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Believe in the process of Assertion

Open your hearts, control your mind, believe in the process of Assertion that you are a part of, keep choosing to crease your inner light by your determined efforts of understanding and acceptance of the responsibility to do so. We are doing a great job of raising our vibration and increasing our conscious awareness and the amount of time we are feeling good has increased noticeably. The more we feel good the more we work at it because it feels good and we realize that we are creating these feel good times and we want more. We are on this Ascension path consciously and enjoying the journey. We are attracting more of what we want and hanging out less and less with what we don’t like. October is a Universal 8 which brings us powerful energies of abundance which can manifest for us physically, mentally, emotionally and increased spiritual awareness to the degree we believe it and use it Energy gifts are available for our use but we have to use them with doubtless focus and a belief of trust, faith, determination. We are worthy of Abundance it’s time to more of what we really want and it’s up to us to make it happen.
Here is some inspiration
~ The Ascended Masters in the Councils of Shamballa
The Rehearsal is Over
Part 1
The tremendous Love and Light that is now pouring into your Earth and into the hearts of every soul on Earth is giving humanity the ability to merge with their Presence and ascend into Unity Consciousness. Many are now moving out of a maze that has kept souls stuck within an unimaginably intricate network of thoughts, memories, concepts, opinions and beliefs in limitation.
One of the ways to move out of this maze is to place your full attention on living each and every moment as your Presence. You can assist in this wondrous process by keeping your awareness on whatever is right before you. If you can see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, touch it, or sense it internally, then you are living as your Presence lives ~ in the moment.
Regardless of appearances, everything and everyone is constantly inviting you to merge with your God-created essence and this can only happen when you are truly present. In those exquisite moments, thoughts simply cease and your mind instantly becomes still. The past has dropped away to reveal a new world that is free of your ideas, opinions, beliefs and projections and you are then awake to the truth of who you are as the Presence of God embodied.
Your internal experience of your True Self will keep expanding into your everyday awareness for as long as you remain present. Each moment you have a choice to be present, or you can choose to wander off into the endless domains of your thinking mind. These kinds of choices are at the very heart of free will, yet know that your life is always being radically affected by the choices you make and the more you choose to be present, the more the Presence will be able to expand within the whole of your being.
Each moment that you are present will keep nurturing your awareness of your true unlimited Self. Whether you are thinking or not, practice being present within every moment and within every activity until the awareness of your Presence completely expands within you and you are living each and every moment in the freedom of your unlimited Presence.
As the Earth continues to ascend in consciousness, many changes will continue to take place within all of life and nothing will be able to hold these changes at bay since the glorious Divine Blueprint for your world and all who live within it has already been set into motion.
We have often proclaimed that there is a parting of the ways between those who have chosen and are doing what they can to support the ascension of consciousness and those who are doing nothing. This is more true today than ever before and it is a major part of the change that is presently taking place. You are all moving into a level that reflects your true vibration. To remain within the higher vibrations and ascend into your own unlimitedness, you must sustain your relationship with your Presence and implement your service to expand Unity Consciousness.
You will always feel at home with like-minded, loving souls who are dedicated to living as their Presence and co-creating a new Golden Age. When you come together in Council with us, it expands your collective service in the world while assisting you to maintain the integrity of your relationship with your Presence. We applaud all who have chosen to give yourself fully to helping others to awaken to the truth of themselves as expressions of God on Earth. Once this is known, the rehearsal is over and your service naturally unfolds as you truly begin to live the glorious life you came here to live.
Thru Sharon Rose


