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Trust your body

A week ago my body began to act strange. First my head became real spacey. Next everything inside of my body became extremely painful and it felt like I had a strong flu, my head ached and it took effort to keep functioning.. So I did what I always do when my body is telling me to talk to it for advice and direction.When I asked my body for understanding, did I need medical assistant or what? My body told me that all of my cells were being changed to be able to accept a higher vibration and all I needed to do was to rest as much as possible, eat lightly, drink more water, stop exercising for awhile, be patient and pay attention to my breathing. I Have been doing what I was told now for a week and most of the pain is gone, still some ill ease, but close to inner harmony. I am shearing this with you so in case your body ts getting a bit weird you do the same things I did. I also do these same things when it is not well from a cold or the flue etc. I rarely take medication. I trust my bod’s ability to heal its self when supported to heal its self.
I’ve added a rather long article on energy changes and the influences it may have on our bodies, in case you are interested.

by Aluna Joy

This time period will act like cosmic tuning forks vibrating us into new and natural rhythms, new flows and higher re-patterning.
If you are reading this, you no doubt have being feeling a bit pummeled and thrown under the bus by building energy for many days now. This is only the beginning of a huge upgrade that is restructuring our human space suit by years end. We will need all the tools in our tool box for this one. This powerful October is fueled by two radical eclipses . . . all the while we are in a Mercury retrograde (Oct 4 – 25). This time period will act like cosmic tuning forks vibrating us into new and natural rhythms, new flows and higher re-patterning. These eclipses will break our inertia that began in early 2013 as well as our resistance and procrastination to becoming our most authentic self. A new awareness of the next higher bandwidth in the collective will rise to the surface like a new, yet ancient echo. New beginnings and footholds to our future will feel very mirage like at first. We might rub our inner eyes to focus and believe that what we are seeing is either real or is yet another illusion of the disappearing old world. These new images and vibrations will profoundly challenge and liberate us in many ways that we could not have imagined.

The first eclipse is a total lunar eclipse on October 8th. It is followed by a partial solar eclipse on October 24th. Both of these eclipses mirror two similar eclipses which occurred almost a year ago. I am sure you remember these past eclipses and the challenging and almost crippling course corrections they began. What we were concerned about that we didn’t finish a year ago (thoughts of having missed the boat, wasted time, self-doubt about one’s path, the state of the world, etc…), these October eclipses will catapult our intentions that we had put into place with roller coaster, break neck speed. We have come from nearly 2 years of deep inertia. This new flow will take some time to get use to. Pace yourself. Affirmations / mantras for during this time are “I am patience”, “I am unconditional love”, “I am forgiveness”, “I am living from the present moment” and “I am allowing space for personal FREEDOM!”

We will see new relationship patterns with others and also with our physical world. This time will breakup old emotional and social patterns, and we will begin to rediscover our new and true, authentic selves as individual beings and as a unified human race. Oneness with authentic equality along with personal autonomy and self-empowerment will be downloaded and imprinted, but this may come with deeply cathartic and emotional experiences. These downloads will be fueled by a deep need for liberation and freedom on many levels including political and personal. We are already seeing this take effect on the world platform. There are increased numbers of countries in various stages of liberation and revolution. This freedom wave was unleashed in 2011 in Egypt with a very powerful energy release of potent light alchemy. Egypt is beginning to find its balance, and they are the touchstone for the rest of the world today.

ascension soul shift
Some of this lunar energy will find many of us at odds with ourselves . . . the deep need for personal space will argue with the need to have deeper and more authentic connection. This can trigger a highly volatile cosmic soup of liberating releases of unexpressed individuality. At its lowest level, we may even stoop to childish acting out that could trigger deep healing. We can also have powerful and uplifting spiritual openings as our human space suit gets a down right, brawny upgrade. This all depends on each one’s level of vibration and consciousness. Are we feeding love or fear? Are we living from the present or from past wounds? Are we allowing forgiveness and letting go of things that do not serve the higher good? It is a time to be surrounded by like-minded beings that support your authentic and current self. Don’t get lost in all the various, dualistic perspectives and warped dogmas that are not your heart’s calling. If there was ever a time, now is the time to find your tribe.

We know this life is the culmination of many past lives, and this eclipse portal can open us up to many ancient past life energies and memories. These can be very enlightening and may activate latent alchemical abilities. Reclaiming our past life, ancient knowledge is possible, and these may come as sudden and fleeting insights and intuitions that we must pay close attention to in order to remember them. Some people may also get overwhelmed with entire Akashic record downloads. It is time to release our ancient alchemy. Please take good care of your physical bodies as this process will need a strong host to hold this powerful energy.

