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We Love A Spititual Challenge

Until we begin to see our life as the spiritual Game of awareness that it is, life can be very confusing. Once we begin to see it as a Si ritual Challenge, then it all starts to make sense. My approach to the challenges of my life now have a different energy. I Can enjoy learning how to deal with life’s lessons, instead of resenting them and feeling they are some kind of punishment, for some thing that I might have done. Struggles become interesting challenges. Resentment turns into Interest. Think about it, would that make a difference in you life? It sure did in mine.

If You Look For It You’ll Find It

When we are ready to take responsibility for our lives, we accept that we are what we are, just as we are, as our choice to eventually realize the value of our creation. Why did we choose to be what we are? The answer is so we could grow from this life’s experiences, in our own way. Every life is an opportunity for awareness of the value of creation. We never create a life we did not want and we never create a life that doesn’t have positive Spiritual value. We’ve just forgot to look for it. When we decide to change our focus and look for the values, we begin to see the value of our life, whatever kind of life we have chosen to live. All life is valuable we just may not have understood the the value of ours yet. Why did I create the person I am and what important lessons can I learn by being me? This is everyone’s Spiritual Challenge, have you found yours yet? If you look for you’ll find it.

Releasing Self Created Blockages

Good news for interested people.
Our Cellular memory is the way of our contacting our inner truth. Every cell of our body contains a record of out emotional history. By learning how to contact and communicate with these cellular memories, we are able to understand and transform any hidden and limiting blockages from this and every life we have ever lived. Kinesioliogy, Precision Muscle Testing, enables a trained Facilitator to be able to do that, to identify the age of cause, when we created emotional limitations and free them and program them, to function in a constructive manner. What we have created, only we can recreate. We just need a little help f help from someone who is trained to facilitate process.

Good Morning, You New Person

We are such creatures of habit, that although we are slowly changing everyday, mist of us still see ourselves as being the same. we see as what we expected ourselves too see. We may be thinking a bit different, but over all we still seem to be the same. These changes are essentially in the way we choose to think. Change the way you think and you will change your life. What we think we attract, when we look for the differences in our life and our world we find a lot more than we may have expected to find, Quite often, when we make changes, it may take a little time to recognize the difference. Are you aware of the way you are thinking theses days? I know that I am and I like the changes I seem to be making more good for me and more good for all of us. Let the changes continue, they will anyway, Have a happier you, feels good. doesn’t it.

Trade In Your Doubts And Fears, For Trust And Faith

No more excuses, we know what we want, or we are not making up our mind because we don’t believe we can get it, so why bother wasting time thinking about things we know we can’t have. For a lot of us ‘Ya But’ is a constant refrain. When we decide that we aren’t worthy, we aren’t, Self worth is a given, believing it is a choice. Existence is benevolent, we can have anything we believe we can have, the necessity is ‘focused attention’, knowing that we are worthy and knowing that what we want is ours for the manifesting. An important choice to begin with, is ‘conscious awareness’, first steps first. The more consciously aware we choose to become, the simpler everything becomes. we go from: THIS IS WHY i CAN’T DO SOMETHING, TO THIS IS HOW I CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT EVER i WANT. It’s time to choose to get out of our own way. We forgot “Thy \Will Be Done On Earth, as it is in Heaven.” to First you Struggle and then you die, how 3 D of us.

Your Next Move IsYours, In? Or Out?

We are such a trip, we struggle to improve ourselves for life times. We have everything we want and need inside and we keep looking outside for the answers. When we don’t find the solutions er are looking for, just promises, a lot of us give up and accept that we must be doing something wrong, or God would save us form ourselves and our chosen stupidity. When all of the time, everything we wane and need is laying idle in side, waiting for us to wake up and claim our inner reality, this is refereed to as Self Realization. We are all Divine, we only act stupid, It’s an off shoot of Free Will.Stay as stupid as you decide to, it’s your choice or join us in the ‘I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling Good’ club and make yourself open for the conscious awareness that is ours for the taking. Let go of all of your doubts, fears and limitations you may have been using as an obstacle to limit your life. Why wait? Haven’t you done enough of waiting for someone outside of you or God to come to your rescue? Rescue your, it is a choice that’s always available for us to play with.

How Stupid Can We Get?

The more I think about our Alien friends and the our over all reaction a lot of people have toward them, the more ridiculous if seems. These other world people came here to help us go through our transformation, something they have already gone through, easier and more efficiently and we react as if they came to conquer us and make us slaves. Are we serious? What do we have that other worldly folks would be interested in? We are such a mess, just beginning to wake up, struggling to figure it out, resisting conscious awareness, holding on to yesterday’s way of thinking, even though it’s power is no longer a major influence, and still live in doubt and fear. We need all of the help we can get. Existence is on our side, we need to let go of fear and welcome a little help from our friends.

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