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We are the way we are as our spiritual challenge

We are the way we are as our spiritual challenge

Although it may not seem so, life is really quite simple. our purpose on Earth, is create assist this world to move into a 5th dimensional vibration. We do that by transforming the challenges of our experiences into creative responses. Every time we find the value of our experiences, our inner light shines brighter and we improve our conscious awareness, we have seen the light, we have recognized the solution that all problems contain. This is how we get stronger and wiser, when we focus our intention on looking for and finding solutions, finding the value of everything. The challenge of finding value really begins in the mirror, until we recognize the value of being this person we chose to be, we spend an enormous amount of time in judgement and comparison. Once we get the message that we created what we are the way we are as our spiritual challenge of self acceptance and we recognize the value of our existence, our true life begins and finding the value of everything else becomes an interesting game of discovery. This state of mind is our earthly purpose, once we achieve it we start loving ourselves and we start sharing our love with others and begin doing what we came here to do, assist the transformation of each other and our world into an enlightened state of being. In case you would like examples of what we can do, I’m sharing Humanity’s post for inspiration.
How are you actively helping to uplift humanity? Are you living the most authentic life you can and sharing your truth with those you meet? This may be more than enough if it is satisfying to you and feels like it is your life purpose. What happens if you have the feeling that your life’s mission involves having a greater impact on the world as a whole? What has been your plan for achieving that impact? Are you sharing a special gift in a courageous and generous manner?
Some people need to be actively engaged in causes that can change the heart of people or try to change policies that make life a challenge for people. Others feel like focusing on the energetic level is the best way to have a dramatic impact. When you understand the quantum nature of the universe you realize the possibility of your thoughts and actions connecting to all other living beings. When we realize that we are all connected in oneness, we realize it is possible to impact others with just our thoughts. What a powerful presence we can have if we combine both direct action and focused and trusting connection with the Source to bring forth a more loving and compassionate world.

My Poem

This is a poem that I wrote that is a part of Book #2 of my trilogy I want to share with you.
In Search of the Simple
A part of Existence
that soon will be me,
Was wondering what else
there was still to see.
To begin with I knew
everything was O.K.
So I decided to come to earth
to live and to play.
I looked at all I had done
in all lives before
And decided I needed
lessons galore.
In order for me
to mend and repair
The imbalances I had created
with little or no care.
The amount of my digressions
were a strange sight to see,
And I realized how scary
it was just to be me.
As I looked with amazement
at this incredible mess
I thought do I really want to do this?
THE ANSWER was yes
So I planned a new journey
both difficult and long
Knowing in my heart
I could never choose wrong.
I understood clearly
that the earth world was strange.
Whatever earth offered
was subject to change.
My purpose was to transform
earth’s darkness into light
And I vowed I would do so
with all of my might.
I picked my agenda
With spiritual insight,
Knowing “Life’s Journey”
Would be a good fight.
I then picked my parents
carefully and with glee
Knowing their limitations
would be just right for me.
The amount of resistance
I will feel from their way!
Will be exactly the game
I wanted to play.
Then I arrived
and the life game began
I forgot everything
according to plan.
My intention was suddenly
to live and survive
Now I wanted desperately
to just be alive.
To be born was the purpose
so life could begin,
And I could indulge in it
and look for the ‘Win.’
My life was quite interesting
my parents quite mad,
Now that I have lived through it
I’m certainly glad.
The journey was treacherous
and extremely dark,
It certainly wasn’t
what I’d call a lark.
I felt lost, abandoned,
and all alone,
I had never experienced
what I could call home.
I felt it was my fault
and I really felt sad,
To deserve this kind of life
I must really be bad.
I felt like a victim
and guilty as well,
I felt I was being punished,
by living in Hell.
When I’d had my fill
of this terrible stuff,
I vowed no more misery
I’ve had quite enough.
Now my new intention
was quite clear to me
I was going to look for and find
the way to be free.
I’m going to change
this sad life of mine
And create something
that’s seems much more divine.
I followed my quest
with focused intent,
So I began recognizing Spirit,
where ever I went.
So I went inside
and looked very deep,
I did this each night
before going to sleep.
I also went searching
for messengers of light,
Knowing my journey
was now going right.
The things that I found
were simple indeed
Everything created
starts with a Spiritual seed.
It all starts in darkness
and grows toward light
To choose the Light Path
is the Spiritual fight.
I was no longer a victim
my choice became clear
By trusting Existence
I could lose doubt and fear.
I now look for life’s beauty
and transform the rest
I trust in Existence
because it always knows best.
My life has become
a most wonderful trip
What ever the experience
I say “Let it rip”.
I know in my heart
that everything’s fine
It all has a purpose
and all is Divine.
So now on my journey
I look for their pain,
And do my best to show others
that nothing‘s in vain.
We all have the power
to transform our plight
To give up our darkness
and follow the light.
This all may seem too simple
to fully embrace,
But this is the purpose
of the whole human race.

