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The evolution of Conscious is taking over

The evolution of Conscious is taking over

The evolution of Conscious is taking over, we are going from the two levels of Consciousness that we have always been playing with, Conscious Acceptance, which is a product of the mind and the belief system’s reality and Conscious Awareness, which is Divine truth. Now we are being inspired to move into 5th Dimension Conscious Awareness, seeing and understanding ourselves, each other and our world and our abilities with a different perspective. This can be as easy or as difficult as we choose to make it. When we have been experiencing life on earth with limited awareness and taking life times to work our way to a more spiritual vision as a reality, (I’m not talking about religion) it may be difficult to realize that everything is in the process of change. We we are changing not only into a reality that’s going to be incredibly different than anything we know or have ever experienced, so we have little or no idea of what to expect, what these new changes  may be and mean and do to us. This can be scary and or exciting, the intelligent approach is,’ Let the changes continue’ they are going to happen anyway so choosing to go with the flow and look for and find the value of a more 5th Dimensional Conscious reality, is a feel good choice.

Here is a channeling from St. Germain, Lady Portia and for  inspiration.

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

from the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

BE The Change

March 2015 ~~ Part 1

Your heartfelt intent and gratitude for everything and everyone in your life is vital to establish and expand the love, wisdom and power of your Presence within the whole of your being. We applaud each of you for your dedication to live as your Presence and from that level of your consciousness, to make any changes that you know would assist in creating the foundations of a new world and the manifestation of a new Golden Age of Freedom. We are here to inspire you, to support your gifts and to encourage you to create and co-create with others because all changes must come through those of you who are currently living on Earth.

~ Saint Germain, Lady Portia & the Councils of Shamballa

You are each expanding your capacity to give your God Presence the authority to create, through you, a completely new world founded in the unifying principles that are a natural part of the consciousness of every Ascended Master and indeed, every ascending master. Since the fall of Atlantis, you have been waiting for this glorious opportunity to be an active part of creating a new Golden Age of Freedom ~ don’t miss it!

The more profound your passion and willingness to live on Earth as your Presence and as emissaries for Source, the more the Diamond-Opalescent Light of Mother/Father God can keep stimulating the opening of the ancient crystalline strands of your DNA, and your connection with more of the multi-dimensional consciousness of your Presence.

Your awakening into a new dimension has been creating an etheric bridge of consciousness and that bridge is now being used to assist you and others in moving into the next dimension of consciousness. Your Presence and the truth of your Divine spiritual inheritance to act as Golden Age emissaries will keep magnetizing you into new dimensions of consciousness while expanding the gifts and skills you have accumulated over many lifetimes.

As you keep drawing upon the ancient, pre-separation information encoded within your crystalline DNA, you will find that your consciousness is not truly limited to any one dimension. New levels of consciousness will continue to be activated in direct proportion to your willingness to live beyond all of the 3rd dimensional paradigms that were ever created to control the thoughts and feelings of humanity. You are each in the process of remembering who you are beyond all the confining, fear-based information that was sent into your mind, heart and body after the fall of Atlantis.

Your willingness to align your consciousness with your Presence during these times is constantly expanding your abilities to make any personal or planetary changes that are in harmony with a new Golden Age and the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for the planet. It is the expansion of the Creator’s Love and Light within every cell and atom of your being, and your willingness to live on Earth as your Presence, that is making the ascension of humanity and the ascension of your planet possible.

We are here to support you in being magnificent demonstrations of living on Earth in total harmony with every aspect of life. Everything that you create will then be exemplifying your interconnectedness with all of humanity, with the animal and plant kingdoms and with all those living in the heavenly realms and throughout the cosmos.

You are truly the agents of change who were called to your precious Earth to assist in shifting the consciousness of humanity out of duality and fear into their unlimited capacities to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness. The power of your Presence must be given full dominion over your thoughts and feelings so any duality implants can be rendered null and void. You are the strong of the strong and truly you are the Light and Love of the world, for how else could God truly be intimately involved with you, with your world and with your ongoing creations to fulfill humanity’s Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. Stand tall in this knowing and never allow yourself to believe otherwise!

From Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose.

