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Expanding our consciousness

Expanding our consciousness

Here we go again, existence is doing it again, expanding our consciousness with planetary assistance, the Eclipse along with the Spring Equinox. This is another strong influence, to effect our cellular expansion in a positive way, this will assist us to be able to adjust to this incredible transformation we are going through. Our world is changing, our bodies are changing and it’s up to us to change the way we think and perceive these changes. We need to accept these changes as an interesting phenomenon, that we have been a part of for many life times and we chose to be here now to share this experience. being in this life now, is a gift of love we have given ourselves, as a reward for all difficult lives we lived to help make this incredible event we are going through to take place. This is such an incredible event that the entire universe is involved to assist and enjoy our transformation.

I’ve added a channeling that can help us get a broader understanding of this event.

Channeled by Aisha North

March 18, 2015

Once again you stand before a momentous occasion, one where you will benefit greatly from a coinciding of two celestial events. For this time, at the time of the year when the placement of the celestial body that you inhabit relative to your Sun’s seems to put everyone in a state of perceived balance, you will be visited by another event that will affect the impact the energies that these two simultaneous events will have, not just on you, but on all. You see, this upcoming instance of the Moon covering the entire width of your Sun will have a profound effect on all, as it will greatly enhance the amount of beneficial energetic missives that will be able to penetrate all the way into your system.

Again our words may seem to be unduly convoluted, but what we are trying to convey to you all is this; it is not by accident that this upcoming solar obscuration will coincide with the date that you call the Equinox. For on this day of perceived balance, the Moon’s obscuration of the Sun’s disc will serve to ignite quite a few energetic connectors within you all, connectors which have been lying dormant waiting for just this moment to arrive. Again, this will not be news to any of you. After all, what is this journey if not a seemingly endless succession of such ignitions and activations? But this time, it will be a series of events that in turn will serve to put everything into a very new perspective indeed – and yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word.

Expanding our consciousness

You see, as the Sun’s rays will seem to be lessened by the encroaching presence of the Moon, what will in effect happen, is that all of the energy that does not constitute the visual part of the sunlight will be greatly enhanced. This may sound counter intuitive in many ways, but this is indeed what will happen. For as you are perhaps aware of already, what comes your way by way of the Sun does not necessarily originate there. Rather, it comes through the Sun, and so in this instance, it would be more fitting to think of the Sun as a portal for added enlightenment rather than as a singular specimen of celestial matter defined by its outer limits and its placement in the fabric of space. For the Sun is a multi-dimensional receptacle for all sorts of energetic transmissions, and as such, during that phase when the self-generated energy of the Sun herself will be dimmed out by the helpful intervention of the Moon, all of these other and more remotely engendered missives of energetically enhanced information will be able to come through much more efficiently, rather like the clear sound of a bell will be easier to perceive once all of the background noise has been brought down to a minimum.

So too will it be during that period of hush that will be generated during the time of the solar eclipse, and even if this blocking out of the light will only be visible from a small part of your globe, the effect this will have will indeed be a global one. Nor will it be confined to the period of the obscuration itself. Rather, that can be seen as the period of the actual inception, and so, all of the beneficial effects this advanced acceleration will have on you may not be immediately noticeable by all, but we do venture to guess that you will all in some ways feel the effects these two closely interlocked events will have on your physical system. Again, any discomfort will only be temporary, as by now, your physical vehicles are well up to par on every criteria. But as always, the perception you will have of this may differ, as the outer layers of your being may still be more perceptive to disturbances than that by now rock solid core of yours.

So again we say know that all is well even if the incoming swells will be more than enough to knock quite a few of you off your feet for shorter or longer periods of time, so just allow yourself to be taken to a point of utter stillness at times. And remember, even though your physical vehicle is indeed an extremely resilient one, it still needs all the support you can give it during these extra strenuous times, so make sure to listen well to any suggestions it may have as to what you can do to assist it, whether that be in the way of dietary needs, physical exertion or lack thereof.

