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What do you want?

What do you want?

Two of the questions I ask everyone in sessions and in classes are “What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it?”. It’s amazing how many people have the same response, to what do you want? answer,” I don’t know” and to what are you willing to do to get it? answer, “Anything”. First of all, until we decide what we want, we can’t get it, we need to have a goal, a focus of our energy on a specific thing or change in our self, or nothing changes. As long as we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we are getting, we need to re-focused our intention. After they say that they will do anything to accomplish what ever goal they finally decide they would like to achieve, I explain that they need to do specific home work to convince their cellular memories that they are sincere, that they really mean it, abundance is our’s but we need to work for it. When we decide to accomplish goals we need to prove  that we really mean that we are making the changes we have decided on, to accomplish our decided goals and then we will need to keep on doing our agreed upon homework, until we have convinced our cells and our selves  that we can do it and it will be done, we have decided to change our lives and achieve our chosen goals. We are changing our life because we can and we are willing to persevere because we have decided we would and we are doing it. That is really the key to getting what you want, make up your mind, see it already accomplished, make a plan, decide what you need to do to step by step to accomplish your goal, believe in your ability and just do it. In our work we guide people daily to do just that and those who do their homework and persevere create miracles. Speaking of miracles, here is some inspiration from Merlin The Magician​


Merlin on Your Creative Power
from Alison James
How often have you heard it said, “As above, so below”? And yet have you truly believed that your petition to the Universe will bring fulfillment to your command? This phrase is not just a tenet to live by. Creation is a living, breathing “word” and “logos” that is forever pulsing to move from nothing to something. Creation is the law of the universe.
Behold the torus, the doughnut-like form of the universe: it breathes in and breathes out in a continuous flow, moving from one polarity to the other, creating a flow of energies that may be shaped and reshaped, taken in and sent out again. It performs cosmic recycling, there is nothing new under the sun. The desire of your heart, your intentional focus, and the infusion of your love are the fuel that will bring your cake to fruition. If you can perceive of a thing, you can create it. A word from your spirit can be made flesh, so to speak; this is a gift to you from the Creator of the universe.
If a dream, vision or idea comes to you, who are you not to birth it? It has been dropped into your consciousness. Since the time before clocks, powerful forces have been at work to enable you to matriculate from Earth’s university and to be a loving Co-Creator within the universe. Try it on for size, for heaven’s sake.
It is important to learn to control one’s negative thinking and to imagine how you would like the dross in your life to become gold. Nothing goes to waste with the Creator. Focus on the outcome, not the income. Remember that Creation is a natural force that is not new to you. You are already experienced at fulfilling your needs and desires. It is simply that you forget to recognize the truth of who you are, and to love and appreciate yourself. You are a Co-Creator in the universe, guided and led by your God Self. It’s simply a matter of applying oneself to the task, seeing the end from the beginning. Believing brings seeing. Practice, practice, practice while you’re on planet Earth. You might surprise yourself!
Your transformative magic lies within your heart and I am ready to assist you.
Your Obedient Servant Merlin
April 15, 2014 by Alison James.

Manifest a new life

Because these times are so valuable and our involvement so crucial, we need to make a special effort to take advantage of the possibilities that are available. A good way to do this is to take some time to think about two things. First what we really want to manifest in our life and write it down, make a list. Second make another list in a column next to the first one, of all the things we are eliminating in our life, the specific doubts, fears, limitations, reoccurring negative habits etc. Now put the list somewhere we can see it many times a day, like on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator door. As we feel we have achieved the good, circle it or underline it, when we feel we have eliminated the negative ones, draw a line through it. We need to constantly remind ourselves of both of these because we are creatures of habit and it takes focused intention to replace old, no longer wanted habits, with new desired habits. Here is a message from the Angles for inspiration.
By Ann Albers
Miracles Happen When You Trust
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
When you trust your heart and trust life, absolute miracles can be accomplished. The impossible suddenly becomes possible. Seemingly daunting tasks flow with grace and ease. In fact, you are designed to express the love of the creator as it flow through you. To the degree you are willing, you can allow this love to take over and create your lives, accomplish your projects and find solutions where you think there are none. With God all things are possible.
So when you embark on an inspired project, whether it be cleaning out a closet, eating healthier, trying new hobbies, taking a class, or staring a new business or relationship, trust that although you may not know how to make things work, God does. Although you might not know the next step, love always does. Although you may not know the exact outcome, you can trust that it will be exactly what your soul needs to learn and grow.
So when inspiration motivates you to walk down a new path, take that first step, and then the next, and the very next, and so on, until you are no longer inspired. For it is through joy, inspiration, and passion that God’s love beckons you to grow. A flower is not inspired to blossom through pain, but rather by the warmth and light of the sun. So too you are coaxed to grow through that light and love of inspiration and joy.
Dear ones we love you. We speak to your hearts by gently and lovingly reminding you what it is that God wants… not from you, but for you.
God Bless You! We love you so very much. 
— The Angels