Be aware of the dangerous pitfalls when working with mystical, alchemical and inter-dimensional work that we may not be quiet ready for. Remember . . . be patient and don’t leap until you are 100% ready. It will come to you, so do not worry; but if you push the envelope too far, you can undo years of hard spiritual work. Wait until it comes to you, and you will know when it is time. Follow your heart, not your impatient, ego-driven mind. We understand that you are road weary and that you want to be there already.

Our new inner fire, once activated, might feel like a spiritual, warrior-like, rocket booster sending our grace filled energy into the expansiveness of our unlimited future. This will activate profound spiritual and collective alchemy that will lead toward positive outcomes and manifestations of our higher visions. Again, take care of your human space suit as this will take a strong energy system to maintain without imploding.

By the second eclipse on the 24th, we will have much of this under control, and we will be more balanced in still even stronger energies. Our spirits, hearts, and souls will have been tempered and be so much stronger and wiser. All of our visions will feel more real and less of a mirage. New connections and directions will be presented to us along with new creative directions. We will find ourselves fueled by deep, passionate, and even fiery intentions that we will not be able to hold back from expressing.

We have barely arrived in this new cycle of time. Each baby step that we take sets a precedent for what we will build in the future. We are intending to arrive in a world filled with unconditional love, balance, and harmony with the creative force of the divine feminine (and the divine masculine) not only understood, but used in positive ways. We will begin to see some of this goddess power unleashed by December.

WHAT YOU CAN DO . . . while you are getting all brawny!
Some things we are doing that help with this energy. Don’t hunker down and hope the energy will pass (I tend to do this all the time, and it does not work). Get up and use your tools that you have learned over the last years and even decades. We are using the Violet Flame continually. We also like solar gazing. If you don’t know what these are, Google them. Try to stay in a positive mind frame despite all the negative, fear based things that the world is shipping to you daily. Don’t avoid personal issues, but stay out of unnecessary drama. It is time to make peace with your past. We clean a lot. If your space is disorganized, you will be too. We are burning our Maya Copal more than ever, and diffusing our Egyptian Amber in other rooms. Raphael is burning sage all around the house daily. Eat good, strong, healthy food. Make sure you drink a lot of water. Get your bare feet on the ground for 30 minutes a day. There are so many things that will help you travel through these next couple of months. Share what works for you with others. Be of support for each other, and end all the judgments. No one is perfect, and yet we all are! As my teacher Pearl Dorris always said . . . “Keep on keeping on. Step by step we climb.” Keep climbing my friends. We are coming home, and our new human space suits will reflect the glory of the light beings that truly WE ARE!

You might be able to see this eclipse on October 8th if you want to get up really early to see it. For North America and the Hawaiian Islands, the total lunar eclipse happens in the early hours before sunrise on October 8 (Greatest eclipse: 3:55 a.m. PDT). For New Zealand, Australia and eastern Asia, the total eclipse is seen after sunset on October 8. A partial lunar eclipse can be seen before sunrise on October 8 from much of South America, or after sunset on October 8 from western Asia. Follow the links below to learn more about the 2014 Hunter’s Moon and the October 8 total lunar eclipse. More information here:…/4581904051…/LEplot2001/LE2014Oct08T.pdf

Everything you need to know about the Total Lunar Eclipse October 2014, Eclipse durations, eclipse visibiity, magnitude, eclipse diagrams, eclipse information,

