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How we choose to deal with our life

An on going reminder, there is nothing wrong with us, we are exactly what we wanted to be, just as we are. This gives us our own unique view of ourselves, our world, how we choose to deal with our life and everyone in it. Our life is our spiritual challenge to find the value of what we have created and what we will attract by what we do. We came here with 100% power to play the Game of Life and transform it into light, we still have that 100% power the question is, how are we using it? for us and our awakening or against us by identifying with self created doubts, fears and accepted limitations.Fortunately for us, we are now being inspired by the increasing transformation of our world. We are evolving into a purer form of conscious awareness whether we believe it or not. Everyday in every way we are waking up a little bit more, some of us faster than others, but all of us are on our way to realizing our inner truth, our spirituality,the divine energy that is the source of our life. As our trust and faith grows and transforms our childhood belief system into conscious awareness, our understanding and acceptance of this spiritual awakening that we are going through, will become more and more apparent to us and we will become more available to the gifts of love that are being showered upon us, we will choose to go with the flow. Good idea.
Here is a message from Jesus.


from John Smallman ~~ 4-21-15
The purpose of your lives is to uncover or rediscover your own creative abilities.

Here in the spiritual realms, the formless arena where the potential for creativity is infinite, we watch over you with intense loving interest as the moment for humanity’s awakening draws ever closer. You have heard that many times before but I assure you it is true, it can only draw closer, there will be no backsliding because it is humanity’s collective intent to awaken and that intent is in total alignment with the Will of God.

It does seem to many of you who are working consciously and valiantly towards this major event that it has been delayed, and others among you sometimes doubt the authenticity of the various channelings you read that continue to uphold and present to you the inspiring vision of your imminent awakening. Please release your doubts because all is on schedule as divinely planned.

Try and understand that the illusion, in which you are immersed as humans, uses time quite flexibly. It seems from your modern scientific measurements that time is a constant, but in fact this is not the case, like the illusion, of which it is an aspect, it is illusory, it is not what it seems. It does not operate as a constantly flowing medium like a river to the sea, but is more like an ocean in which events occur, events that may not be related in time or place but which nearly always appear to be connected like cause and effect. It is a very confusing medium, especially as it appears to be so consistent and unalterable.

You have all experienced time as moving slowly, normally, or rapidly depending on what activity it was that you were engaged in, but then you have tended to dismiss the experience as illusory and of a purely personal nature. And of course it was! Every single one of you, every human, has their own deeply personal experience of life in the illusion. There are of course many similarities, but basically the experiential and illusory state that each human undergoes is deeply personal and is never repeated, it is truly unique.

Time is not fixed, it shifts, but the field in which it operates shifts with it, thus giving it an unreal impression of stability. So, the moment of awakening has not been delayed, quite the contrary in fact, it is approaching faster than ever because the collective intent to awaken has intensified, and it is that intent that is bringing it about.

You all – and there are no exceptions here – incarnated at this moment in Earth history to assist one another in your awakening process, but the environment of the illusion is so incredibly dense that the vast majority of humans have utterly forgotten why they are on Earth. Many are seeking guidance from religious organizations, from self help “experts,” gurus, and a varied assortment of therapists and personal growth workshops and seminars as they desperately attempt to find a deeper meaning in their lives than just earning a living. Earning a living is essential for 99% of humanity, and for 90% it is a grindingly boring chore that many seek to escape from through a variety of addictions that only temporarily ease the stresses and anxieties with which your human lives present you daily.

Your nature is Love. At the deepest and most real level of your being, your center where your true Self is aflame with the Light of God’s Love, you know this. The effervescent You, that God in His infinite Wisdom and Love created for all eternity, is always alive and well. However, once you chose to experience the illusion of separation from your Source you temporarily closed down your access to your true nature to make the games in the illusion seem very real, and in that you succeeded extremely well. You do get intimations of your true nature from time to time when your meditative practice takes you deeply into yourselves, but mostly you are seemingly caught up in the distractions of the illusion – the egoic drives that so frequently set you in conflict with one another.

Life is beautiful! Unfortunately the illusory experience with which it seems that you have to absolutely engage with in every moment for the sake of survival distracts you from this wondrous truth as you struggle with the ugliness and anxiety that life as a human entails. Yes, of course there are moments of joy, of pleasure, but they are but brief and infrequent rewards for your good behavior, or so it often seems. And yet most of you know that good behavior has little to do with rewards – the sun shines and the rain rains on everyone.

As small children it was suggested to you that this was the way the world works, but as you grew and matured it became obvious to the majority that this was most definitely not the case. Nevertheless, because you had been so well trained to behave well – frequent punishment and shaming for misbehaving, infrequent rewards for exceptionally good behavior – you do tend to put on a mask or a front of good behavior that is culturally and socially acceptable. Beneath that mask you may fume, rage, or sink into depression.

The purpose of your human lives is to uncover or rediscover your own creative abilities, your divine potential. And each one of you has your own unique gifts awaiting discovery and development. But, of course, many of you were educated, went to college or university and obtained professional qualifications to enable you to earn a living, and you are now perhaps trapped in careers that bring you very little satisfaction apart from enabling you to pay the constant stream of bills in which life as a human buries you. How, you ask, do you get out of that trap and give yourself the time and the space to allow your creativity to blossom?

Well, the trap is the illusion which for many is indeed a nightmare, and your awakening is essential and imminent. And it is all of you who are making the awakening happen. You have been asleep, unaware, and unconscious for far too long as the games that the illusion has presented you with have engaged nearly all your faculties. And those games are games of sickness, suffering, conflict, betrayal, and war.

