s wrong. There is only one person in this world like us, so there is nothing to compare ourselves to except ourselves. We are all perfectly imperfect by choice as a part of our spiritual challenge. We chose to be exactly what we are to learn the value of our choices. There are no good or bad choices, no wrong choices, only opportunities for awareness. So we need to look for the value of being what we chose to be and drop the excuses for not being something else. We need to stop using words that interfere with accomplishing our goals, IF, TRY, PERHAPS, MAYBE, BUT are all negative and interfere with any positive intent. It’s time to DOUBT our DOUBTS and have the life we chose to live in the manner that is available any time we take the response-ability to be who we really are, a Divine being pretending to be a limited Human being that is a victim to situations that we have to suffer. The choice is always ours, JUST DO IT. With love in our hearts for ourselves and everyone else.

Self love

A lot of us have relationship problems. We seldom get what we want from others. We feel a lack of respect, we don’t feel heard, we feel they don’t really care. We judge ourselves by the way we feel we are being judged by others. Wrong movie. The solution to good relationships is so simple we don’t get it. It all depends on our relationship with ourselves. When we accept that we are O.K. just as we are, learning from our experiences with others how to improve how we respond rather than react to others opinions, not giving them the power to judge us. Not using outside influences to doubt ourselves we free ourselves from a stupid habit. The only relation that’s important is the one we have with our self. We can’t be wrong, existence doesn’t make wrong. We are different so we think different. It all begins with loving yourself just as you are, not looking for love from others. When I’m O.K. your O.K. When you choose to love your self you have Love to share. It all begins with us, sharing is the key to happiness. When we love ourselves as we are, we appreciate others as they are. How simple, check it out

Self love

Love is talked about and seeked for by everyone. The problem is that until you choose to love and appreciate yourself just as you are you can’t love anyone, or accept love from anyone, it all begins with self love. Here is the best reason to love yourself. You are:

You are a piece of the chain of light that is the Universe itself, one that represents the workings of a love source so great that it would astound you in its scope. Therefore, you are indeed part of God!

And you wonder why you are so dearly loved!

~ Kryon, Book III as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

Self love

You are unique just as you are, there is only one like you and you created yourself. There is nothing to change, nothing to perfect only something to understand. What are the advantages of being this unique person? Self awareness is our challenge, finding the good, the value, the advantage of being me, just as I am is a gift of love that only I can give myself. When I can accept that I’m O.K. just as I am, and love myself, then you’ll be O.K.too and we can share our uniqueness, and love.

Self love

If and when you decide to Love your self the following will no longer be true. Just do it!
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Warren Stagg
Do we choose relationships to get or to give and share? We keep giving others the responsibility for our feelings? Who’s feelings are they and who is feeling? I know what I want and how I want it. Why don’t I just give it to myself so I can then share it with anyone I wish to share it with? Am I stupid or what? The answer is always ‘Yes’ We have such a low sense of self worth we beg others for assurance.

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