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New world

‘Tiz the season to be jolly (and here is a good reason)
On November 10, 2011 we entered the Fifth World. According to
the Quero Apache, this is known as Taa-naash-kaa-daa,
or The Great Coming Together.
We are in the first year of a new cycle of Life and creation! Whohooooo!
The energetic cycle of the Fourth World, known as the age of ‘Soul Sickness’,
lasted approx. 758,000+ years. In this cycle, we fell under the spell of the
illusion of separation. The Shadow of Fear took root in our consciousness and
we forgot our place in the Great Circle of Life. We began to see the world as
a place we had to survive, instead of thrive, in. We perceived nature as
something to conquer, rather than celebrate. Intellect and reason over-rode
intuition and compassion and we struggled through mis-perceptions of
limiting, linear time.
It has been a rough ride for many, the suffering real.
And yet … Only Love prevails. Remember practice true Love with your friend in the mirror. Seasoned greetings.

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