Develop new habits

We really need to be aware of our “Yeah buts” and change them into ‘Yes and’s”. We are such creatures of habit that it takes a strong sincerity of purpose to turn our old doubts, fears and accepted limitations into new habits of “I AM. I Can and I Will” Transformation of the old into the new is as simple as we choose to make it. When we decide to be loving to ourselves we can and will do it. We need to realize that there is nothing wrong about ourselves except what we have believed was wrong or missing. There is nothing wrong or missing, there is only differences, and those difference are on purpose, they give us our own view of life. This unique view of life enables us to see ourselves and our world in our own a way that is valuable for our chosen spiritual path, our own challenges, that may appear similar, but they have our own view point, so actually they are all different to us, the observer. The objective for all of us is, no matter what we are exposed to, is to find the true value. Existence does not make anything that doesn’t have value, ourselves, our life, our experiences, our world. Our job is to recognize it and then figure out how to make it better, we are actually creative re-decorators. We are here to figure out how to have a good time, being what we are, and to love ourselves for being a personal success story. How are you doing?
Here is some encouragement from the Ascended Masters.
Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! You, Dear Ones, live at a most
exceptional time! Heaven blesses you with prosperity, new governance and your personal freedom. Your world is exploding with joy, as you are now ready to be gifted. Prosperity, Blessed Ones, is merely a means to an end. Use these blessings to advance the state of your world. Help one another. Collectively employ these opportunities to alter how this realm operates. We intend to come shortly and help you to better understand how this all works. You also require heavenly reasons for employing this divine right time to transform the ways you daily use your time and resources. Together, Dear Hearts, you are mighty, strong and devoted to the creating of a kinder, gentler reality. This reality is ready to manifest. By your deeds, a new, more sacred realm can indeed arise! Let this wondrous moment be the start of fulfilling your dreams.
As you work to achieve these dreams, remember that they happen with each other. Heal your relationships with family and friends, and keep in mind that Heaven also wishes you the best. Together, we are a divine team. Keep us all in mind as your prosperity appears before you. Use this prosperity to work your own miracles. Begin to believe deeply that you are connected to each other. This collective energy is a healing energy, and built on wonders that you are to attain. These joint energies can heal this planet, heal your society and most of all, heal yourselves. Use them wisely! Our associates have carefully collected and hidden these away for this joyous moment. It is thus vital that you treat these gifts wisely. Be ready to perform acts that are to help others. Be ready to use your prosperity to change this realm in a positive way.
As you make your way through these coming days, be ever mindful of your responsibilities to this world and to yourself. Contribute as best you can to what is to transform this globe. Know deep in your heart how mindful you have to be. These gifts are not just for yourselves. They need to be shared. What is to occur is meant to change this global society positively and lead the way to freedom and your becoming galactic humans. Each of us understands the long path that humanity has trod for millennia. This path is to lead to a global ascension of humanity. We watch these developments in joy. Now each of you can practice the wondrous joy that we experience daily. The terrors of limited reality are to be replaced by the infinite fulfillment of full consciousness. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Today, we continued our weekly message. As you can see, many wonderful things are ready to manifest. Be gracious! Be thankful! Be humble! Faithfully carry out your joy and help one another. Be ready to explain what other wonders are to happen. You are not alone. We come to transform you and your society. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


We are Divine beings pretending that we are Humans. Now as Humans we are pretending we have all of these various problems. Problems we created as a Spiritual challenge to find the value of each one of them. When (and if) we do, we create more light in our auras, our world,our universe and we help to inspire others to do the same. Every time we choose to transform negative into positive, we feel good.good idea,

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