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It’s your movie

Living from Your Declaration

Your life is the result of the ongoing process of creating who you
are every single day. All too often, people live their lives out of
the mistaken notion of discovery. This is the belief that each of
us must find out who we are as a result of the many trials,
experiences and lessons we experience on a day to day basis. This
notion assumes that we must passively accept and be at the affect
of whatever life has in store for us. It makes us a victim and
gives us a justification for not doing, not risking, not designing
and redesigning who we are and who we choose to be.

This is not to say that life is not without its lessons. We
certainly experience growth and acquire knowledge from the process
of daily living. The point is, all too often, we go through life
tentatively, waiting for the next trial or problem to be dealt with
- like it or not.

Contrast this with the opposite approach - living life out of your
declaration of who you choose to be, continually reinventing
yourself as you go along. When you live with the intention of
designing your life on purpose, your actions will be in alignment
with your declared image of how you envision yourself. As you
create, in the moment, who you decide to be, you act in accordance
with this picture. The more you grow and become, the more you can
yet become.

There is no arriving...only the constant process of being and
becoming. That is, the process of creating who you will become out
of your new, empowering and constantly evolving declaration.

We attract all experiences to us- often for reasons unknown to us.
All of life's experiences present themselves as tools for our own
creation. It is entirely up to us to decide how we will experience
any aspect of life as it presents us with an opportunity to decide
who we choose to be - given the circumstances. 
Instead of being a victim of whatever it is that life presents us
with, we can choose to be the source, the creator of how we will
respond and be affected by the challenge. Our response is our
opportunity to define who we choose to be.
Living Out Of Your Declaration

1) In what areas of your life - health, wealth, relationships,
personal development, vocation and recreation - are you attracting
things that do not support who you choose to be?

2) Create an invented declaration - who you choose to be in each
area - from which you will live your life. Begin this declaration
with the words "I am a ___________ ."

3) How will living out of your declaration impact your life?

4) Decide now to experience your life on purpose living out of
your declaration. Record your experiences in your journal.

It’s your movie

Hilarion quote: “There is a quickening of consciousness that is occurring and humanity is ready to find the next step. This is the role that you Beloved ones can now fulfill through your portals on the world-wide web…”
Warren Stagg quote: Until you identify and reprogram the negative habits of your belief system you are a self imposed victim to your self. These habitual self limitations are interfering with our ability to allow the increased Conscious Awareness that is permeating our world to change our DNA to a 5th Dimension reality. We need to get out of our own way and it can be a simple and easy task by communicating with our cellular memories through specialized muscle testing, Kinesiology. I know, I do this daily in sessions with clients and enjoy sharing their new awareness with them. It’s a pleasure watching people wake up and change their life because they now understand that it’s up to them and they can do it. Wow ! what a gift.

It’s your movie

For each life we create particular opportunities to play with in the Game of Life, a specific body, there are no two alike. We choose our parents because we want their influence. We program our lives with the difficulties we want as our ‘Spiritual Challenges’ And then we choose to forget we did all of this and we pretend to be victims to our choices. We never choose anything we didn’t want and we never choose anything we can’t handle. This is the life we wanted, it’s time to choose to find the values in our creations. Here is some inspiration:
See yourselves as you are, not as you were told you are. Believe you can do it and you will do it. It is all a question of believing in your own power and knowing who you are. Stop believing the propaganda that now (in the light of truth) looks so ridiculous and so obvious. Laugh at the attempts to create fear in your minds and look with clear eyes at what is being put before you. Then and only then, will you be able to remove the shackles that have imprisoned you mentally as well as physically. It is time to take back your freedom. Take control of your own lives and become the spiritual beings that you actually are.

Open up to your guides and helpers: they eagerly await your calls for guidance. Your hearts will guide you, so trust only your hearts and souls and your way will become clear. This is such an important time in your lives. You cannot afford to make mistakes. Humanity will come together as one, for this is what it is, and always was, until the take-over happened.

The soul-less will have to depart and leave you in peace to recover and establish peace and harmony amongst all the people. Look at what was used to control the lives of man: MONEY. Who invented the monetary system? What did they have in mind? It was certainly not Man’s best interests, as it has served only to destroy the lives of men. It will no longer be necessary for Man to be a slave to it. Its purpose was to enslave mankind. Ensure your children grow up free of this enslavement. It is time to challenge all the controls and see them for what they are.