Games like that automatically lead to fear and distrust, and to a belief that you can only survive by being strong, powerful, and dangerous, so that no one will dare to attack you. And those games and beliefs are based on your belief that your bodies are all that you are, and that when they die, you cease to be. That instills within you enormous fear because it mightily enforces your sense of separateness and aloneness, and, in the end, your utter insignificance in the grand scheme of things

Therefore to understand that it is indeed an illusion, that you are all divine beings eternally alive in the Presence of God, and at One with Him and with each other, is a most wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring realization. Remind yourselves daily of this great Truth, in fact remind yourselves hourly until it becomes truly true for you and remains constantly in your awareness, as it will. And then you will awaken. That is divinely assured. Focus on Love, your true nature, and open your hearts to receive the constant and abundant flow that is offered to you, and then share your joy as you feel that Love, by sharing it with everyone with whom you interact. That is why you are on Earth at this moment, and you do know this.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Increase Self Love

Increase Self Love

As we get closer and closer to a major energy shift, it becomes more essential to increase our amount of the self love we choose to give ourselves. This may seem like a silly thing to do, but it is essential to do, in order to prepare our self, to be able to handle a major change of energy, that is on its way. When we consider that.the essential  energy that we are created from is Love and the increase of energy that we are receiving and experiencing, is an increase of the Love of Creation, then choosing to love our selves more intensely, is really a preparation to be able to receive more love. It’s like going to a loving gym, exercising our love muscles, becoming a stronger lover, by practicing on ourselves, the more we love ourselves, the better we will feel and the more love we will have to share with others, it’s a win, win effort. It’s amazing that we’ve been looking outside of ourselves for what has always been inside of ourselves, waiting for our acceptance. Remember John Lennon’s Song that is a gift to all of us, “All you need is Love”  Here is John Smallman’s loving inspiration.

Saul’s message for Saturday February 28th 2015

by: John Smallman
The only path to peace is the Path of Love.

Humanity is at the tipping point, at the point of balance between sleep and full consciousness. You have been told this before, I know, but it remains true, as you rock gently backwards and forwards between those two states. It is a little like being at the edge of the seashore on a beautiful warm day in your bathing attire, ready to enter the water, BUT you still think it might be a trifle cold for bathing, so you teeter-totter at the edge trying to decide. Well of course you have already decided to immerse yourselves, for you are wearing your bathing costume! It’s just a question of waiting for that intuitive “right moment” to go ahead and do it. And that moment is very close, so do not allow your Light to slip back out of your awareness and seemingly drag you back into the darkness that is the illusion.

You are on Earth at this moment to awaken yourselves and humanity from the nightmare that the illusion has become, and in which you are entangled. You cannot fail in this tremendous undertaking because you have aligned yourselves with God’s Will – you are always aligned with His Will, it is just that your consciousness of this has been hidden from you – and His Will is that you awaken. God’s Will is always done which is why you cannot fail to awaken yourselves and humanity.

To many of you that seems to be an impossible task as you observe the enormous amounts of pain and suffering that continue to arise on your beautiful planet. You all know people who are hurting, often seemingly most unfairly because of circumstances beyond their control, and you are all aware of the unconscionable suffering endured by those living in war zones. You have all seen people driven by intense hatred or resentment adding to the suffering, and you ask yourselves “How can this possibly ever change, let alone in an instant?” Well, you are forgetting two important things 1) the world as you experience it is illusory, and 2) God’s Will is for you all to live in eternal joy.

To awaken is your destiny, your inevitable and unavoidable destiny. You know that, so do not let the illusion deceive you into believing otherwise. Its purpose is deceit and confusion, and it produces this effect by convincing each of you that you are separate from each other, from the planet, and from God. And your experiences within it appear to confirm this for you. But, deep within yourselves, you know this is not the case, and so you hope, you pray, you meditate, you intend to be loving at all times, and this intention is bringing you and all of humanity forwards out of the illusion.
Reality is an illusion
And you also know this, because all around the world you can see unmistakable signs of wakefulness, as people refuse to allow deceit, corruption, and secret divisive agendas to remain hidden as the worldly powerful attempt to maintain their control over everyone else.

It is no longer possible for the corrupt deceivers and their minions to keep their agendas and operations secret while they maintain a front of philanthropic concern for their fellow humans. Many of you are well aware that a large number of so-called philanthropic organizations are anything but philanthropic. They pay lip service to the causes they espouse to encourage you to contribute to them financially, and then use those finances to serve their real agendas.

But humanity is no longer a willing mass of mindless slaves subservient to the debt imposed on them by those who claim to have their best interests at heart. Through the amazing work of a few, whose integrity is impeccable, the contemptible and utterly dishonorable behavior of those who have for so long occupied the seats of power is being widely exposed. The foundations on which their corrupt empires have been constructed are crumbling rapidly, and so they attempt ever more ineffectively to frighten you into supporting them by claiming that the forces of evil (terrorism!) will overwhelm you all if you do not.

Wars are winding down. Do not believe the mass hysteria of the mainstream media that would strongly suggest to you that threats of war have never been more real and that dealing with them forcefully has never been more urgent. This is not the truth. The world and all who inhabit it want peace. Those in war zones even more desperately than anyone else. If you have ever lived in a war zone you can surely understand this. Do not be misled into believing that greater and more powerful armies need to be built and supplied with ever more powerful and destructive weapons to ensure world peace. To believe that is to follow the path to insanity, so do not take it.
The only path to peace is the Path of Love.

There is no other way. There can be no other way. Force of arms, and the promise that it can protect you or anyone, is the path to self destruction on a vast scale, and your present technologies can indeed inflict incalculable damage and suffering upon you and your loved ones, in fact on every sentient being on the planet.

Turn away from military might and the utterly false promise that its supporters hold out to you. Refuse to be cowed and overcome with fear because nothing in the illusion is real and can threaten your eternal and immortal existence. Yes, of course your bodies can be severely damaged causing you much pain, but You can never be harmed. If you engage in war-mongering, as some insane and seemingly powerful people are trying to persuade you is the way forwards, there will be further suffering on a vast scale . . . for those who are sent to engage in it, and for those in the areas where the destructive activities are to take place.