Expanding our consciousness

So once again we say stay centered, and stay calm, but stay alert to the needs of your body, because that is the best way to ride these swells that you all have ahead of you. And again, remember that no matter how high the waves may become, they can never disturb the total equilibrium that is always there within you, under the seemingly endless undulations of the more shallow parts of you that constitutes merely the uppermost crust of what is in fact a resonant, compliable and indestructible crucible that is you in all of your glory. So fret not, even if you at times will feel almost reduced to the faintest whisper of who you really are, for now, you will all soon find back to that mighty voice that IS you, and soon, you will all find out just how it is you will be called to let it all out, in the mightiest, most magnificent of roars that will serve to awaken All.

Spiritual Month

September has been giving us a strong increase of inspiration of awareness and the increase of interest in the true meaning of spirituality. Quantum Physics discovered in their research that there is just one energy that every thing we can conceive of is a part of and is created from and named it “The Energy Field’ or ‘The Divine Matrix’. Every thing is different and formed from this basic energy, we are all an expression of, a part of, developed from, the same stuff, which consciousness refers to as Spirit. Conscious Awareness is Spirit being Consciously Aware of its self. Except for humanity, everything else is functioning within a ‘Group Consciousness” a limited and pre-determined way of being. For example, the Rocks do their Rock thing, the Trees do their Tree thing, the Dogs; the Cats and all of the other Animals and Sea Creatures, do their own thing in their own way, Humans are the only ones (that I’m aware of,) that have  ‘Free Will’ choice. (even No Choice is a choice) This is Spirit’s way of experiencing its self, by pretending that it’s an unconscious human with free will to become consciously aware by choice or not. A clearer and expanded explanation of this is available in an interesting and enjoyable trilogy written by Neal Diamond Walsch, entitled Conversations With God, which I believe everyone should read. As we expand in consciousness many new and interesting may change within us including Psychic abilities one of which is explained in the following article.
Ascension and the Intuitive Ability of Clairvoyance
by Trish LeSage
Those who are on the path of ascension may eventually possess the ability of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see beyond that which is perceived with the physical eyes. Clairvoyance includes seeing with the third eye, also known as the psychic eye, the inner eye, or the mind’s eye.
For example, words, symbols, or other information may appear in the mind’s eye of a person who possesses the ability of clairvoyance. This may happen as a form of guidance unexpectedly as the person goes about their daily routine, or it may happen as a result of their intentionally going within to search for answers. Information may come in regards to the person who actually possesses the ability of clairvoyance, or information that pertains to others may come through.
Those who experience clairvoyance may also see the actual unfolding of scenes in their mind’s eye. The scenes play out like the scenes of a movie. They may even see objects and people moving about in the scenes, or they may see still shots of scenes. The scenes often contain pertinent information that they, themselves, may need or information that others may need.
One who possesses clairvoyance may also experience seeing the spirits of those who have passed away. These spirits may be higher dimensional beings such as spirit guides or other divine beings, spirits such as ghosts that are stuck between the third dimension Earth and Heaven, family members who have recently departed, or other beings that are not incarnated on the third dimension Earth.
Those who experience clairvoyance may also possess the ability to see beyond the third dimension Earth. They may be able to see into the higher dimensions, and they may be able to see into alternate realities (parallel universes). Many parallel universes exist in the same exact physical space that our third dimension Earth occupies. They simply exist at an energy vibration that is different from our Earth’s energy vibration. Some parallel universes exist at a higher energy vibration than our Earth does, and some exist at a lower energy vibration than our Earth does. Therefore, because our vibration than our Earth does, and some exist at a lower energy vibration than our Earth does. Therefore, because our energy vibration does not match their energy vibration, we normally do not perceive them. However, a person who possesses the ability of clairvoyance may sometimes see into the other universes. They may see physical objects, buildings, animals, and even people in the other universes.
People who possess the ability of clairvoyance may also be able to see the energy field that exists around all living things. They may see a gray energy field surrounding living things or a gray energy field emanating from living things. They may also see an energetic duplicate of objects. Some who possess the ability of clairvoyance may even see, in great detail, the colors of the auras of others.
Once we are on the path of ascension, the veil begins to lift, and we begin to experience our true, natural multidimensional nature. We transition beyond the third dimension to a higher state of being. We are no longer limited to the five physical senses of the third dimension Earth plane. We begin to possess a sixth sense that includes clairvoyance and many other intuitive abilities.

