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Part two

Part two:
Life lived to the fullest extent possible is inspiring, uplifting, and very rewarding. Nevertheless, many times you switch off your awareness of it and drift away into worry and anxiety about issues that, in the present moment, you can do nothing about. Then life passes you by while you ignore it and you fill your minds with trivia that cause you only pain and suffering. Yes, of course you have all suffered, maybe you are suffering right now — but why? Are you, in this moment, in pain. Yes, of course some of you are, but most of you are not, and for those, your suffering is very likely self-imposed because you are thinking or worrying about issues that in this moment you can do nothing positive or meaningful to resolve, and you are missing the smile of an infant, the beauty of falling snow and the peaceful contentment that awareness of wonders like that provide.

I am not disparaging or discounting the pain and suffering that many are truly experiencing; I am just trying to draw your attention to things of beauty and wonder that you miss when you let go of your awareness. Letting go of awareness is shutting yourselves off from life and all the delights that it offers in every moment. Even if you are in pain, the smile of a loved one or the colors of a sunset can uplift you into a moment of rapture.

The illusion wants your attention; in fact it demands your attention because it relies on your attention to support and maintain it. If you can be in the world but not of it, you relieve yourselves of an enormous burden because you cease to feel responsible for correcting it, or for helping to destroy the evil in it. Evil is a lack of love, it is an act of desperation by one or numbers of people who feel lost, alone, unloved and unlovable, who, in great suffering (often denied or deeply buried within them), try to escape from themselves by ill-treating others. Of course it does not work, so they may try harder until it becomes obsessive.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to restrain or contain those who would hurt others; at other times it is impossible because they apparently have power and authority to inflict pain and punishment without restraint. But they can only be healed by love. And if they are severely damaged it can take a very long time.

Everyone on Earth is here to learn lessons personally selected or chosen, and to help everyone else to see the illusion for what it is. There is really only one lesson, despite the innumerable forms in which it can be and is presented, and that is to accept the Love that your Father offers you constantly, and to be a channel, a conduit through which that Love passes to all with whom you interact so that a spontaneous and constant flow of Love envelops and embraces you all.

Free will can seem at times like a spanner in the works because it allows you to reject Love, to hide from It, to refuse to believe that such a thing exists. But It is all that exists; It is the flow of God amongst his beloved children, seeking only to embrace them and see them peaceful, content, and happy, always. Yes, Love is the lesson, and all will learn it. However, free will allows each to decide when the moment is right, and, notwithstanding the denial of Love to which many have attached themselves, there will come a moment when even the most ardent refuseniks will open themselves to the Love that constantly surrounds them.
All are saved and will return Home — it is just a question of timing. Open yourselves to Love now, in this very moment, if you have not already done so, because further delay is most definitely not in your best interest, especially when you consider that there is nothing else, only nothingness, illusion, whereas Love is everything.

With so very much love, Saul.