Small corrupt groups of powerful people have always attempted to make fortunes from war which others will engage in on their behalf. Which side emerges victorious is of no consequence to them, and in truth no side can ever be victorious. Enormous suffering will have occurred, ceasefires will be called for with increasingly raucous dissonance, and then put into effect with great fanfares. But nothing will have changed, and the urge and enthusiasm for hostilities will arise once more. And that and separation (divide and conquer) is what the illusion is all about.

Therefore continue to hold most firmly to your intent to be loving in every moment and in every situation. Continue to hold your divine Light on high for all who choose to see It to see It. There are far more than you can possibly imagine who have the eyes to see and who will see. The laying down of arms is imminent, but your loving intent is an essential aspect of the divine plan to bring it about.

Remember, there is only Love. Nothing else is real. Open your hearts to the Tsunami of Love enveloping you and allow it to flow through you to all on the planet, because that is what is going to awaken you all. It is irresistible, although you can delay acceptance of it . . . DON’T! You have slept for long enough already, so awaken into everlasting joy as you FEEL the Love that embraces you, and allow the illusion to dissolve. It will, because nothing unreal can exist in the Presence of God, it can only appear to exist in the minds of man.

Your release from the nightmare is assured because it is your will let it go. There is nothing within it to hold you to it except an unwarranted fear of being without it. You know that you need it as surely as a fish needs a bicycle! Therefore, let it go.

With so very much love, Saul.

Life is for living

Life is for living

A peaceful world can only be the result of peaceful minds. A peaceful mind is the result of Conscious Awareness. Conscious Awareness is the result of our choosing to see the truth of all existence through Divine vision. Divine vision is the awareness of and acceptance that everything is created from the Divine Matrix, therefore there is only a connected oneness of energy that is consciously aware of it’s self and essentially considered as creative spirit.This creative energy has been given many names by many of its collective creations, which call them selves Human-kind, which gives this energy, that it’s a part of this Divine Matrix many names, like God, or what ever names they may give to this energy that will be able to appease their limited mind set. The fact that we are all a creative piece of the same essential energy, is a difficult task for a human’s unique individualized mind to comprehend. Until we chose to go beyond our mind’s limitations to our hearts connectivity, to the oneness of the Divine Matrix of creation, we exist in the confusion of duality and true peacefulness isn’t possible. When we choose to return to the truth of our hearts and the loving comfort of the oneness that our hearts are always a part of and experience the peace of it’s oneness, peace on earth is difficult if not impossible. Here is a long channeling from Jesus through John Smallman for peaceful inspiration.
by John Smallman ~ February 14, 2015
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As many are now aware, humanity is in a moment of enormous change, a moment that has been divinely planned – in human terms – for a very long time, and that moment will neither wait, be diverted, nor avoided. It is the most essential and most keenly anticipated moment in all of humanity’s long history. To be incarnate now is a magnificent honor. The chaos you see “out there” is truly “within” – as within so without – and realization of that truth is dawning on all.
You do create your own reality, and you are aware of that because you often see people in situations that each of them experiences differently. For instance, two people are stuck in traffic or in a queue to pay for groceries, one person will notice the golden light shining though the leaves of a magnificent tree or the kindly patience of a cashier with an elderly customer and feel a warm glow, Love flowing freely; the other will just be irritated by the unforeseen delay to the activities in which they are engaged and blast their horn or be rude to the cashier. Same situation, totally different perceptions, and therefore different responses.
As awareness of this spreads throughout humanity, throughout the world, people feel encouraged to respond lovingly instead of angrily to minor issues and problems that occur during the day, their stress levels then reduce, and they end the day feeling relaxed and content. You talk of “going with the flow,” “of accepting what is,” and when you actually do that you do feel much happier and more content with your lot regardless of the issues with which you have to deal.