Being intuitive is a part of your Divine birthright

5th day of nothing but a little water and the body is feeling better. We have such a wonderful body it’s smart to get to know it and make it our friend. When we don’t eat, our body eats its self. Being selective it eats what we don’t need first, all of the excesses, foreign visitor’s, things that are not needed for our health. Actually a regular three day fast is nice to do as a monthly or every other month just to give the body a little help to maintain health.  Here is a rather long channeling to think about.
Accelerating the Process of Developing Intuition
by Selacia
There is a natural longing within you to reconnect with your intuitive knowing. It is natural because being intuitive is a part of your Divine birthright. When you first come into human form, you are not yet conditioned by the world’s fears and doubts of the unseen.
Therefore, in your first 
several years of life, you are much more connected to your natural intuitive abilities than you may be as an adult. You may sense your angelic guides and unseen spiritual teachers. You may even converse with them. You may see or hear beings that the adults around you cannot sense.
For a time in your early life, you may even have, recollections of your earlier experiences before incarnating this lifetime. These remembrances may include a knowing about your true spiritual nature, including your abilities to communicate telepathically with both seen and unseen beings.
Your body serves as an energetic record keeper of all your Earthly experiences. It remembers everything you have seen and experienced in human life. It has the memory of everything in your past, including your earliest connections with the unseen realms. Your body, for example, remembers the time you saw or conversed with an angelic being. It remembers the time you had a knowingness of your Higher Self. It remembers the wisdom and specific teachings your unseen spiritual guides have transmitted to you. It even remembers the feelings and aromas you experienced when you connected with the unseen realms. On a very deep level, it knows that you are a part of the Divine Creator.
When you desire to reconnect with your intuitive nature, it is useful to pay attention to your body and its wisdom. Your body, with its numerous senses, can communicate much about the unseen realms. It can alert you to the presence and messages of your guardian angels and other spiritual teachers. It can assist you in validating feelings and information. It can provide warning signals as you are about to take actions that are not in your highest good.
Each of you will experience intuitive knowing a bit differently. There is no wrong way to do it. Some of you are very visual. Your spiritual guides may speak to you through images you “see” with your mind’s eye or through what seems like the imagination.
Asking Your Higher Self For A Symbol
You may be given symbols in this way that serve as triggers for accessing higher wisdom. Sometimes the symbols are designed as a sort of code to let you know your guides are nearby and accessible. You may wish to ask your guides for such a symbol that will help make their presence more real and tangible in everyday life. To ask for your own such personal symbol, simply center yourself and relax by closing your eyes and breathing in and out a few times. The more relaxed your body is when you make your connection, the easier it will be. Once you feel relaxed, imagine that a part of you becomes like a ball of golden light and gently travels high up above your space. From that higher perspective, take a few moments and silently ask your Higher Self to provide a symbol of its presence.
Trust the first image that comes into your mind or imagination. It may be a color or a shape. The 
important thing is to trust the very first symbol you are given. Take a few minutes to focus on the symbol, perhaps asking your Higher Self to elaborate with any additional information that would be helpful to you at that time. Then, express your gratitude to your Higher Self and feel its unconditional love for you before gently returning back to your body and normal consciousness. After you feel grounded back in your body, you may wish to record what you have experienced, either drawing the symbol or writing a word to remind you of the 
image or color. 

Expansion of Conscious Awareness increases

Things keep getting more interesting, the energy keeps increasing, the opportunities for growth and the expansion of Conscious Awareness increases, we are living in an incredible world at an incredible time. The next full moon and the arrival of the year of the Horse will both add to our Game of Life additional changes to look forward to. I’ve added a long channeling about the power of both of them for your interest, in case you are interested. I was so here it is.

Get Ready – Year of the Horse
Channelled through by Selacia

Next week promises to be a powerful time for energy shifts and openings – especially with the super moon January 30 ahead of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse officially starting the next day. These energies are auspicious and hold great potential for you on a personal level – helping you to connect with your destiny path and your true power to create as a multidimensional being of light.

