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More 2012

We are living in a sacred moment indeed! The end times are in their final throes! In this regard, our galactic and spiritual families are preparing the path for your move into the 5th dimension, as reuniting a partitioned Earth is the dream of both Heaven and Gaia. For nearly 13 millennia, Gaia has had to embody the dichotomy of a 3-D surface and a 5-D inner world and longs to return to her monopolar, unified Self. This of course necessitates that you, too, swiftly transform into fully conscious Beings. These Beings possess the innate ability to participate in the magical 5-D world of your near future, which is the one we occupy. Our divine goal is to welcome you all to your immortality and the beautiful realm of full consciousness. Every day we send forth our blessings of hope and joy as the time comes to manifest these sacred desires.

Much movement is afoot to bring all that we are talking about to fruition. Despite its outer calm demeanor, the dark is in total panic over what it sees inexorably marching toward it. The Heavens have opened and a grand force, much greater than anything previously known to these dark ones, has set its lucid sights upon them. It will not be long before their grandiose visions of a never-ending empire are thrust with much glee into the proverbial dustbin of history. Our galactic and spiritual families come not only to introduce us to a new, wondrous consciousness, but also to invest us with membership in the grand union of the Light. This operation is in its last stages. We await the utter joy that will overcome us as we welcome our family and celebrate your new status as fully conscious Beings.

More 2012

In 2012, the last measurements will be taken of the planet for the test at hand. Whatever that measurement turns out to be will be the end of the test. This test of energy level–the test of vibratory shift for the planet–is already at an all-time high. The marker is being passed right now that is going to demarcate permission to change the planet. Think of this marker as a green light that is being passed by a train that is on a track that has been tentative–almost a mystery. Think of the track as being one that is dangerous, and that has no assurance that another train might be coming the other way at you! Suddenly you see and pass something that gives you tremendous relief–a green light, a signal from the track controller that indicates, “We know you are here, and the track ahead is clear.”

~ Kryon Book VIII – as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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