What is Meditation

One of the main agreements that is expressed by those who say they are our guides to a higher level of Consciousness, is that it’s valuable to meditate. Meditation is a process of settling the mind, giving it a break from thinking. This improves with regular practice. When the mind is silent, when we don’t use it, it becomes a receptor of higher frequencies of awareness, we become available to Cosmic truth. I’ve shared a part of a channeling from Buddha that shares the principle meditation.
Buddha: And welcome to you. I come to you as wayfarer and yes, as always, I ask you to sit with me underneath the Bodhi tree for what better place is there to observe the coming of miracles, the fulfillment of creation, the unfoldment of the Plan and the unfoldment of your plan? We have taught you how important it is, might I say essential, to know your sacred purpose, to know your mission and purpose and your intention of how you wish to fulfill this in this incarnation, which is of course one of many, but it is a continuity is it not?
And, yes, there is a time for action and there is a time for stillness. But most of you have the greatest amount of difficulty with the stillness. And this is why I ask you to sit with me as observer, in detachment, under the tree.
We simply watch. And you know when you sit and you watch, not in any form of judgment, not even really in discernment, but simply as the observer, you learn a great deal. And it is a great deal about humanity, about the universe, and about yourself.
So we do not sit under the Bodhi tree together and watch people pass by and say, “Well that one’s robe is too tight or the sash is tied wrong or where did he buy those sandals, where does she think she’s going in such a hurry?” No. We simply sit. And in our energy we bless each being that passes by. Now what do I mean by this? I mean that you bless each person, not simply with compassion but with the love of your heart.
You do not attach to either your vision or theirs. This is a very important understanding for humanity that has an infamous tendency to get caught up in the drama of both their own lives and certainly of others as well.
That is why it is so critical at this juncture that you truly learn to be the observer. Because when you are fully anchored as the observer you are in detachment. You’re simply watching and when I use the word “watching” I certainly do not simply mean with your eyes or even your etheric eyes, I mean with your heart. So it is not that you are simply watching and gathering information, you are truly observing and seeing into a person’s heart, their mind their soul, their frequency, their struggles, their joys, and you are loving them.  

Our biggest problem is impatience

One of our biggest problems is Impatience. If our intention is to change an old habit, or what ever, we work at it for a while and if it doesn’t happen the way we want it to pretty soon, we have a tendency to start doubting and give up. Our belief system kicks in and we go into low self esteem games for example, I guess I didn’t do it right etc. It takes from 30 to 90 days of consistent and persevering intention to make any lasting change we may seek, we have to work at it until we convince our cells, our self that we mean it. Here is the way Yehuda Berg expresses this problem.
September 15th – September 21st, 2013
Some days it is so clear how we can improve our quality of life, and we are ready to tackle it! It’s during these moments that we sign up for the gym, start a new diet, make our “To Do” lists, or schedule time in the evenings for something productive. How is it possible that we go from these moments of determination and willpower to gym cards that never get used, healthy food rotting in our fridge, “To Do” list without any check marks, and evenings spent just zoning out in front of the TV? 
Change is a process, and one that requires a great deal of endurance. 
Seeing what we need to change is the first part of that process. The second part is to commit to that change. It’s during this time that we receive an initial boost of energy. We feel empowered, we see all that we are capable of, and we feel on top of the world.
The third part of the process is: The Big Test. And it’s here unfortunately that most of us surrender. 
For change to be real, we have to be tested. If we stick with it in the moments we don’t feel like it, that’s when true transformation occurs. It happens when we really want to sleep in but instead we get up and go to the gym, or when we feel like procrastinating but decide to check off just one more thing on that To Do list. These are the moments that the energy you felt in the beginning will return to you even stronger than it was before. With every hurdle you choose to jump over, you will invite that much more joy into your life. 
Great accomplishments are born of enduring efforts. 
It’s in the moments we most feel like giving up that we can manifest miracles in our lives if we just hold on.


Did you know that you are entitled to as many miracles in a day, as breaths you take? And that those you don’t use, carry over? And that presently, in dog years, it’s impossible to use all yours up? And that, in human years, if new ones stopped accruing, which they won’t, you’d be hard-pressed to use yours before your swinging 600’s?
And that all you have to do to cash one in, is expect it?
So plan for a miracle.
You’ve got it made,
The Universe

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