In this article are suggestions for making the most of these beneficial energies, while also continuing your progress of forward movement this year. If you are like most people, you have likely had a number of highs and lows since 2014 began. There indeed has been, and continues to be, a generally lighter feel and tone compared with 2013.

That said, in the bigger picture you also sit within ongoing radical and challenging revolutionary energies that characterize these unique years of paradigm shift. Changes often are not easy, even the ones you want to make.

2014 a Peak Year

One reason is that 2014 is a peak year of your world being literally remade under your feet.

Other years have built to this one, and the shifting will continue for some time after 2014. Still, for those like you who are awakening and sensitive to energies, this year may feel more intense. You won’t always be able to identify the intensity, either, but you will likely sense it in the background.

Intensity isn’t necessarily bad, of course. You could feel intense joy as a project you have long dreamed of begins to take root. You could be meeting new people, too, including those who you don’t immediately connect with anything significant – but they are to be important for your future. These things can be exciting when they appear, your intuitive knowing showing you that you are starting to bring in needed partners and resources for your fuller life expression.

In tandem with that, any unfinished business from your past that’s in the way of your immediate next steps will be coming to light. When that happens, don’t judge it or get angry or worry.

Old Issues in the DNA

Do pay attention, though, and utilize your tools and resources to clear those issues at a DNA level. The things that surface may seem old, but trust that the elements arising are additional pieces of what you addressed before.

Consider this: the more intense feelings you have when issues arise, the more important they are for you to address. Keeping up to date with the process of energy clearing will accelerate your forward momentum.

For perspective, most life issues a person has now did not originate earlier in life, but in other lifetimes. Advanced practitioners understand this and keep things in perspective. For divine change makers, this indeed is the lifetime when you have the most opportunity to clear your past – back to the root causes – accelerating your enlightenment.

Year of the Horse Energies

Understanding the energetic tone of a cycle like Chinese New Year can help you to advance on your path by leaps and bounds. That’s because you have foresight about the kinds of energy you may encounter.

Horse years like we have in 2014, for example, are associated with fire and action. In these years, there tends to be lots of activity and much on your plate. Not everything needs to be done at once, of course, but it may seem that way!

On a positive note, you simply may feel more buoyant and able to tackle things that you have been putting on the back burner. The key to success is maintaining your balance, sense of timing, and awareness of what is in front of you right when it is in front of you. Many opportunities can come and go in such a year as this – you must be awake to them in order to act with divine timing.

Being grounded and centered in your heart will be vital to your success, too. The more that you can achieve this, the more you will be able to connect with your inner voice and spirit. Having that connection is essential for what you want to do, be, and have this year.

Make spirit your fueling system for action in this Year of the Horse. Spirit can help guide you through the windy terrain, the ups and downs, and the obstacle courses. A grounded spirit connection, too, can help you with prosperity. That’s because you are more in a state of flow and receiving, and more grounded about your relationship with money.

Working with the Super Moon

Utilize the January 30 super moon for potent visioning and creating an action plan for personal and spiritual progress in 2014. The new moon next week is called a super moon because of its powerful potentials for new beginnings. It’s actually the second new moon so far this year – making it even more influential. If you are doing an intentions process at the new moon, factor in the horse year energies being ignited the next day. See my earlier December 29 article for a new moon process you can update for next week’s super moon:

Joy in 2014

Big Picture for 2014

Getting back to the big picture for this year – don’t forget the role of the collective, too. Learn to become friends with the idea of unseen outside influences being a part of your creating process.

That is the truth anyway – you do not create your life or self-evolve on an isolated island somewhere. You live on the “island” of Earth, and indeed beyond that the cosmos. Everything is connected throughout time and space.

As you fully grasp what this means, it’s easier to let go and being in the flow that spirit can help facilitate. Intend now that you will benefit from these energies this year. Decide to participate fully with life and with the divine dance of creation. It is this that will allow you to thrive and to be in love and joy.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia *

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