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There is nothing wrong with any of us. Existence doesn’t make mistakes or wrong. We are exactly what we wanted to be, just as we are, as our chosen spiritual challenge. The challenge is to find and understand the value of our creation, what we chose to create as the human we are in this life. We are Light workers who chose to be born so we could learn from our choices. There are no good or bad choices, only opportunities for awareness. WE never choose anything we didn’t want as a challenge and we never choose anything we can’t handle, find the value of. Every time we find the value of a difficult situation we transform it into light. Manifesting light is our chosen purpose of incarnation. We are all here to be a positive influence on the evolution of this planet by choice. It’s up to us to make our own choices every time we Think, Speak and Feel, this id what is meant by ‘Free Will’. We come to earth with 100% power to accomplish our hearts desires, we still have 100% power the question is “Are we using our power for us or against us?” The energy that is now permeating us as we move into the 5th dimension is increasing our Conscious Awareness to assist us in understanding this reality and to choose to be more response-able for our use of our energy. Change your intention and you change your life. It’s up to us, Lets do it and fulfill our essential purpose.


The Spiritual Path

We tend to make spirituality a part of our lives in the same way we go to a yoga class, but it can’t really benefit us if it isn’t consistently becoming more and more the core of our being.

Spirituality isn’t something we do. It is part of our consciousness. It is how we see the world.

The spiritual path is a constant walk where we make a conscious effort to be the best version of ourselves, and make a difference in the lives of others. Yehuda Berg


At times, it can be very easy for us to fall into a consciousness where we are preoccupied with just being alive and going through the motions. We work, we eat, we breathe, we sleep, and then we get up the next morning and do the same thing all over again. Indeed, how often have we thought, “Oh well, this is just the way it is…”

Then there are also times in our lives when we may say, “You know there must be more than just this side of life. I’ve done it all. I’ve been there. I’ve taken whatever I had to take. I’ve been around the block and you know what? I still don’t feel fulfilled. There must be something that I can learn, something that will help me to not only avoid more chaos, but also to grow.”

When we reach this place—this moment of clarity—we have reached a soul evolution, a new understanding of why we came into this world, that we are not here simply to go through the motions. A soul evolution is something that can only be earned through overcoming some sort of a challenge, through a test of fire. I’m sure many of us reading this post have passed a test of fire and that’s why we’re interested in spirituality. Or perhaps we are fortunate enough to have come to a spiritual path because life gently whispered to us, “Wake up, wake up! The world isn’t as you see it.”

Have you noticed how fast the world is moving now? There is much less space between places and between people. For example, we can eliminate thousands of miles and many time zones in about two seconds after logging on to the Internet. According to the kabbalists, the reason there is less space is because we are coming closer to the time when we can make a difference and amend the negativity that is within us and around us. We are coming to a time when all the souls of humanity will be able to change the world for the better in a big way.

In order to do so however, we cannot continue to believe that life is about getting by, maintaining, or waiting for the next coffee break or vacation when we can try to enjoy ourselves. It means that we wake up to the choice to be conscious of our individual potential to create a positive shift through our daily interactions, because the truth is whatever we do today relates to the rest of the world.
Karen Berg

Response – ability

Think about it: What are we afraid of? Whats the problem? Are we afraid of the future and what may or may not happen? Doubting our ability to cope? Are we afraid of the past worried that it may return or that we can’t forget some experience that seems to haunt us? Who is doing all of this? Who is making us miserable and fearful? What a lot of energy all of that uses. Just think if we focused all of that energy on creating a better and more enjoyable now how would we feel? What might we accomplish? We would certainly be too busy to feel bad. What a brilliant idea especially when I decide to take the response-abiilty to “FEEL GOOD!” Have fun living, good idea. Its up to you, just do it.

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