Part Two

All the Divine Light that you create through opening yourselves to the highest divine, opening up your hearts and creating change in your life – also creates changes in other people’s lives, and it creates change on Earth. The main reason the Earth is feeling so bad today and can’t stand the way humanity treats her is humanity’s low level of spiritual development. Humanity and Earth share karma. When the people are living in separation, conflict, war and hatred, in a world where one person’s death is another person’s livelihood – the energies that are created in such a world cause tremendous suffering for Earth. You are all one. When Earth suffers, you suffer. You cannot distinguish yourselves from her. She is one with you, she is one with your aura. You have come to Earth to be her guardians, to heal her and to heal yourselves. It is your main task on Earth. Humanity knew this thousands of years ago, but they have forgotten it along the road. I know that many people wonder: “What can I do? There’s no point.” There is much you can do. All change starts somewhere. It’s like an avalanche that grows and becomes larger and larger, and rushes down the mountain with ever greater force.
One single person, one single enlightened human soul on Earth can save the rest of Earth. That is how big you are. Humans are carrying that large a potential. It’s like you are asleep, unaware of your true potential and what is happening around you, like you don’t see what’s about to happen. You think that you first have to wait for other people to create change, and that you are powerless and impotent. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have the power within reach. All you have to do is – instead of connecting upwards – connect downwards, to Earth’s interior. Heal the power channel that all of humanity once had intact, but that was disturbed, which put the whole Earth and humanity out of balance. All the answers to humanity’s problems are to be found in Earth’s interior. All consciousness-raising must happen through connecting to Earth’s interior, through grounding.
Every human being living on Earth is connected to Earth’s energy network, and we all are also connected to each other. I’m connected to each and every one of you. I express myself through each and every one of you. But when you keep yourselves closed, I can’t make my voice heard. You are all connected to all of Infinity and all other life forms on Earth and in the Cosmos. You’re connected to every planet, every galaxy, every living soul throughout Eternity. There are millions of civilizations just in this Cosmos, in your universe – and that’s not the only universe that exists; there are countless more. And you are all one, on the highest level you are all one, and you are all one with me and we all belong together.
What you need to do is open the door and let me in and listen to me. When I speak, it’s your highest divine aspect speaking. It is your own Higher Self, that part of yourself that is immortal and omniscient, the part of you that never changes. It’s through your Higher Self that you’re connected to me. When you listen to your inner voice and hear your inner voice speak, it is me speaking to you, because I am you and you are me. It is you who are God! God lives in everyone, in everyone’s heart. God is not something separate from you. God is oneness and we are all one. There won’t be a Messiah coming to rescue you. It’s you who will save yourselves, it is you who’s coming. When you’re painting a painting, when you’re cooking a good meal, when you’re planting flowers in the garden, when you’re cleaning the garage, when you’re playing with your children or grandchildren, when you are laughing and joking with your family and neighbors – then you are divine creative beings. Both in the small, as well as in the large.
Everything you do is important and has a purpose, and is part of Infinity. Don’t see yourself as small and insignificant, in the small as well as in the large, for that is not true. Everything is interlinked and everything is one, and everything has meaning. There is nothing that can stop you from experiencing me and experiencing your limitlessness and living in divine peace, except for yourselves. Remember that all obstacles in external reality are merely reflections of the obstacles you are carrying inside you. You can do exactly whatever you want. There are no limitations. This is something you have been deceived into believing, that you learn in school: “This is how do you it”; “But you can not do it like that”; “That is forbidden”; and “That’s not possible, that is out of the question.” But that’s not true, because you create your own reality. You are God.
Through freeing yourselves from your inner prisons, and notions of “There is no way,” “It is impossible,” “It is dangerous,” “But I can’t do that” and so on – you can open up your capacity and your ability on a higher level. Step by step you can begin to transform yourself, transform your lives and create possibilities that haven’t been there before. It is possible. But it takes focus. It takes work. It takes conscious work with your thoughts and approach to reality, so that you begin devoting yourself to that which is actually most important, your spiritual development.
Your systems reward you to do everything that makes you stand the most still. And that which leads you most forward is considered unnecessary, silly and is something that many even are ashamed of, or have difficulty standing up for. Spiritual growth is considered a bit “airy-fairy.” You’re living in the Upside-down World. For precisely the opposite is true. It’s what’s going on your insides that is important, because that is what creates your outer reality. As long as you have the conviction that “I can never get true love,” “I can never get what I need,” “It is impossible for me to have close friends,” “I will always be poor,” “I will never ever get what I want because it’s not possible” – as long as you live with these negative beliefs, they will continue to shape your lives. And it will not make any difference how much you struggle in the physical world to create change. As long as you hold onto these internal beliefs, they will continue to create and shape your lives.
Therefore you need to start cleansing. You have to start examining your internal beliefs about reality. What is it that you expect? What are your fundamental beliefs about reality? If you expect love and abundance, happiness, kindness, generosity, trust, humility, truth, ease, joy – that’s exactly what you will get, and nothing will be able to hinder you anymore. If you expect obstacles, difficulties, suffering, lack, deprivation, fear, worry, anxiety, practical hassle, cruelty, envy, “the knife in the back,” “you can’t trust people” – then that is what you will get. You create your own reality every day, in every thought, every second, in every action. I know that this is not easy to change. It’s nothing you do during a coffee break. But I am telling you that it is possible. But it takes work. It takes focus. It takes awareness. It takes working with yourself every day, or what you call “every day,” for time is an illusion.
When we enter the New Spiritual Age, things will start to change. The precondition for life on Earth will change. The energy levels on Earth will change. There are huge waves of light sweeping in over the Earth. They will come in ever greater force, as we are getting closer to the actual Transition. Here I would like to point out one thing: There is no fixed date for the Transition. So there is no point in becoming hypnotized by a date or a year, because that is not the case. It is like a window that has opened, so within a certain number of years the Transition will happen, but it will not necessarily happen in 2011 or 2012. Most probably, it will happen later than that. But nothing is decided, since the future is not carved in stone, because you are part of creating it all the time. Every human has free will. Every being in the entire Infinity has free will and is part of creating the movement forward, the divine flows of energies that create what you call “reality.” It is also not fully decided how the Transition will happen. It’s not like you can show a map of how the world will look afterwards, or exactly what will happen, and in which order. That is not the case, but you are part of creating it, and you can affect it. There will be a transition, and it will be a big challenge for Earth and humanity, that is definite. That will not change. But how it happens is not decided. You can be a part of affecting that. Realize your greatness. Realize your importance. It’s time now to wake up from the beauty sleep.

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