Be more aware today of your inner power

Today is the Winter Solstice, the New Moon in Capricorn, this is another increase in the energy of inspiration to us, helping us make the choice, to become more Consciously Aware of our inner power, the inner I AM, the Christ Consciousness that is lying dormant to most of us. Our life force is unlimited power that we don’t understand, and generally don’t believe is there, we even scoff at the idea of it. This has nothing to do with organized religion, it is the life force that all things in existence are created from which is available to us, and always has been, Because of this incredible worldly transformation that we are going through and are an active force in its creation, our inner power is being made more accessible to us. The unknown is being made known, so we can begin to use our inner power to change our life and our world. Once we get the realization of its existence, a lot of us are going to choose to not only accept that its there, but will welcome it and do the work necessary to make it a conscious reality. I’ve added a channeling about its presence and what we can do to take advantage of what we really are, Conscious Awareness in a limited belief.
Birthing the Christ Within
Everyday of your life, you have the opportunity to acknowledge and support your inner Christ Self and to focus on consciously walking the Earth as a living Master. This potential lies within the omnipotent, omnipresent Light and Love of God that was originally encoded within the spiritual heart of every being. This part of you is exempt from being influenced by the centuries of misinformation that has been recorded as “true” within the history of your 3rd dimensional world. All of humanity’s misunderstandings have been based on the belief that there is a separate self who must live a life based in fear, doubt and survival. This has led to an overall feeling of unworthiness, yet now a grand influx of God’s Love and Light is pouring into every heart to support the full birthing of the Christ that lives within the One Presence that is shared with all of life.
~ Christ Jesus or Jeshua
As humanity and all of life enters its next stage of evolution, you have indeed reached a time for the birthing of the “divine human” which already resides within you. This is not an abstract idea, but rather a sacred calling for all who are awake and committed to being positive agents of change and wayshowers for your next Golden Age. It will take many of you to create a new template for awakened action and enlightened service and this must be sourced from the deep realization that you are each here to live as the Divine agents of the Creator and to walk your Earth as transcendently wise and passionately alive spiritual beings. Your Presence is leading you into completely new and sacred levels of relationship that will be supporting many new ways of being together physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Every person’s God Self, which is their I AM Presence, is pulsating within their heart, a heart that has an intelligence that is totally aware of who you truly are. Over the ages, you have erroneously identified yourselves as fragmented, fear-based humans, yet now is your time of remembrance so you can really live on Earth as your Presence, and your Christ Self can then become the director of your every thought and action.
In service to all, including yourself, it is time to move forward as your next Golden Age cycle has already begun and soon all remnants of your earlier age will disappear and there will be no place for the lower vibrations to control the overall consciousness of humanity. All thoughts and feelings are in the process of being reconnected with the Love and Light of Source. This is equally true of Mother Earth who is already in the process of Her ascension. We invite you to join us in looking beyond the chaos that is still manifesting around your world so you can become active visionaries and co-creators of a new Golden Age of Freedom.
ascension soul shift
Do not become disheartened when nothing appears to be happening, as there are a lot of new technologies, for example, that are just waiting to be introduced so they can support the health and well being of humanity as well as assist in manifesting a new Golden Age. Thousands of us on the inner planes are fully committed to moving you as smoothly as possible into Unity Consciousness on the 5th dimension.
Spend some time each day asking your Presence what you can do to support the ascension and be prepared to speak to others about what you are doing as you may find that more people than you thought are interested. These are the times for many inner revelations to be shared ~ revelations that have been recorded within your bones and held there to be revealed during this Great Shift in the Ages. Although your origins are not of this Earth, the Earth has provided you with the opportunity to evolve into the Christed estate of your consciousness.
The Universe is always listening and responding to where you are abiding in your consciousness and the vibrations you are sending forth into the world. Once your thoughts are filled with joy, gratitude, and appreciation for what you have, what you have learned while living on the Earth and what you are now here to create, the universe will bring you in contact with the people and the situations that will support the unfoldment of your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times and you will know that you are in contact with the Christed Self that is encoded within your heart.
by Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

Understanding God

It’s interesting that so many people argue about even have wars about God. My god is the only true God and all other Gods are false. What a silly thing to do. First of all they have never seem God, they only believe that God exists and then they have different kinds of God. Judgmental, Vengeful, Demanding, Strict Punishing many varieties to suit a specific religion. Which essentially is a means of control. As children a lot of us were threatened by what God sees that we are doing, what God knows about our behavior.My favorite is the benevolent God that has given us free will to learn from experience, that doesn’t judge, doesn’t punish, just loves its creations and supports our en devours, after all we are a part of.God so why would God be angry about what a part is doing with thrir free will. and it’s all on faith. Here is what Kryon has to say.
Some Call It God
From Kryon Live Channel “The Fast-Track Systems”
June 2014 in Mt. Shasta, CA
The energy from the great creative source is in every single Human Being and is the same. Some call it Spirit and some call it God. The earth is a monotheistic planet that celebrates one God. It’s finally time to see that all that is comes from one source, the one that’s inside, and it is beautiful, and it’s for all. It’s time to settle the differences and move forward.
 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll


The definition of ‘Religion’ is away of life. What is your religion? Is it constant complaining, feeling like a victim, shame and blame, dis-satisfaction of some kind? Or is it being grateful for the ability to solve the trials and tribulations of your daily life growing in power and awareness from your efforts? Which one feels the best? Even No choice is a choice. I choose to feel good, and I do. What do you do?

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