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Reality check

It’s time for a reality check. How much time are we seeing with our heart or with our mind’s eye? Our hearts see with interest, acceptance, understanding, compassion and love, knowing that everyone is a divine being pretending to be the human we have created, as our spiritual challenge. Open to and grateful for positive change.
Our minds see with judgment, compartment, doubts, fears, should’s, shouldn’ts, needs, necessities, rights, wrongs, resistance to the light of conscious awareness. A victim to a self created belief system.
Isn’t it interesting how care-less we may be with our own energy as often as we are. Are we often silly or just plain stupid? A good condition to use Kryon’s gift of love to us to create positive change for ourselves.


REality check

How about a progressive reality check to use before going to sleep at night.:

How many times today did I choose to be response-able in relation to this days challenges? How many times did I choose to use “I don’t do that any more! I want to feel good! ” How many times did I feel grateful for the challenges that gave me an opportunity to increase my awareness and my ability to shine light on some darkness? How many times today did I choose to appreciate and Love myself for being a conscious part of this wonderful transformation of our planet. How many times did I choose to share Love and Light with another person because I could. How many times did I purposely Love myself just because I’m me. Today was a great day.

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