Life is for living

Life is for living, in the now moment, as it happens; when you move out of the “now” moment your awareness breaks down, the stories in your head – the past, the future, but never now – demand your attention, and life passes you by! Getting caught up in the stories, your life stories – “what happened to me” – takes your focus, your attention away from life, yet life is all that you have, and you do need to attend to it.
If that is difficult for you to get a handle on it is because you are unfocused. For much of your lives in the illusion it appears that nothing much is happening, and you become bored and search intently for something to distract you i.e. for something to excite or interest you and take you further into the illusion that is humanity’s main life experience. And that always disappoints you eventually, even if in the moment it seems to provide a rush, a close encounter with death for instance which, through your skill, you defeat.
The illusion is in fact very boring because it seems to separate you from the Source, God, the loving Unity in which you were created and where you experience eternal ecstasy. That is what you are forever seeking, and within the illusion that experience is unavailable because ecstasy is part of Reality, and the illusion is unreal. When you decided to immerse yourselves in the illusion you chose to separate yourselves from all that could give you joy – ecstasy! To be in the divine Presence is to be in eternal ecstasy, and you shut yourselves off from that wondrous state to prove to yourselves that you could live happily without It. And yet that state of holy ecstasy is ALL that you need or desire, ever.
When you awaken into that divine and holy state of existence, as you will, because it is inevitable and unavoidable because it is All That Is, you will return to a state of incomparable joy, and all in the heavenly realms, the spiritual realms will rejoice with God at the “return of the prodigal son!”
Let’s not get into “what about daughters,” there is only God, the divine Source in which all that is created exists, and that Oneness includes every possible shape and form that you can conceive of. To argue about male and female, female and male, sexism, is to distract you from awakening. To awaken you need to release from within you any belief or perception that is not in alignment with Love. That is anything that divides and separates you – race, color, creed, religious persuasion, sexual identity or preference, political alignment – because to take sides is to judge and to condemn, and therefore to attack, and to attack is always to attack yourself, because there is only the One.
Separation, attack, division, denial, exclusion, judgment, and condemnation are the defining characteristics of the illusion. They are all around you from the most discrete forms of exclusion to the most blatant. To exclude is to judge as unacceptable, to attack, and because there is only the One, it is to do it to Oneself, and that clearly is utterly insane.
The collective decision has been made by humanity to awaken from the illusion, and the effects of that momentous decision are readily visible all over the world as judgment of others and of their “strange” life styles becomes increasingly unacceptable. Yes, those judgments are still occurring, but awareness of the unconscionable nature of such judgments is growing rapidly, especially among the young.
You can only be free if you allow others to be free. The truth of that statement is reverberating around the world as people choose to be free and in doing so allow others to be free. You were created free by God because He freely gave you everything that He had out of the infinite Love in which He embraced and created every single one of you. You then chose to experience separation from Him, you split from the One into numberless billions, and ever since then each one of those billions has been engaged in the most insane competitive attempts to prove to Him that he or she is better than all the others. Your egos, your little separated minds, control you and war erupts, unless you refuse to allow them to.
Modern psychology has brought to the attention of many of you the danger of egos run wild. In previous times egos were honored and feted as the strong defeated and destroyed the weak, unaware that it was in fact a most self-destructive form of behavior in which they were all engaged. And the destruction continued and was celebrated for eons. Modern science and technology, and the weapons it made it possible for you to construct and deploy, has forcefully brought to your attention the ongoing insanity of such behavior. That is why, finally, so many are praying and meditating for world peace. The tipping point has indeed been reached, humans are sufficiently tired, nay exhausted by conflicts and wars on all scales, and are now ready to lay down their arms.
Encouragement is needed because trust has been betrayed so frequently in the past, and so all you Light bearers, Light holders, and wayshowers continue to be a most essential part of the awakening process. When arms are laid down the opposing sides attempt to lay blame on each other, and as has been so clearly demonstrated over the eons of human existence, blaming only encourages a resumption of hostilities.
Your task therefore remains – Hold your Light on High – refrain from judgment and from taking sides, even silently within the privacy of your own individual minds, and open up in trust and love to assist those hurt and damaged ones to come together without preconceptions about the outcome, so that divine Grace can flow easily between them to help them resolve their issues. Infinite assistance is available, if you will allow and encourage it to flow easily and sweetly between all the parties to conflict all over the world.
There are none among you who do not want peace. However, the fear that has been engendered by eons of betrayal requires an enormous amount of loving patience to be soothed and dissolved, and that is your task. Just by sitting quietly at home, praying and meditating silently for world peace will bring it about. The power of your loving intentions is astronomical, do not allow yourselves to underestimate that power. The fact that you can not feel it flowing through you must not discourage you. You incarnated to do this, now is your moment, and know that failure is unimaginable, inconceivable, and out of the question. The power of the Divine, God, your Source is empowering you limitlessly in every moment. Success is yours, divinely guaranteed and assured, so keep on keeping on with your loving prayers, intentions and meditations, and prepare to reap the rewards of your shatterproof persistence.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

