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Our thoughts becomes things

Our thoughts becomes things

If we had any idea of how valuable we are and how important we are, as a part of the  evolution of our planet, we would be more response-able for how we think about what we do and how we do it. We are far from insignificant. Our thoughts become things, when we think, we create, when we think about what we don’t want or don’t like, we create more what we think about. When we think about what we do like or what we do want, we create more of that. So think about it, what do you really want if you could have it? What kind of life and what kind of world would you like to be apart of and live in? Not only do your thoughts add to creating what you choose to think about, they attract to you what you believe you deserve and we all deserve the best life and the most wonderful world that we can imagine. We are really magicians and don’t realize it, so why not plan for a miracle. This has nothing to do with other people, we can’t change them or make them different in any way, that’s up to them. We can though,set an example of how we can do it and we may inspire them to do the same and it feels good when we are dong it, Be intelligent and plan for a miracle. Here is some inspiration from Hilarion.
by Marlene Swetlishoff
February 22-29, 2015
Beloved Ones,
As you sit at the crossroads wondering which way humanity will choose to go, know that you are not helpless ones – you have ability to effect changes to the morphogenetic fields (fields which influence the pattern or form of things) that surround all situations. These are fields of habitual patterns that link all people, fields which influence and are influenced by, the habits of all people, whether of knowledge, perception or behaviour. It is a field that exists where each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and one which also contributes to the collective memory which affects other members of the species in the future. (See links below.) This is why we tell you that you are more powerful than you know and why mindfulness in your thoughts, words and deeds is so very important. It is through your focused intention, your love, your intuitive clarity and your light that changes to the current patterns in these fields take place. You are the ones that affect them!
It is all a matter of perspective as you work through these fields. Making an assessment of each situation encountered and learning everything about it that you can, looking at all the advantages and disadvantages to decide which road to take that is offered to you, you then choose the best option for you. Trust yourself, make that decision and believe that you are choosing the best option at the current point in time. Perhaps the passage of time will show you that it was not the best way to go, if that is the case, be prepared to face the consequences and make adjustments as necessary and learn from the experience. Life is all about living it instead of remaining a bystander or a passive observer to your own life. Too many people have been conditioned to wait for another person to do what needs to be done. This conditioning must now be changed. It requires your determination and awareness for this to occur. You can do it.
As the energies upon the planet increase, there is more fluidity in all things and so your ability to affect the morphogenetic field is greatly amplified. Caution is required in your daily thoughts and activities. Begin your day by aligning with your divine essence and stay true to this alignment through all activities throughout your day. Repeat powerful affirmations that reinforce your highest vision and highest outcome, not only for yourselves and those you love but for everyone upon your planet. See yourselves as the powerful and wise beings that you truly are and step into those shoes! Become those powerful beings who wield their power for good to manifest into their world. You have come this far because of your strong will and determination to be here during these times and it is not the time to allow all that hard work and effort to fall by the wayside.
Continue in your efforts and in your allowance to release and clear the energies that are still coming to the surface and remember that they are not always because of anything that you have personally endured and experienced and are personally responsible for. Many times, it is a clearing that is occurring for the entire collective morphogenetic field that greatly influences and affects all life. You are playing a part that was agreed to be played before your current incarnation. It is a time of major release for everyone and everything that has previously been conditioned and affected by the old paradigm systems and as you do this work, keep yourselves as energetically clear as possible. You are one of many major lightworkers for your planet and everything you are currently experiencing is for the greater good of all, even though it may not feel like it in the moment.
You have great ability to transmute the denser energies that are keeping humanity from greater awareness of the true nature of their lives upon this planet. Allow your light to shine like a blazing sun and radiate this light from your heart chakra to everyone and everything that surrounds you. As ambassadors of light and love for the Creator, your actual presence does and will continue to make a difference. You are assisting in bringing ancient knowledge and wisdom into the modern world in a way that is appropriate for the current civilization to absorb and ponder upon and learn from, linking the past with the future. You are the anchors and the conduits, the beautiful rainbow bridges of love and full spectrum light, that diamond light, truly making its presence felt upon your planet.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

Importance of feeling good!!