Look into the eyes. Take note of body language also, as those who rule, tell you what is obviously NOT TRUE. Soon, they will realise that lying does not work anymore. They will feel so exposed that they shall not be able to function. It is as simple as that. Laugh at the stories they come up with, to pressure you into accepting another war. They do not give you any credit for your intelligence, as they think you are still puppets, obeying your masters. Show that this is not so. Believe in yourselves.

Read books on spirituality that give guidance on connecting with your own spirituality. You just need to be pointed in the right direction and you will be fine. Such books will help you to trust your intuition. You will then become who you are. Time, as you know it today, will cease to exist. This will free you up to explore and enjoy the world around you. Aging is also mind controlled: you tend to become what you are expected to become, without thinking about how you can control it yourself.

It’s your Movie

Living in the New World
As you continue to assimilate the great increases in Love and Light that are showering your Earth and all life upon her since your planet merged her consciousness with the Central Sun of your galaxy, you will continue to move into a more intimate relationship with the ancient knowledge that is encoded within your crystalline DNA. This will increase your capacity to co-create with the Elohim and each other on the level of your Presence. Your planet’s spiritual alignment with your Central Sun is giving all of you a more direct access to the Love and Light of Source. These vast energies will continue to fill your being with more joy, gratitude and enthusiasm for the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you during these magnificent times. The Light and Love of the Central Sun, also known as the Heart Center of your Galaxy, will continue to expand the Divine original encoding that is seeded in your heart so you can feel the depth of your potential to merge completely with the heart of your God Presence and together you can work as a singular unit of co-creative intelligence.

As the veils between the dimensions continue to lift, more and more souls will begin to realize that now is the time to take advantage of this tremendous, once in a lifetime opportunity to co-create a totally new life on your magnificent Earth. The misconceptions that have held humanity bound to the old duality paradigms are beginning to fall away as are the many limiting belief structures that have been supporting the limiting ideas that have been held within the individual and collective egos of humankind.

As you move deeper into your potential to create as your Presence, excitement will rise out of the hearts of so many around your world that it will act as a great tidal wave of unstoppable joy. Based on the unlimited nature of your co-joined Presences, this wave will start to land on every shore where it will have the opportunity of assisting thousands in seeing past any resistance they may have had to ascending in consciousness with your Earth.

Those of you who have learned how to transform pain, fear and lack of abundance back into the Love and Light of Source are assisting greatly in charging the hearts of humankind with their higher potential to live on Earth as their Presence. What greater service is there? Even though each soul must be deeply present and engage in a certain percentage of their own clearing to prepare for merging with their Presence, these times are filled with a great deal of Divine Grace based on your Earth moving with you through your ascension.

As the consciousness of humanity moves into more of her galactic inheritance, each of you will be moving into more of your expanded co-creative capacity to work with us, the Elohim, the Archangels and each other in building the foundations of your new Golden Age.

Stay present, aware and awake as the embodiment of your Presence so you can access the multidimensional levels of your consciousness and all of the gifts you have been carrying throughout the centuries within the living akasha of your soul. These are all a natural part of the consciousness of your Presence.


When we do not face reality,especially when we consider it ‘unpleasant’ we tend to push our own suffering-by unconscious but active denial on to other people and out into the world seeing them as bad or wrong. We miss the point what ever happens in our life is a spiritual challenge to remain in charge of our energy and look for the positive value of the encounter. What ‘they’ do or say is never our problem how we react or respond is. Who chooses to feel good or bad?, we do. Why are we so reactive? We want/expect ‘them’ to show us respect and appreciation so we can feel worthy. When we do feel worthy we won’t give others the power to judge us, so we can feel judged. WE ARE WHAT WE WANTED TO BE, JUST THE WAY WE ARE. Accept it, understand it, and choose to learn from it and enjoy it. Its your movie you can’t be wrong, silly and/or stupid you bet. Acceptance as is, is the beginning to a interesting and productive life. Just do it.

Its your movie

You came to this world with limitations, like we all did. It’s essential you know and remember these challenges are perfect for you, not meant for anyone else, BUT you. Feel every frustration and head-butt as creating the perfect version of you, the one needed in this exact moment, and you can reveal miracles in your life and world. You’ll do this without thinking when you have compassion for yourself. It’s you being you that makes change possible! (Yehuda Berg)

You create your own limitations as spiritual challenges, we are all perfectly imperfect, which is perfect for our purpose. Challenges make us more powerful when we create a way to deal with them. We never choose challenges we didn’t want to play with. There is a win in everything, find it and enjoy your life,”Feels good” is always available. (me)

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