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Homework for all:

Imagine a world free of pollution, free of want, free of disease, free of disaster. Imagine a world populated with smiling, laughing, happy, joyous people—all radiantly healthy, all abundantly supplied, all loved and loving. Get the feel of such a world, and put yourself right in the middle of it. Think of yourself as filled with life and energy and vitality, with a body that is strong and vibrant. See yourself surrounded with abundance and enjoying true prosperity. See yourself doing what you love and loving what you do, unbound and free. See yourself with the capacity to embrace and love and serve evry single man and woman and child on this planet, regardless of who they are or what they have done—and feel that unconditional love radiating from you to all, and returning from all to you. Let there be peace in your hearts!

Selamat Ja!
Sirian for “Be in Joy!”


In case you haven’t done this lately it may be time to do it. If this is an on going habit for you then just appreciate that others may be ready to up to date their self evaluation. Take the time to make three lists. #1 Make a list of the things about your self that you like. #2 Make a list of the things about yourself that you don’t like. #3 Make a list of what you are going to do to move the things on list #2 to list #1. Now just before you go to sleep at night, reflect on your day and count how many times during the day you made a positive effort to achieve your new you, and congratulate yourself on your successes. An easy way to make new changes is of course to use ‘I don’t do that any more, I want to feel good’ and then mention the new expression. Making purposeful changes in our habit patterns can accomplished easily with perseverance, Just do it!

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