Responsibility is the focus for us to pave the way into availability of more Conscious Awareness. Mind before Mouth or Action is the key to a higher vibration. When we think about it before we do it we have a choice to be constructive or destructive. Is what we are about to do of positive value to us and the outside world? Or is it an old ego reactive and protective habit. We have nothing to protect if we choose to stay centered and be creative in our responses. They don’t rain on our parade, we do. or we stay on the sunshine of awareness. God helps those who help themselves. Like attracts like. Here is an inspiration from a Jesus New Year channeling.
Message from Jesus by John Smallman
What you have been seeking has been with you always.
The New Year is a time for cleansing, for releasing old thought patterns that no longer serve you, for forgiving yourselves and others, and for renewing your inherent but possibly forgotten intent to share and extend the Love that God offers you in every moment of your eternal existence. It is a time to remind yourselves that you are always firmly held in the loving embrace that enfolds all of creation, that you can never be separated from it, and that any feeling or sense that you are alone, abandoned, or judged unworthy by God is illusory, a terrifying fantasy whose time is past. You will awaken and your joy will be boundless.
To awaken is and has been your destiny ever since you chose to temporarily forget who you are. God, Wisdom, Reality, Love knew that your desire to experience existence without Him was unsustainable and that you would change your mind and allow the illusion to crumble and dissolve, and that is what it is now in the process of doing because you have collectively chosen to awaken. There have indeed been moments when it has appeared that you are back-sliding, that you do not wish to awaken, but those moments are also illusory – there is only Reality! – consequently your awakening is inevitable, unavoidable, and divinely assured.
During these last moments of your illusory experience just continue going within to that quiet, deep, inner space where you can know yourselves, know that you are the children of God, and renew your intent for humanity to return to Reality by releasing its fascination with, its desire for, and its belief in the illusion, thus removing its only support. The power you have available to you to maintain it is enormous because you are divine beings of infinite power, but as soon as you remove that supportive intent from it by focusing instead on the Source, Reality, God, the illusion will dissolve. It is only a matter of time before this occurs, and then time, being also illusory, will also be gone and you will realize that it was nothing but a dream, a dream that is fading very rapidly from your memory, from your awareness.
You were created in Love, the Source-field in which all of creation has its eternal existence, and beyond It there is nothing because there is no beyond, there is only Love, God, Source, Reality, the Supreme Intelligence – you have many names in your different cultures, nations, and religions for the One that encompasses and contains All. Therefore you are all inseparable and essential parts or aspects of the One; without even one of you It would be incomplete and that is impossible. Therefore your eternal existence is divinely and eternally maintained by that divine and unchanging Intent.
Relax therefore in the certain and indisputable knowledge that you are, each one of you without exception, indispensable aspects of the One to Whom you are eternally and unbreakable connected. The time for experiencing the unreal and the impossible – separation from your Source – is drawing to a close, so celebrate the arrival of this New and about to be most Uplifting and Inspiring Year with enthusiasm and joy because you are to return to awareness, consciousness of who you truly are, and the wonder of that will amaze and delight you.
God’s Will for you is that you reside in a state of complete and utter happiness upon which nothing can impinge, and, of course, your will is in complete alignment and harmony with His, so that supreme state will indeed be your eternal Home, the Home from which, in truth, you have never departed. And on your return you will recognize It as the state of bliss and completion that you have been seeking throughout all your earthly incarnations.
You have a saying: “Home is where the heart is.” You have never left Home because your Heart is One with God’s in every moment, and your apparent return there is but an awakening, a rubbing of your sleepy eyes, and a return to your natural and fully conscious state. What you have been seeking has been with you always, but hidden from your view, from your experience, from your knowing by your choice to enter the illusion and play there as though separated from yourselves and from your Source. Your collective intent built the illusion, and now your collective intent is dissolving it.
You cannot live without Love. It is the life force, the limitless field of infinite divine energy in which All That Is has Its eternal and utterly fulfilling existence. You are alive and therefore held closely in the warm embrace of the field of Love which supports you totally and provides abundantly for all your needs without you having to, as it were, lift a finger. All is divinely taken care of so that you can explore and develop your limitless and fully absorbing creative abilities while basking in the Love and admiration in which your Father envelops you. Words here are without meaning, they are totally inadequate to even attempt to describe the joy and the wonder to which you are shortly to be exposed.
Go within daily and ask for guidance, a felt sense of your Father’s and our Love for you. Open your hearts fully, without doubt, fear, or anxiety, so that, even as you remain temporarily embodied, you allow yourselves to experience a little of what lies in store for you, and you will be overwhelmed by the sensation that embraces you.
Your loving brother, Jesus.


As you continue to ascend into a new dimension of your shared consciousness, ask yourself what you can do to assist all of life in graduating into Unity Consciousness. 2012 is your year to choose what you want to create by looking deeply at your own Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. Why are you here during what appears to many to be a very chaotic cycle for both humanity and the Earth? Then go deeper so you can see and feel that all of the energy that is being cleansed out of the collective consciousness of humanity can be transformed through the alchemical frequencies within the heart so they can actually be used to create the glorious foundations of a new Golden Age. There is no waste in the cosmos ~ there is no trash that cannot be recycled.

As sacred beings living in sacred times, you now have the tremendous opportunity of expanding your mastery by living in more “compassionate discernment.” This kind of discernment involves being increasingly more vigilant regarding what you are creating and supporting in your minds or bodies as well as what you are bringing into your homes. This includes the things you eat and wear and even what you throw into the garbage. It includes looking at all the ways you are spending your time. What are you reading and what are you watching on television or on your computers? What shows or games are you giving your precious time and attention to? And what kind of music are you listening to that is filling your body and the space in which you live? This is all part of creating more of a sacred space within yourself, within your environment and upon your planet, so you have the conditions for creating the foundations of a new Golden Age in 2012.

We suggest that you extend your creative potential by being more discerning in what you are sharing in your communications and what you are supporting in your relationships with yourself, your partner, your children and your friends. You can do this by witnessing everyone from the position of your non-judgmental Presence, so you can be discerning without being judgmental. Your service, your creative projects and your co-creative projects can then be imbued with what will support the highest truth and greatest good for all those involved.

Your responsibility is to keep expanding your perspective so the welfare of as many as possible is taken into account within the living, pulsing essence that has always been designed to unify all of life so humanity can live—at long last—as a truly functional family of Light.


Responsibility and freedom go together. If you don’t want to take responsibility you can’t have freedom either. The two come together or go together.If you shun responsibility, you have to accept slavery in some way or other. You created what you are, the way you are, as your challenge to find the value and potential of your creation. This is your movie what you do with/in it is up to you. You are the director and the script writer.


Even with our eyes open, we can go through life asleep, dreaming of what was, wasn’t or will be. Yesterday and tomorrow pull us back. Today pushes us forward.
Choose from today’s experiences what you will do next time to feel better about yourself and how you are using “I don’t do that anymore! I want to feel good!”
Yehuda Berg and me

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