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Heart to Heart

This channeling is so long I’ll post it over three days. I hope you’ll like it, I sure did.


My beloved child. I am speaking to you from a place beyond time and beyond space. I am to be found in the midst of you. I am to be found inside of your hearts. If you sit down and quietly still your mind and all your inner noise, you can hear me. I speak to you. I speak to all of you every day. But not all of you listen. But do know that I never give up. I am always there for you, patiently waiting for you to once again turn to me, to open up the door in your heart that leads you to me. The road to get there is not long, and it is not difficult. You can do it here and now, in the now. In the deepest of the deepest of the now. The life you’re living today is hindering you from experiencing me. You’re running, you’re hurrying, you’re living in achievement, in worry, in pain, in fear, in lack and in conflict. You’re living in emotional and mental prisons that have made you deaf and blind to see and hear all the miracles that are played out around you. The so-called “reason” and rationality lays a muffling blanket over your heads. Once you were children, you have all turned your backs on me, feeling that there was no room for you to be who you in truth are – divine creative beings, limitless, loving and fantastic.


You are amazing. You are limitless. There is nothing that you can’t do. And I love you, my beloved children, I love you unconditionally. You don’t need to be anything in particular, you need not do anything in particular, you don’t need to achieve anything, have a particular title, earn money, have some particular ability – to be loved. You are perfect just through your very being, through your very existence. Never forget that. You don’t need to accomplish anything in particular to have a value, to have a right to live on Earth and take up your rightful place. You have not come to Earth to fight, to go to war, to suffer, and to constantly be in fear. You have been born on Earth to love, to create, to enjoy yourself and to play.


Each and every one of you carries an endless capacity for creating new solutions. Each one of you carries a seed within you, to the New World which is about to be created. You carry the solutions within you. Each of you has a special role to play in your present life. There is a reason that you were born right here and right now, and that you have come here tonight. Nothing happens by chance. There is no “chance.” There are no “accidents.” There is no “luck.” Everything that happens and will happen, happens for a reason. Each one of you has specific tasks and special gifts. Many of them, you have not yet discovered; they lie dormant within you. You have infinite potential. But you need to take your time to begin to explore that potential, and to take yourself seriously and to start listening to your inner voice. Living in love, truth and humility does not mean making yourself small, as many believe. Quite the contrary, it is about realizing your own greatness. Hiding yourself is quite easy, but to dare to stand up for your own greatness and your own divinity is frightening. I would like to encourage you to dare to show who you are. Open up your true potential. Blossom and grow to become who you really are.


The children on Earth are incredible beings, with so much love, divine presence, joy, trust and creativity within them. Unfortunately, this is being shut down as the years go by, since the children are exposed to something called “upbringing,” “school” and “teaching.” I understand that it might be difficult for you to understand what I mean, because this is such an integral part of your society and your values. But you must see that children are already complete when they are born. They don’t need to learn anything, they already know everything. There is no one closer to God and the divine than the newborn child. It is we humans, all of you along with me, who need to learn from the child. I speak most clearly through the newborn child. There is no one who possesses as much wisdom as an infant. It is we who would need to go to “school,” learning from the children, learning to play and to feel joy, limitlessness and presence in the now. Of course it’s good to give children guidance, but it’s not the same thing. Of course you may want to learn to read and write. That’s not what this is about, but it’s about how the society is structured.
You have created a world of little boxes. A world of separation where you organize life through time, where children have certain schedules they must follow, where they have certain subjects they must learn, which are then interrupted by other subjects. They are separated from their parents, their siblings, their relatives and herded together with other peers. The school system creates a world where children end up in hierarchies in relation to each other. They don’t get the presence of and the guidance from their families and their loved ones that they need. The parents, in their turn, sit in the box next to them. They go to their workplaces and are divided in their hierarchies, isolated from the ones they love. The children are shut out of the adult world and often feel that they have no place there, as if they didn’t have an important role to play, almost as if they are in some kind of storage. And the parents are constantly walking around with feelings of guilt because they don’t have time for their children, and all the other thousands, millions of projects that need to be taken care of in your world.
You have built yourselves a world of many “musts.” You have built yourselves a world of many responsibilities, rules and social expectations. You have, in your part of the world, the so-called “rich” part of the world, a very high social standard, where many people – not all, but many – are doing very well. But despite your high standard, you have less and less of what is most important: “time,” the ability to be present in the moment and to be able to let go of time. As long as you continue to resist the Divine Flow and timelessness through organizing your life through time, you will have to run faster and faster and faster, and your lack of time will become larger and larger, and the pressure on you will become stronger and stronger. It will never end, until you one day collapse and something gives way, because something has to give, since you live in struggle.
You are fighting against your own inner truth and the human’s natural way of living. You live your lives in a constant uphill battle. This rational, reasoning approach to life, time and existence, the way you separate and divide life into different units to create hierarchies, to distinguish between emotion and reason, and to suppress you intuition – has created a world that is not human. Humanity is about to commit collective suicide, if you continue down the road you are now on. But you already know this. You have a choice. You can create change – and this is where your own greatness comes into play. You can create change by starting to create change in your own lives. Remember that you are divine beings. You are all one. You are one with each other, with all of humanity. You are one with the Earth and you are one with Infinity. That means that what you do affects everyone else.

Heart to heart

We only have one enemy…between our ears! Until you defeat your own enemy you are in permanent limitation. Our belief system controls our reactions and denys us the ability to respond consciously. Our childhood doubts and fears keeps us in our heads and confuses our hearts ability to manifest self love. All love begins with the way we love ourself. Love is the answer to everything inside and out.

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