I keep hearing on the importance of feeling good as the key to expansion of consciousness and it is. A good and easy way to increase feeling good is to do a nice gesture to others, a smile, a helping hand, an uplifting comment, a coin or two to a street person, any thing that you can do that will make you and someone else feel good, a gift of love and compassion. We are in the closing weeks of the end of 2014 a year of increased spiritual awareness and many of us have become more interested in the understanding of our selves and our spiritual reality. We are being more loving to ourselves and others and are seeing changes in ourselves and the world. The more open we become the more we see and realize the advantages that feeling good attracts. We are planting the seeds of the kind of a world we want our children to live in and we can come back to. We are on our way to being more and more of what we really are and less and less of what we no longer care to be. We are expanding and developing into the person we came here to be.
Here is a channeling on expansion that may inspire and encourage our inner growth.
by Marlene Swetlishoff
November, 2014
Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as expansion. When one’s consciousness expands, one’s experience of life then becomes richer, deeper and more real. Without the limitations that one used to place on one’s self, life opens up and becomes enjoyable. One begins to see people as friends instead of enemies and to see challenges rather than impossibilities. There is more clarity in everything that one does and life radiates with unlimited possibility and aliveness. When one expands their consciousness, one starts to blend into reality and to flow with life instead of against it. They realize that they don’t need to do or get anything in order to be themselves. They know all about themselves and what makes them happy, joyful and confident and because of this knowing, there is freedom and a vivid clarity instead of confusion in the choices that they make. They experience more ease instead of struggle in their daily living. They get more done and they feel better and live a more authentic life.
An expansion of consciousness takes place in one’s life which is part of the essence of one’s entire experience of life. The process of expanding one’s consciousness brings a sense of connectedness with all of life. With the expansion of consciousness comes new ways of seeing reality. This changes everything. One sees things that one could never have conceived of before. Old philosophies and religions suddenly appear naive and give way to a far more profound understanding. A profound transformation in one’s consciousness, in one’s way of understanding and interacting with reality takes place. Expansion is the inevitable result when this occurs because that is the direction that all human consciousness as a collective is currently headed. All of humanity is beginning to love and accept themselves and each other in ways they previously thought was not possible. They are finding freedom from fear and are experiencing a return to a full awareness of their eternal being. They are beginning to live in a full vibration of love and self-acceptance, and they understand that there are no limitations except those that they place upon themselves.
Each individual becomes aware of their creative capacities and their radiant potential. They become aware as humans with finite identities to relate to their infinite identities and divine essence. They become aware of the energy of consciousness. They strive to embody the awareness of their higher self which is the energy of the cosmos within each individual and is the dormant energy within them that expands their awareness. A new clarity brings expansion of their perceptions. They understand the effect and impact of an action before they take it. They see they have a choice whether to act or not to act. Their mind awakens from its long nap and they stop living in imaginary realities. They become committed to their purpose and to their service to the world. They see, sense and enjoy the abundant pleasure of life which has always been available to them. They begin to understand the reality of the unlimited power that is the essence of their soul. Their gifts are integrated into their everyday behavior and actions and their talents become a practical part of their human life as they awaken to their potential to create good in the world around them.
Each individual is empowered to make more daring choices and each has the energy to create a bountiful and exciting life. They step beyond their perceived conscious limits into the expansion of their capacity to realize their divine origins and identity. They bring all aspects of their being – their mental faculties, their emotional energy and their physical structure into balance, alignment and equilibrium. They expand their capacity to express, to experience, and to share their infinite self. They begin to release their attachments to the familiar and to the past, to the fear of change and the unknown, to limited and restrictive beliefs and self-destructive habits. They let go of old feelings and wounds and the feeling that something is lacking or wrong with them. They heal their wounds with the power of love which gives them the experience that they are complete and whole. Their wholeness and expanded physical foundation helps them deal calmly and gracefully with the mental, emotional and spiritual facets of their lives. They recognize what is real and uncover that which is important to them. Their inner compass leads them toward their goals in order to live their life resourcefully and passionately.
The expansion of knowledge becomes real wisdom only when each individual has experienced it in their own heart, their own mind, their own body and their full being. It is the experience of this integrated wisdom that sustains and consistently supports them. It is through experience that positive habits are formed. It is through experience that the horizon of their awareness is broadened. It is through experience that they radiate joy, express creativity and embody spirit in their everyday human life. As they discern this truth at the core of their being, it gives them the ability to follow the path of their heart. When they are able to act from their heart-felt truth, they experience fulfillment within themselves, success in their lives and bliss in their existence. The joy of acting from their truth is one of the sacred gifts of being human and they realize that there is nothing more wonderful than feeling good in all aspects of their lives. The establishment and expansion of a conscious relationship between their personality and their infinite soul strengthens their radiance which gives them a greater capacity and expanded impact in living a rich and fulfilled life.
As I take my leave, may these words bring expansion and understanding within your mind and heart.
I AM Archangel Gabriel
©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Need to change