New Year Resolution

The most important New Years resolution we all need to make will take care of everything. “I vow to take care of myself, make myself first, love myself, appreciate myself and give myself permission to develop the conscious awareness that will enable me to fulfill my resolution.”. When we choose to give ourselves what we really want the way we want it and stop looking outside of us for some one or something to be the answer to our desires, the game of life becomes what we all really want it to be, a life of love. Our search has always been a search for love and we have been looking in the wrong place, looking for what we all want, to be loved the way we want to be and we are the only one who knows what we want and need and the only one who can do it. Once we love our self, just the way we are, we have love to share, with anyone we care to share it with and we  can now help others to decide to love themselves by being an example of the value of love fulfilled. Since conception we’ve been seekers of love and beggars for affection, being disillusioned and resentful when we didn’t get it the way we wanted it and blaming ourselves and others because when we didn’t get love the way we wanted it. When all of the time we were looking for love in the wrong place, expecting that it had to come from someone else when all of the time it was inside of us waiting patiently for us to realize where true love existed, inside of our hearts. When we get the message and love our self, our world changes, we begin attracting the abundance of life that self love will bring to us and we become a beacon, a lighthouse of light and love to others and our world. This is a great resolution, so lets all of us do it so we can become the the loving person we came here to be. Happy, Loving  and Prosperous New Year to us all and our world.
To inspire our self love, here is a Saul channeling from Jesus.
from John Smallman
Trust in Love, because It is the only trust that is never misplaced.
Here in the spiritual realms, where you will soon be able to gain instant and limitless access whenever you wish, we continue to observe with delight the enormous ongoing progress that humanity is making towards its inevitable awakening. It is inevitable, and the moment of its occurrence is closer in every moment. There is only the now moment, which is infinite, never ending, in which all happens, in which all that is exists. And you are going to become aware of that and then open to it, whereupon you will be overwhelmed with amazement at the wonder of it, and in the new-found awareness that you have always been here!
Nothing has ever been withheld from you, it is just that the illusion which you built, and which seems to contain and limit you, has been a very convincing and long drawn out dream. So convincing that you fear to release yourselves from it because you believe that should you do so your existence will be terminated because there seems to be nothing apart from it. Of course nothing could be further from the Truth! You are all eternal beings playing with limitation and termination – death, oblivion, nothingness – through the illusion of time.
You do get momentary feelings or sensations that life is far more than you imagine it to be, that it should be uplifting, inspiring, truly joyful, but you mostly dismiss those feelings as childish nonsense, childish dreams that you have have outgrown. And you teach your children the same lessons. But today’s children are refusing, on a massive scale, to learn those ridiculous lessons, and they are demonstrating to you, by the way they are choosing to live, how misguided you have been. And that is yet another reason for rejoicing.
Today’s children are far less unconscious or unaware of their divine heritage, and are far less willing to cover their Light with a dark cloak and kowtow to the rules and dogmas of their families, cultures, and religions. They know, they absolutely KNOW that those rules and dogmas are insane, but many of them have not yet reached the point at which it comes fully into their conscious human awareness, or the point at which they are ready to disclose to you and to others their knowledge and understanding. They love you and do not wish to frighten you.
Many of you would be frightened if your beliefs and perceptions were suddenly and irretrievably removed by their being shown to you to be illusory. However, Love does not work against your free will, and your beliefs and perceptions are free will choices that you have chosen to accept and be ruled by. Love accepts that free will choice and waits patiently for your inevitable change of mind.
When you are ready you will discard them. But, at present, many are not ready, they wish that they were, but their fears have a strong hold over them because they have been shamed and misled so many times when their trust in another was betrayed. Their ability to sense when they can truly trust another, including God, has been weakened by their experiences within the illusion where they are desperate to find someone they can trust and who will love them for themselves, unconditionally. And it has been during that search for someone to trust and love that they have so often been misled and betrayed.
Love is all that there is. The divine Truth of this is seeping into every human heart, but the courage to accept It is still a little lacking: “What if I am just imagining this? If I open in Love, and behave only lovingly, I will be taken advantage of. I will be betrayed yet again. I had better wait and see what others are doing.”
But to wait is to delay the inevitable, and there is no need to delay. You are all so well supported from the Godhead, your divine Source, and by all of us in the spiritual realms that you can safely open to Love and offer It freely. You may get your foot trodden on occasionally, but that is all that can go wrong.
Trust in Love, because It is the only trust that is never misplaced. Your experiences of love betrayed in human relationships occurred because you loved conditionally and expected something back, felt that you were owed something in return for loving someone. That, of course is not Love, that is an attempt at bargaining, the setting up of a business arrangement, and business is extremely competitive, it moves on when it is offered a better deal. That has been your experience many times throughout the eons as you have incarnated again and again as humans seeking Love in all the wrong places.
There is only one place that you will find Love, and that is within yourselves when you visit your holy inner sanctuary and accept yourselves unconditionally. Release all your self judgments, your self doubts, your self flagellations, and utterly accept the fact that you are, each and every one of you, perfect divine beings created from Love, in Love, and that all your perceptions and beliefs to the contrary are unreal, illusory.
What God creates is everlasting and unchanging, and He created you! Let go of all your unreal self assessments in which you find yourselves in any way inadequate, less than someone else, not as good as someone else, and, sometimes, better than someone else! Everyone of you is eternally and infinitely loved by God, and that state of being, which is perfection, cannot be altered, it is permanent.
Victims, martyrs, those who see themselves as downtrodden or walked on, often justify themselves by pretending that they are being good and that their suffering pleases God or me, and they rejoice in that suffering because they believe that they have been promised restitution and even perhaps vengeance in the next life, the afterlife, when those who have made them suffer are cast permanently into the fires of hell. Another insane idea amazingly developed in the illusion to use against your enemies – everyone who does not agree with you, who tries to make you wrong
Everyone of you is the Center of the Universe. God is One, you are each One with Him, and He is the Center from which all of creation extends, the Center of the Universe.
However, within the illusion, your egos, in their terrified state of separation, have used that concept to build themselves up at the expense of all others – the egoic belief that everyone is a separate island, alone and threatened by all that surrounds it – by being smarter, stronger, better informed, better armed. But the fear remains that someone else who is stronger and smarter may appear at any moment, and that fear, that unknown threat has to be prepared for and defended against – if possible, even preemptively destroyed before it has a chance to destroy you.
You do need an ego to live competently in the illusion, but the vast majority of you have elevated it to the state of an idol which you adore and worship in the form of your bodies and brains, and then allow and encourage to advise and control you. And it is very competitive, encouraging you to engage in conflicts and disagreements in which it attempts to destroy the egos of others and prove to you that you, through its skill and wisdom, are the best, the winner, the one who is right. . . . And then you have to do it again, and again, and again, interminably.
When you engage in Love with a powerful intent your ego will object, but it is in awe of Love, terrified of It. So, when you attempt and intend to be loving and you encounter fear and anxiety, realize that you are engaging with your ego and choose to ignore or bypass it, thus allowing your true Self to guide and direct you. When you do, peace will flow in, and you will feel the Love that constantly holds you in Its loving embrace, waiting ever so patiently and lovingly for you to turn towards It and return that embrace. When you do you will confirm your acceptance of the eternal divine offer which has been waiting for just that acceptance so that its Love may comfort and console you, awakening you to your eternal and joyous inheritance.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

We are creatures of habit

We are creatures of habit and we were taught to be habitual as a child, To begin with our life is a continuum of do;s and don’t’s and these are repeated over and over until we get the message. Even then we are constantly being questioned about them, for example, “did you brush your teeth” and later on, “did you do your homework” as examples.What we weren’t taught was that every time we think, speak, and act, how we feel about what we do has an impact on our life and our future magnetically. When we choose to do things our whole body reacts accordingly, if we are expressing positively, the body and our energy gets stronger, if we are expressing negativity of any kind our body and our energy gets weaker. This is why muscle testing is so efficient, it can be used to test the body’s reactions to questions and statements. As we choose to become more consciously aware of our habitual patterns we can choose to change our habits to make ourselves stronger instead weaker, So lets start by training our gaze, and choose to look for the good the pretty, the beauty, the value in what we see. What we look for we will find, and now we are aware that we are becoming response-able instead of reactive and it feels good and by doing that, we are improving our health as well as attracting more feel good in our lives. Wow so simple and so effective, I’m changing an old unconscious self denigrating habit for a new self rewarding one when I choose to be consciously aware of some of my other habitual functions, I can replace them with better habits as well, good for me, I’m being nice to me on purpose.

