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Lighten up

We came to earth to transform darkness, negativity, doubts, fears, confusions etc. into light by choosing to find the value of everything beginning with what we see in the mirror.

The Two Rooms
From Kryon Book VI: “Partnering with God”

Imagine two rooms. One is filled with incredible light, and one is totally dark. There is a single door between them.

Watch what happens when you open the door. If you are standing in the room of light, darkness does not suddenly pour in. It remains in the other room unto itself. If, however, you are standing in the dark room when the door opens, suddenly it is flooded with light! The degree of darkness that existed before is now gone. Light has overcome the dark.

Dear ones, this is because light is active, and dark is passive. The energy of enlightenment is an active beacon of light to the darkness of the old-energy on your planet. A very few light workers carrying their brilliance from place to place can actually change the energy balance of the Earth!

Is it any wonder that we love you so?

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Lighten up

Our Preparation for Consciousness Training is over and 12 people are more consciously aware and will be sharing their light with others. As the increase of higher vibration continues, the changes in our lives and our bodies continue daily. It’s becoming more and more important for people to understand and work at preparing themselves to open up to this Ascension into the 5th dimension. The more conscious we become and response-able we choose to be the easier this change will be for us. Our lives and our world are changing whether we realize it or not. We also have a responsibility as we become more conscious we need to help others to be able to understand and join in. We are all in this together it’s important to help each other. Every little bit of positive thought makes the Light shine brighter. Just do it!

Lighten up

How many times a day do you find yourself comparing? With others, with the past, with the unforeseeable future? How much energy do you waste on careless thoughts? How much time and energy do you spend complaining on why’s and why nots’? That’s a lot of energy that you could focus on how’s. Where there is a will there is a way! Energy follows intention, the law of attraction, cause and effect. We can use all of that unconscious use of our energy by being grateful, that we know that we can transform any diversity, into a creative reality. We can shine light on the darkness of uncertainty. We can find value in the most difficult of circumstances. We can grow in conscious awareness from any experience. Its up to us, focus on solutions, maintain a positive approach, keep trust and faith in your heart. Look for the humor in your challenges, love yourself for your dedication to using your energy to shine light on the darkness of uncertainty. YOU CAN DO IT YOUR A LIGHT WARRIOR.

Lighten up

Our body’s life and power is a product of our inner light, the spirit within. When we choose to be positive and look for the value of our existence, our inner light increases. When we choose to be negative our inner light dims. When we choose to accept the existence of our inner light and this becomes our conscious reality, we can choose to accept that everyone else is part of the same light. When I accept this reality I will then be more respectful to my inner light and to your’s. This spiritual understanding inspires me to love myself as a light bearer and see you as one too. Love is the cohesive of existence which will bring us all together as conscious parts of the light. I choose to be response-able for my part, how about you?

Lighten up

I’m amused by all of the doom and disaster expressed everywhere we look and listen. This isn’t the end of all the good. This is a period of transition from an old way of life into a new and improved way of thinking. Its time to let go and let come. Difficulties/changes are our creative challenges. Its time for a new world and its up to us to find our way. The old corrupt world is being destroyed and its over do. Let the changes continue and be a part of the Resurrection of our new and more sensible reality. Hold the light, be a conscious part of the illumination of harmony. Don’t waste any time and energy on the negative aspects of the changes that we are going through, have Faith in the need for change, we sure need it. The dark forces need our support to survive. Every time we give energy to it by complaining, we add to the dark’s ability to survive. Don’t do it see the future as our improved world with a new foundation for improved habitation and see yourself as a conscious player in this difficult transition to a world of compassion and feel proud that you chose to add you light to the process. Come on lets do it.

Lighten up

Where there is light there is no darkness. When ever we feel trapped or lost in some kind of negative thought, who is thinking? Who keeps feeding those thoughts? Every time we give in to negativity our body manufacturers 1400 chemical changes that eventually becomes an illness. We can stop this war toward our body anytime we choose to say,’I don’t do that anymore! I want to feel good!’ lighten up. Just do it!

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