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We Love A Spititual Challenge

Until we begin to see our life as the spiritual Game of awareness that it is, life can be very confusing. Once we begin to see it as a Si ritual Challenge, then it all starts to make sense. My approach to the challenges of my life now have a different energy. I Can enjoy learning how to deal with life’s lessons, instead of resenting them and feeling they are some kind of punishment, for some thing that I might have done. Struggles become interesting challenges. Resentment turns into Interest. Think about it, would that make a difference in you life? It sure did in mine.

Releasing Self Created Blockages

Good news for interested people.
Our Cellular memory is the way of our contacting our inner truth. Every cell of our body contains a record of out emotional history. By learning how to contact and communicate with these cellular memories, we are able to understand and transform any hidden and limiting blockages from this and every life we have ever lived. Kinesioliogy, Precision Muscle Testing, enables a trained Facilitator to be able to do that, to identify the age of cause, when we created emotional limitations and free them and program them, to function in a constructive manner. What we have created, only we can recreate. We just need a little help f help from someone who is trained to facilitate process.

Love Is All There Is, We Have Been Loking In The Wrong PLace

Some times the the simplest can be the most evasive. The best example is the Love Energy, that is the essential energy of all creation. The Divine Matrix, witch every thing is created from, including ourselves,,becomes the quest of mankind.We spend life times searching outside of ourselves for loving acceptance, when we are what we’ve been searching for. We spend so much time and energy looking in the wrong place for our self acceptance, that we may become disillusioned and begin to doubt our acceptability and fear that it’s our fault and therefore we must be, for some reason, doomed to failure of realizing the love we want is readily available to us for the accepting. It all becomes available when we choose to see and think with our hearts. We are our hearts, we think that we are our mind and that’s the trap. We are victims to our own self created Belief System. We we look for and find what our mind tells us is the truth and we are stuck in the process of proving to ourselves that what our mind tells us is our truth. Which of course isn’t true at all. It’s time to think with our hearts and learn to love and to appreciate our selves, because we can. Self Love takes work because we’ve been avoiding our inner truth for life times and it’s time to change our focus from our mind to our heart. Self Love is the key to the Love Game.

Trade In Your Doubts And Fears, For Trust And Faith

No more excuses, we know what we want, or we are not making up our mind because we don’t believe we can get it, so why bother wasting time thinking about things we know we can’t have. For a lot of us ‘Ya But’ is a constant refrain. When we decide that we aren’t worthy, we aren’t, Self worth is a given, believing it is a choice. Existence is benevolent, we can have anything we believe we can have, the necessity is ‘focused attention’, knowing that we are worthy and knowing that what we want is ours for the manifesting. An important choice to begin with, is ‘conscious awareness’, first steps first. The more consciously aware we choose to become, the simpler everything becomes. we go from: THIS IS WHY i CAN’T DO SOMETHING, TO THIS IS HOW I CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT EVER i WANT. It’s time to choose to get out of our own way. We forgot “Thy \Will Be Done On Earth, as it is in Heaven.” to First you Struggle and then you die, how 3 D of us.

Wake Up, Take Time For You

When I think about how often I’ve I made my life difficult, how many times I let doubt and fear of failure has stopped me from doing something that appealed to me, I wonder how different my life would be? What would I have accomplished with Trust and Faith in my ability t o go beyond my self imposed limitations? Now is no exception, what am i still dong to sabotage my conscious awareness expansion? How am resisting my spiritual grow? What am I doing or what an I not doing, to help me to let go of any old limiting habits? How much am I still holding on to, that would be beneficial to let go of? It’s list time again,when we acknowledge limiting habits by writing them down, we are making the first step.Ill bet the list is longer than you expected it to be, mine was.

Leave Your Troubles Behind You

All of our negatives are in the process of diminishing, going away. They a part of 3 D thinking that was doing best to keep us in limitation. doubts and fears, it’s not here any longer, we are in 4 D energy now, the clean house and reclaim your power state of mind time, We still have to do the work but the way has been made available to all of us. This is the ‘I don’t do that any more I AM feeling good’ time. A time when let go and let come is in fashion. We’ve lived in limitation long enough, it’s time to change our focus to a positive success story and become more of what we really are, A Divine being pretending to be a human person, instead of pretending to be a human person seeking the Divine. We are what we are, not the reverse and it’s time to realize it. WHY WAIT? IT’S OUR MOVIE.


Out of Confusion comes Illumination. When we are faced with new experiences, we may feel a bit, or even a lot of confusion, what and why may be our first reaction. Accepting that we never receive anything that isn’t for our highest good, is the first step. it may be a response ability check, looking for the value that this experience is bringing us is the next step, keeping in mind that existence never creates anything that doesn’t have positive value, it is important to assure ourselves that we been given a gift from existence that we can profit from. When we choose to look for the value of anything we can find it. A good example is if someone unexpectedly becomes unfriendly or angry toward us, what could be the value of that? It may be really confusing and how did we handle it? Even experiences like that have a positive purpose, how are we now responding to outside influences, or are we still reacting to things we can’t control? We need constant reminders of our ability to respond, or are we still a victim to things we can’t control. Welcome all experiences with the same approach, ‘Isn’t that interesting’ then look for the win or you;ll have to do it over again.

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