Here is Saul with some more important inspirations for us.

from John Smallman

Go with your intuition which is always divinely guided.
Humanity’s progress towards awakening has been phenomenal over the last two or three years, although, if you are regularly ensnared by the mainstream media and its messages of mayhem and disaster, you might find it hard to believe that this is so. But remember that is all part of the illusion which you are working tirelessly to dissolve through the power of your loving thoughts, words, and deeds. Love conquers all in Its path, gently and irresistibly, and that is what you are all doing as you engage firmly and constantly with the Love field that surrounds you, effectively dissolving all that is not in alignment with it.

You all chose an earthly incarnation as humans in this particular lifetime because you so dearly wanted to assist as powerfully as you possibly could in humanity’s awakening process. But of course when you enter into the illusion by incarnating as humans you also enter a state of amnesia. Deep within you you know that you have an essential purpose in the grand divine scheme, and many of you seek help in finding that purpose by engaging with the illusion – taking seminars of various sorts, following wise gurus, or taking up a recommended practice that you hope will offer you the definitive answers to all your worries and anxieties.

However, the only way to find your purpose is by engaging fully with Love. If you will do only this all your worries will fall away. You will still have to cope with living in the illusion, and it will continue to present you with problems, but, instead of worrying about them and becoming anxious and stressed out, you will be able to deal with them intuitively guided by the Love that flows abundantly from the central core of your being, and lovingly assisted by those in the spiritual realms on whom you call.

There is a well known saying “a problem cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking that created it,” and attempting to solve the insoluble within the illusion – war, disease, poverty, etc. – does not work because all attempts, however well intended, remain at the level of the illusion.

Love is all that exists in Reality which is far beyond the illusion. It reaches down to you, or, if you prefer, it reaches into the nightmare where you appear to be imprisoned, to embrace and awaken you. Enormous numbers of you are aware of this at a deep level, which is why you are seeking a better way of life that honors all of humanity, but because of the strength of conviction required to see the unreality of the illusion it is extremely difficult for you to truly believe that Love will resolve all of humanity’s issues. However, deep within yourselves you do know that Love is the answer.

Each day, or even each hour if you can, during your quiet time alone in your holy inner sanctuaries, make a point of intending to be aware of the divine field of Love in which you are so tenderly and lovingly held. When you make that intent, without wondering whether it is true and without trying to make a logical assessment of its effectiveness for you – am I really feeling the Love? – know that the field responds instantly to you because that is its purpose.

Nevertheless, your egos are very well trained to deride or rubbish any loving sensations you experience and any awareness you notice that would assure you that you are indeed warmly held in the divine embrace. They will attempt to convince you that you are just imagining those sensations, or that you are delusional and desperately in need of psychiatric help. When your logical mind tells you that you are imagining these sensations and your intuition tells you that they are valid, go with your intuition which is always divinely guided. It speaks very quietly, while your logical egoic mind does everything in its power to distract you so that you do not hear that quiet and loving inner voice which will never lead you astray.

The ego’s voice can always be identified because it fills your mind, your conscious awareness, with a constant stream of worrying and anxious “what if” thoughts, whereas your intuition is always calm, gentle, and comforting. The trouble for you is that the ego’s voice is LOUD, and when you are worried or anxious it is very hard for you to relax and listen to your quiet inner voice of wisdom.

Most of you have had the experience of reacting spontaneously, with intense anger at times, when someone has pushed your buttons. Then, maybe much later, you have regretted it and remembered also having at the same moment had a sense that the reaction you were about to engage in, that seemed to be controlling you in the moment, was at best unwise, and at worst a terrible mistake. As the old saying has it “react in haste, repent at leisure.”

One of the major lessons that all humans are on Earth to learn is restraint. But you are programmed from very early in life that there are dangers that you need to react to very quickly if you want to avoid pain and suffering. And, for human infants, that programming is initially very useful. Then as you grow into your power, becoming bigger and stronger than those younger or smaller than yourselves, it can be very enticing to use your power to boost your inadequate sense of self worth – inadequate compared to those bigger than you, or compared to adult authority figures – by frightening, intimidating or hurting others. Doing so gives you “a rush,” a sense of invincibility that is very satisfying, and the danger is that it will become addictive.

If your upbringing has been abusive you may never have seen or experienced wise adult behavior, and so you may have learned to rely on yourself and never to trust anyone in order to ensure your survival. Now, however, having chosen a spiritual path of growth, as you all have, you need to move away from your belief in force and compulsion as the means for your survival. If you are still inhabiting an environment where peaceful co-existence is not an option then you probably need to move away.

If everyone on Earth who is in an environment of violence, hate, and oppression, refused to engage but instead moved away, then the violence would wind down quite rapidly as those willing to fight or looking for a fight would find themselves seriously short of opponents. But this environment is illusory, and at the level of the illusion these problems cannot be resolved, because those involved do not want to remove themselves because they know that they are in the right and they have an intense need to prove it to themselves and to others. And many who would move away are, for numerous reasons, unable to do so.

And this brings us to back to the task in hand, the task that you as Light workers and Light bearers have undertaken so courageously and lovingly. That task is to be Love, which is what in truth you are, and to demonstrate that constantly in your daily lives. You know that is why you are on Earth, you know you incarnated to fulfill this divine task, and you know that you have unprecedented help from all of us in the spiritual realms.

You cannot fail because you are divinely supported in every moment, so do not fall for the line of reasoning that suggests that for civilized humanity to survive – it is interesting to see who makes the judgment about who is civilized – bigger and better military and intelligence agencies need to be funded and supported. And of course you will not fall for that line of reasoning because it has been proved beyond all doubt that it is utterly false.

