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Why should we think we are positive?

One of the major things we keep fussing with is what we think we are just as we are and we think it’s a negative, so we spend an an incredible amount of energy trying to change it, to fix something that isn’t broken, trying to be like someone else, blaming ourselves for not being what we think we should be, not accepting and loving what we are as we are. In reality we are all perfectly imperfect on purpose, we are what we wanted to be so we could see through the eyes of our chosen creation, learn what being this particular kind of a human can learn and accomplish, if we choose to do so. Because we all start out with no prior awareness of what we are doing, We are insecure and want to feel protected. When we feel our mothers emotions in the womb, and we do so for nine months. We feel that we are the cause of what she feels. When she feels positive we feel valuable, when she feels negative for any reason, we feel insecure. This is the begging of the development our self worth and our instinctive feelings of doubt, fear and guilt. Our spiritual challenge is self acceptance, as is, and understanding that by being what we chose to be we have a unique opportunity in this life, different from everyone else. Then instead of appreciating and loving our creation, we think we have to change it. No we just need to understand the value of what we are so we can learn what we can add to this world that no one else can do. There is nothing wrong with us Existence doesn’t make wrong. We all have a powerful gift for this world that we came here to share, once we accept our self as being the Divine being we really are, with a uniqueness to share, we are taking care of our earthly business and our Spiritual purpose.

Here is Kryon’s support

Do Not Despair!
From Kryon Live Channel
“Revelations of Darkness”
Philadelphia, PA October 2014

Evil is not created through outside forces any more than light is created through outside forces. Light and dark is a balance that humanity has the ability to pull in either direction. Did you hear that? You can go as dark as you want or as light as you want, and you have always had that ability. This is the duality that you have seen through your history, forever. However, you are in a situation where you have now come out of a barbarian age – thousands of years of conquering and killing and war – and you’ve turned a corner.

Again, I say to you: Do not despair! Generate the light that you came in with and stand tall and out of fear.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Develop Emotional Intelligence

It’s important to understand about energy, intentions, emotions and free will (choice). Everything is created from the Divine Matrix, the essential energy field, one energy, uncountable number of creations, all from this primary source. As far as I know humans / mankind is the only creation that has been created with free will, choice or no choice to function as an individual expression. Every thing else is functioning within a group conscious. Different varieties no individual control over their functions, they do what they were created to do with out question. We are a spiritual expression of free will, being able to make choices and have the choice to become aware of the results of our choices because of the Law of Intention, Cause and Effect. What we do, the choices we make comes back to us so we can learn (eventually) to adjust our choices consciously to achieve more of what we want and progressively diminish what we don’t want. Negative or Positive is always a choice. We chose to be born so we could learn from our choices. What we came to earth to learn is to find the value of our life and all creation. Existence does not make negativity. what we may see as negative is an inspiration, a challenge to find the value that is contained in everything. All problems have a built in solution, we just need to look for it. This understanding is especially important when it comes to our emotions, the energy of our world is emotional, our problems are never the problem, the way we feel about the problem is the real problem. We need to develop E.Q. Emotional Intelligence, this is necessary to support our development of conscious awareness. Negative reactions or feelings are a creation our childhood self developed belief system and an opportunity for us to make positive changes in our life, not some thing to be a victim to. We came here to enjoy the life we chose to live, love ourselves and share what we decide to give ourselves with others. Feeling good is an expression of self love, it’s up to us, change your intention, change your life.

Habits – Positive & Negative

Lets play with our habits. Make a list of all of the habits you can think of. Make two columns, positive on one side negative on the other. Be as honest as you can be, the more the merrier. Now play with it and choose what positive habit you could create to take the place of each negative habit. Take your time, remember we created all of our negative habits to protect ourselves from pain, fear and fear of more pain to come. The foundation of all of our negative, self limiting, self protecting habits are a result of the belief system we created before we were 7 years old and we have carried them long enough. It’s clean up time to make way for self awareness and available power. This can be fun and very productive. We might have to do this a couple of times. Some of us are very resistant to positive change. Here is a channeling to inspire choice.

Michael and Raphael with the Councils of Heaven
By Ron Head
We bear a message today regarding the speeding up of the manifestation of those concrete changes on your planet for which you have been waiting so long. There is, at last, an over-balance reached which allows your intents, those of the ones you term lightworkers, to override more of the negative that still remains. Therefore you will see, or are seeing, an almost daily increase in change within your societies, and even your media stories.
A huge push is now being made to begin solid change which will develop into the beginnings of that higher dimensional life which you so desire. Some incredible, from your viewpoint, technologies will become common place within your very near future. Those who will not be controlled by your power structures have found ways around those who would continue to block them.
We continue to hear many say that we should do more. And once again we say to you, not to accuse, but to instruct, that you need to be the ones who do more. Heaven indeed does have feet and hands, but they are in your shoes and gloves, dear ones.
And so we ask you to make a choice between involvement and patience. Lack of patience combined with non-involvement are not becoming to you. Now, we realize that not everyone can be physically occupied with, or even know about, all that is going on. It is a very big world when seen from your viewpoint. But when you daily offer your prayers, meditations, and intentions you are involved.
Those who do that are not the complainers, you see. Offering your agreement with the goals and then doing nothing but asking for more help is hardly what we have asked of you.
We have said over and over that the changes that you wish to see will be reflections of changes within yourselves. Yet many make no such changes and then take heaven to task for not saving them. It is never too late to begin, my friends. But the time is soon to come when you may wish you had begun. You have lived long enough on your world to recognize that possibility for yourselves.
On a happier note, it is becoming more and more frequent that we see some of you having breakthrough experiences in consciousness and understanding. We have spoken in other forums of the possibility of this occurring for large numbers of you soon. This possibility is bearing down upon you rapidly. We know you feel the changes within more and more strongly. It is as if the final pieces of a puzzle are dropping into place.
This will be a year of good news, dear ones. Polish up your dancing shoes. Good day.

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