Revolutionary Changes on Planet

The increase continues Soltices, Equinoxs, Eclipses, Astromonical Aligments (my spell checker doesn’t like any of those spellings so please bare with me) are all opening door ways to major changes in the frequencies of the energy of our planet. (and us of course) The frequencies keep raising, our cellular make up  keeps changing. We are becoming closer and closer to being physically, mentally, and essentially ready to accept and adjust to a new perspective and a more efficient and supportive reality. A lot is going on, some of which we may or may not be aware of, but it’s all for the highest good for us and our world. Here is a channeling to share some of what is in store for us. Quite interesting, at least I think so, lets see what you think when you read it.
Eclipse Season sets up the Grand Cross!
New Earth Central with Meg Benedicte ~ April 16, 2014
We just experienced the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Monday/Tuesday…which launches the Spring Eclipse Season. For two weeks our cosmic field will be held suspended within the powerful tension of Lunar/Solar Eclipses. Full Moons always release tension into the field, while lunar eclipses tend to amplify the effect.
Here at Mt Shasta the Lunar Eclipse was quite spectacular…shimmering blood red over the snowcapped mountain in the vast sky! This Lunar Eclipse also connects with the once-in-a-lifetime Cardinal Grand Cross that locks into place on April 23rd. We are in the midst of revolutionary astrology this month, and the Lunar Eclipse did not disappoint.
An Eclipse ushers in ‘breakthroughs’ of new thought, shifts in perspectives, and sudden ‘aha’ moments of insight. During these two weeks we can open to extraordinary breakthroughs in Spiritual evolution and personal growth…setting our intention to elevate up to the next level!
I’ve also noted that Eclipses tend to ‘rattle the cage’ and shatter many out-dated structures, patterns and dysfunctional situations so we can break free. This aspect of Eclipses can feel unsettling, shaky, and immobilizing. It can feel like what happens when we unplug a hot air balloon…it swirls out of controlling, spewing old sputtering air into the ether.
The collective field is sputtering right now, all being shaken loose and repositioned. It is stirring up more amplified polarity and pushing against the quantum flow. Yesterday it felt like I was moving through jello…every step and movement felt like pushing against density.
When the astral plane gets whipped up like this, we need to take extra caution to be in our Still Point of balance, order and coherence. Take time out to tune inside and breathe into your Soul rhythm and pulse…get centered. Don’t plan too much, don’t exert yourself these two weeks. Keep it simple, and as calm as can be.
When the astral is polarized like this, there are aggressive entity reactions, disturbances in the field. We must use our crystalline container to install personal boundaries and sovereign space, especially in the 4D astral plane. Our emotional body/heart center is active in the 4D and must be as still/calm as possible. Do not get pulled into Polarity!
When we emotionally react, our heart center opens to the 4D astral disturbance, and we can be interfered with by astral entity attacks. This can show up as negative thoughts, disturbing dreams, painful emotions, sabotage actions and choices, increasing addictions, and more.
If you are experiencing any such interference, continue to clear your sacred space/living space of all 4D astral disturbances, as you focus on maintaining your divine Still Point Power. We have the knowledge and tools to live in 5D bliss! Our planet is enduring radical change and transformation, and we are at the heart of this evolutionary Ascension. My mantra right now is: ‘I Am all that I Am!’ Don’t forget who you are and why you are here…the finish line is in sight!
Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

We are so blessed to be alive at this time of our planets

We are so blessed to be alive at this time of our planets transformation and to be able to be an active and important part of it. Every time we choose to recognize the value of our encounters, every time we choose to stop old negative habits by identifying them, and use ‘ I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good.’ We increase our inner light and make our planetary shift easier for all. I am looking forward to when our friends from outer space decide to land and share their wisdom with us. Here is part of a channeling of one of our outer space visitors and what she has to say about us.
Q: Supa, what brought you to Earth?
Supa: About two years ago when I came to observe your world, I was awed by Earth’s beauty, the diversity of humans living both on and in your planet, and with the variety of animals, insects, fish, birds, minerals, flora and fauna. Earth enjoys a unique representation of all Life found throughout our Milky Way Galaxy. Your planet abounds with nature’s splendor.
After soaking in Mother Earth’s beauty and paying homage to her, I went to the more populated areas. The conditions of people living in squalor absolutely shocked me. I observed whole clans literally living on garbage dumps and surviving. My heart broke, and I vowed to help Mother Earth and all her inhabitants to transform and realize their potential. I consider it an honor to participate in the awakening of Earth’s humanity.
As my research continued, I found the hearts of your people aching to be liberated and to live in peace. Your oppression has been great and you have been manipulated for over 13 millennia. And yet, with all the oppression that you have lived through, your hearts have survived and yearn to discover who you really are, and to return to our Creator. The human spirit is truly amazing. Know that you are celebrated throughout the Universe.
We, the Arcturians, have been an integral part of Earth’s history for eons. Our timekeepers brought the original galactic calendar to your planet. Later, the Pleiadeans modified it. The galactic calendar is a consciousness tool used to put you in sync with the time clock of our galaxy. It helps you learn to experience time instead of just measuring it in a linear fashion. Our galaxy has a natural rhythm or pulse, providing a time to rest and a time for action. As you learn to ride the wave of energy, you will find that your life unfolds with more grace.
As members of the Galactic Federation of Light, we bring our healing expertise to the medical teams and our profound understanding of Love’s grace to all Beings evolving in our galaxy. Our contributions are highly revered and honored by the Galactic Federation councils.
Since the destruction of Atlantis and your ‘fall’ into limitation, we have taken an active role in assisting with Earth’s ascension process: your return to Universal Love.

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