The reason life seems so complicated and difficult is because of how we think. If we want to change any of our ways of thinking, we need to change the old way of how we have been thinking. We are creatures of habit, we have decided what we think every thing is, decided what we should do about it, decided how we should feel about it, decided that this is how we function in relation to it, now we store it in our protective and reactive part of our brain and then act the same way every time the same things show up in our life again. This is why changing any old habits takes so much effort, we are replacing these old habits with new habits and we have to convince our mind that we mean it. When it comes to habitual function our mind is cautious and reluctant to let go of what we have programmed it to do, it is threatened by change and takes convincing. New and different choices are questionable and unproven so we have to convince our mind that we really mean it and that takes persistent repetition, we have to work at it and prove to our mind that we mean it.
Speaking about change, here is a channeling from Tom Kenyon from the Hathors, some of our essential lineage, some very interesting information.
A Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon
Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality
Due to time-acceleration and cosmic forces far beyond your control you are in the midst of a crescendo of interlocking Chaotic Nodes.
In past messages we have referred to the interaction of chaotic events as a Chaotic Node, singular, but in this instance we are referring to a more complex phenomenon—what we are calling Chaotic Nodes, plural.
Depending upon your vibratory resonance you will be affected in unique ways by the escalation of chaotic events. Those of you sensitive to the ecosystem of this planet may be experiencing extreme duress as you witness the degradation of the ecosystem and the loss of many species of life.
Another Chaotic Node, in addition to the Chaotic Node of your ecosystem, is the stress of interpersonal communications. This is a very complex situation, and it is partly due to the shifts in magnetic fields upon your planet, making short-term memory and cognitive sequencing difficult during energetic shifts—and these energetic shifts are accelerating. Irrational behavior, desperation and feelings of utter hopelessness are on the rise. As the deterioration of both the ecosystem and interpersonal communications increase we anticipate even more cultural and social instability.
There is a growing sense among many that something is terribly wrong, and along with this is the feeling that there is no solution. In this instance we agree with something Albert Einstein once said, which is that the solution to a problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem.
From our perspective, the escalation of Chaotic Nodes is creating tidal waves of intense chaotic energies that many of you are finding difficult to contend with. Furthermore, your automatic reflexive ways of dealing with change are increasingly ineffective.
There is a fork in the road, so to speak, that you have entered both individually and collectively. One path from this fork will lead you into a type of madness and an inability to function in practical ways. For those who take this fork, escapism will be on the rise. Self-destruction both individually and collectively will also increase in this period.
Many of you who have an opportunity to transition out of third-dimensional reality into other dimensions will take it.
Without mincing words, to use one of your phrases, we would say you are entering one of the more difficult passages of planetary transformation.
Spirituality Liquid Buddha
At this fork in the road, one path leads to self-destruction, madness, despair and hopelessness while the other fork leads to a deeper connection with your interdimensional or spiritual nature. It is this fork in the road we wish to explore.
It is not an either/or proposition. Many of you who possess a transcendent and interdimensional or spiritual sense of yourself may find yourselves, from time-to-time, on the path to madness and self-destruction in spite of your self-knowledge.
This is because your 3-D reality is oscillating. And the rapid changes in your third-dimensional existence are accelerating at a faster rate than your biological organism might be capable of handling. The extreme stresses upon your biological nature must be dealt with if you wish to avoid the path to madness and self-destruction.
In its simplest terms the requirement to successfully make this passage through the escalation of Chaotic Nodes is deep authentic contact with your interdimensional or spiritual nature and the self-renewal that arises from such contact.
We are therefore sharing a sound meditation for this purpose. There are no complex geometries involved. There is nothing that needs to be done when engaging this sound meditation other than placing your awareness in your entire physical body.
The sound patterns are a direct transmission from the light realms into the language of your biology. It is a counter-force to the chaos and the confusion that is creating stress within your biological nature. It is short in length because many of you are time-stressed. You have too much to do in too little time because you are trying to hold the old world together as time accelerates. All we can say to you from our perspective is that holding the old world together is “mission impossible.” Letting go of the old world, and your attachment to how you think you need to be, is part of what is required to take the higher path.
Our suggestion is that you listen to this sound meditation as often as you wish and when you listen to the sound patterns, focus your awareness in the physical reality of your being (your physical body).
All that is required to successfully engage this sound meditation is to listen to it with awareness in your physical body and the cellular structure of your body will unwind and release stress and delusional states of perception giving you a greater possibility to enter a higher path.
We are calling this sound meditation The Elevatron, because the root of the word means to elevate, and it also refers to the electronic nature of your biological reality. This sound meditation is a direct transmission of energy from the light realms into the bioelectric, bio-chemical and quantum realities of your body for the purpose of elevating your vibratory rate in consciousness.
In the final analysis, your personal experience of the escalation of interlocking Chaotic Nodes will depend solely upon the vibratory resonance you have attained or failed to attain. The responsibility for this passage as an individualized being, embodied in time and space, is solely and completely your responsibility.
We wish you a good journey on the high road.
The Hathors
October 14, 2014
Go to for information on the Sound Meditation