Be Love, share that Love, and watch with joy as those around you do likewise. Tremendous changes are in progress, and they are leading you irresistibly forwards to your inevitable awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

How do we feel about ourselves?

The #1 problem with most of us is our idea of our relationships. I’m not  talking about just relationships with another person, but with everything, our work, our money, our experiences, our wants, our don’t wants, our love life, our bodies, our over all personal encounters with our life. We generally feel that we have little or no control over what happens in our life, we are pretty much a victim to our inner and outer ideas of life and its circumstances. We have forgotten that life is a spiritual challenge to find the value of it and all of it’s adventures. There is a simple, easy and effective solution to all of the above reactions. (in case you accept that you have any of what I’m talking about) the cure or the way to change it all, is your relationship with yourself, when you are O.K. just as you are and understand your true value, you will then recognize the value of everything. Until we learn to love, appreciate and respect our self, we are victims of judgment and beggars for respect. It all depends on the way we feel about ourselves. We are the key to our own happiness. Here is a long Challenging from Saul  to emphasize my point.
Message from Saul
by John Smallman
Turn towards the Light which will never reject you.
All are One. You all know that, you accept it as a basic fact or concept, and then you dismiss it from your minds as you go about your daily affairs. But you need to make it a part of yourselves, an aspect of yourselves that you carry in your conscious awareness at all times, otherwise it remains as meaningless to you as any field of study of which you have only vague knowledge and that holds no interest for you; an idea that is unimportant and is therefore readily dismissed and forgotten.
The fact that all are One is an aspect of Reality that you cannot afford to dismiss off-handedly, and as of no interest, while you go about your daily routines. Awareness of it needs to be an important and distinctive characteristic of your personal field of sentient consciousness. If you shut it out of your awareness then you are putting yourselves on auto-pilot, allowing your egos to rule your attitudes and behaviors, as the real You, the eternal part that is One with Source takes a nap. Then later, maybe, it becomes apparent that something strange has happened and you find yourself struggling with issues and conflicts that are quite disturbing, and wondering what could have caused them.
Then ego suggests to you that nothing untoward has happened that it cannot cope with on your behalf, so you bury the cares that disturbed you in your unconscious, that vast dump where so much junk, gathered and disposed of over the years, festers and grows rancid. But eventually that junk dump is going to make its presence felt, and you will have to deal with it. In fact for many of you now, all that buried and denied garbage is blasting its way into your awareness causing you considerable discomfort.
When you find yourselves experiencing long forgotten painful memories just allow them to flow, like the weather they will pass, do not judge them or yourselves, but if you find yourselves unable to resist doing so, then forgive yourselves afterwards. Remind yourselves yet again that the environment that you appear to inhabit is illusory, as are all the pain, sufferings, conflicts, and betrayals. You are, and always will be, the beloved children of God created perfect – not your bodies which are basically ego-driven vehicles in which you are riding – and therefore remaining eternally perfect. Those memories, however painful, are part of the games of separation that you have been playing, and are unreal. When you awaken they will be gone.
However, while you remain within the illusory world of distrust, suffering, and betrayal, forgiveness is your steadfast and constant ally. Practice it, become adept. Your ego’s shrill protests that you either need to feel intense guilt for what you have done, or that you need to be recognized and compensated for wrongs done to you are distractions that attempt to divert you from your path to awakening. Reality is a state in which only Love is present, and by forgiving you divest yourselves of all that is in opposition to It, of all the judgments and anxieties to which you are clinging in fear and anger, thus clearing your hearts so that Love may enter.
When ancient issues, long since buried and only faintly remembered, seem to overwhelm you remind yourselves that they are coming up for release, and not as a punishment for bad behavior to fill you with guilt. Feelings of unworthiness, for instance, that you use as a cloak or veil under which to hide because you believe that Love, God, your Father would reject or shame you if you entered into His presence. Ask your friends in the spiritual realms – whoever is your favorite saint, angel, guide, or mentor – to help you to feel the field of Love in which you are eternally held safe and secure. When you ask for this, when you seek to know that you are dearly loved, you release some of the blocks to Love and allow It to flow through you once again bringing you peace and certainty of your divine connection. It is a bit like aerating stagnant water to refresh and revitalize it. However, allowing Love to flow through your hearts, even if only temporarily as you take a break from your feelings of guilt and unworthiness, is far more uplifting and invigorating.
The distractions of the illusion consistently draw your attention to all that is unloving – distrust, deceit, corruption, hardship, etc. – and when you focus there fear and helplessness can easily overwhelm you. But you are coming Home, you are going to awaken into Reality; it is inevitable, unavoidable, and for that give thanks, and then focus your attention there, tell yourself: “I am going to awaken!” Deep within yourself you do know this, so to reaffirm it is a most valuable exercise in preparation for this inevitable, imminent, and awesome event.
You are dearly loved, you always have been, and you always will be. However, momentarily, the truth of that eludes you, and so we in the spiritual realms are constantly reminding you, bringing that truth back into your awareness through myriad channeled messages, and by giving you a loving squeeze when you make contact with us during your periods of prayer, contemplation, or meditation.
You have not been abandoned, left alone, forgotten. That could never happen. But you have allowed yourselves to become very deeply immersed in the unreal and nightmarish world of the illusion, and it is from that you are to awaken. Forgiveness is an essential part of your awakening process because it frees you of the guilt and shame with which you have so heavily burdened yourselves, giving you the courage and the desire to turn towards the Light instead of feeling afraid of it and turning away to avoid rejection.
Fear of rejection is a major aspect of the illusion with which many of you are dealing almost constantly, and within the illusion you do experience it. However, like all aspects of the illusion it is unreal! You are all divine beings eternally and infinitely loved and embraced by God, and that can never change. So turn towards the Light which will never reject you, wake up, and rejoice in the wonder of knowing yourselves once more as you truly are.
With so very much love, Saul.

