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More self love

We make our lives more difficult with our complaining and judgment. When we are being judgmental about others, what and how they do what they do, we are judging ourselves. There is nothing wrong with any of us. We are all doing the best we can at all times. If we could have done better, we would have. We can do different or better the next time if we are ready to change and improve what we do. We learn from experience so save your judgments for deciding how to improve your awareness and response-ability for your own growth. When I’m O.K. you’re O.K. We are in a self discovery game and life is our teacher. There is no right or wrong, we can’t do wrong, the worst we can do is Silly or Stupid. Silly is a teacher, not learning from our silliness is Stupid. When we choose to be compassionate and loving towards our self and our daily struggles, we can see the struggles of others and be compassionate and loving towards them as well. Remember there isn’t anything wrong about any of us, we just have different lessons to grow from. We came here to figure out how to enjoy this life in spite of our chosen difficulties. Its up to us to look at our old unproductive habits and chose to say ” I don’t do that any more, I want to feel good!” Why not ?

More Self Love

It is or should be interesting and amusing that the most important thing in our world is ‘LOVE’, Love the cohesive force in the universe. The Bible says “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself” Which a large number of us do, the problem is we don’t love ourselves so the neighbors get the same treatment. Until we love ourselves we have little to offer or share except need and greed. We look outside of us for acceptance, appreciation and love. Feeling that when someone can see our value and recognize the true wonderful person we really are, we can accept what we have always felt we were, but needed verification from the outside. When someone tells us how much they love us, we won’t believe them. How could when we don’t really love ourselves? It all begins within! When we choose to understand this person that we have created and appreciate our own struggles and love ourselves for our efforts, self love begins. We are the only ones who know how tough its been and how well we’ve done, that’s worthy of loving our selves. Why look outside for what we can give ourselves? That’s silly and stupid. The game is self Love! When we love ourselves we have Love to share. Sharing what we already have is the purpose of a relationship, not getting from, giving to, with no expectations in return. If someone doesn’t accept our gift, so what they loose. The magic is we have it and it feels great. How simple can it get? Give yourself what you want, the way you want it, and then share it with anyone you choose to share it with. Life is a wonderful game when you understand how to play it. Have fun!

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