Another eclipse tomorrow

There is another eclipse tomorrow increasing again the necessity pf our being response-able for how we choose to use or energy when we think, speak, feel and act. We really need to be more aware of our doubts, our anxiety, our habit of questioning the values of the changes that we are involved in physically, mentally, emotionally and worldly. Our focus needs to be on Trust and Faith. Our individual purpose is to lighten up, use our energy in a positive manner, not to question and fear. So lets be a little bit more response-able. First it feels great and every little bit helps everything. Here is some inspiration from Jesus through Saul.
by John Smallman
Intensify your intent and determination to awaken!
Despite your doubts and anxieties the moment for your grand awakening draws ever closer. It seems that we have been telling you this for years, and we have, but it is still true, and thus we keep on reminding you, reinforcing the idea of its imminence, because it is your collective intent and will that is about to bring it on.
You have made the collective intent to awaken, but there is much foot dragging among you due to anxiety about what your awakening actually means, and because you are accustomed to the illusion and are familiar with all the problems with which it constantly presents you. Many also fear that the conveniences to which you have become accustomed over the last sixty or seventy years will no longer be available due to energy shortages as you use up the earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate. One aspect of the illusion is a strong aversion to change because change has often brought confusion, pain, and suffering, and so you choose to move ahead cautiously because impetuosity has so often led to conflict and war, and even now many of you are concerned about the possibility of a new war in the Ukraine.
Intensify your intent and determination to awaken! Doing so strengthens and enlarges the individual fields of Love that extends around each one of you, and, as you well know, Love is the solution to every issue with which you have to deal. But one of the major problems is that most of the time you do not believe it! And yet you can see clearly that anything that is in opposition to Love can never succeed in solving any of your multitudinous, and presently seemingly, insoluble problems.
Please remember that you are all beings of Love. There are no exceptions! And yes, many are behaving unlovingly, which is due to fear and lack of trust. But maintaining those attitudes only accentuates that fear and lack of trust. All your channeled sources, all your mystics and all your wise spiritual advisers keep telling you that in the face of attack do not defend yourselves. 
Because you are beings of Love, Love is what you seek. But ingrained fears and anxieties as a result of previous conflicts tend to encourage you to approach each new meeting or interaction with suspicion and even hostility. If you would let go of those fears and approach each situation with loving intent you would be amazed at the calming effect that you have on all involved, especially as more than you had hoped for is achieved.
However, many people are permanently on the defensive and are thus enveloping themselves in energy fields of distrust that threaten violence, and this is felt by those with whom they interact. What this demonstrates is that defence is a form of attack, or an unwise reaction to an expected attack, or is even of itself a preemptive attack driven by fear that merely increases the tensions people experience as they meet and prepare to interact. Nearly all of you have experienced these kinds of tensions, they are never comfortable, and often lead to tears.
What you so often focus your attention on are your personal worries and concerns, and by focusing on them you attract them to you, and in doing so you upset the loving balance that stabilizes your individual energy fields. So focus instead on Love! If you do you will find your lives changing for the better, and an aura of peace and stability will envelop you, and will be felt by others as they engage with your now loving energy field. Your energy fields are very powerful, but due to the limitations that your bodies impose upon you very few of you can actually sense or see them, and so you remain unaware of the power that you possess and project in every moment. You are effectively working in the dark! (Pun intended.)
Those who can sense and/or see these energy fields have talked about them, described them, written about them, and used them for healing, but generally unless you personally experience these energies it is very difficult for you to accept that they exist. Your science has made considerable progress in this area recently, but for most people it is as alien a field as electronics, computer technology, or nuclear physics. What you cannot see or understand you tend to ignore.
This is changing as the new generation, basically those under 35 years of age, are beginning to extend their boundaries of awareness and feel the energies about which many have talked and written but which few have felt. This growing awareness is one of the reasons why so many are now accepting the fact that everything is interconnected, nothing is isolated, alone, or totally unaware of the whole. Therefore every thought, word, or action affects the whole.
This new awareness of the interconnectedness of everything has been developing slowly for the last two or three centuries, and has become increasingly noticeable in the last fifty years or so. Growing knowledge about ecology, global warming, and the need to respect the planet that allows human existence to continue, has led to movements and organizations forming to encourage and then insist on individuals taking responsibility for their behavior and life choices.
It can easily be seen that your planet can provide abundantly for all of you if you behave with wisdom and restraint instead of continuing with the greedy and rapacious activities born of your industrial revolution and the unrestrained operations of the multinational corporations that this has spawned. Your technological abilities have, of late, grown far, far faster than your wisdom and intelligence. That is now changing as the younger and wiser among you move into positions of authority in order to bring about the changes essential to humanity’s continued survival and well-being on the planet.
Change is happening very rapidly now, and very few of you remain unaware at least of that. The collective choice and decision to awaken has been made and cannot be reversed. Your task is to hold that intent, to hold your ever brightening Light on high so that all may see it, and you do this by being loving in everything you think, say, or do. It does not mean going out proselytizing, telling people that they are wrong, that they need to clean up their acts, it means simply demonstrating love by your words and behaviors, and by the thoughts you share.
It is very simple, but can seem a little frightening if you have seen yourself as a quiet, spiritual person leading a quiet and maybe almost solitary life. Truly, many of you have found yourselves rather alone as you have followed your spiritual paths, and now you have to be ready to move forward into the brightness of the Light that you have been carrying so steadily for so long. Daily meditation is an essential aspect of your lives, now even more than ever, so do not let even one day pass without engaging in it. And as you do ask for help, ask for a love squeeze, and settle into the peace and joy that it will bring you, knowing that you are most successfully doing precisely what you came on Earth to do.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

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