Need to be More Positive

I am constantly amazed by how difficult some of us make our lives. It’s so easy and simple to just pay attention to how we think, speak and feel and choose to change any unconscious negative use and habits, that not only make us feel bad but will bring us more of the same, until we decide that feeling good is an intelligent choice. We’ve been victims to our use of our energy long enough, are we stupid, lazy, masochists or what/? Who’s doing the thinking? are we negative robots, helpless creatures of habit, choice less sufferers? or are we capable of being response-able for choosing to feel good? The choice is and always has been ours. Free will means choice, even no choice is a choice. So in case you haven’t taken the response-ability to feel good or if you just need to increase you efforts get with it. You only recognize the wonderful rewards that feeling good gives us until it’s your experience.

Be a Nike…JUST DO IT ! or DO IT MORE !..
Feeling Good is the key to attracting what we really want, the key to awareness of who we really are and the key to freedom of limitation.

First Law in our world is Free Will

The first Law in our world is Free Will, which of course means Free Choice and even No Choice is a choice. The basic choice is what we do when we gather information and choose what we are going to do with it. When we are gathering information and wisdom, is it to share our awareness and wisdom with others or to inflate our Egos. The conscious spiritual choice is sharing. So if sharing is your choice then you need to learn how to be positive selfish, give yourself what you want the way you want it. The more you give yourself the more you have to share. Only you know what you want, give it to yourself, give yourself  permission to have it then share it with no expectations of getting anything in return.The major thing that we all want is Love, so love yourself, the more you love yourself, the more love you have to share with out expecting anything in return. What we want is not outside, its inside for the taking, its not something we need get from someone else, it’s a gift we need to give our self. Here is what Hilarion has to say.
Weekly Message from Hilarion
by Marlene Swetlishoff
Love your selves – your human self and your Divine self, for you are a wonderful integration of both.
June 15-22, 2014
Beloved Ones,
Many there are who are feeling uplifted and inspired in one moment and in another, find themselves feeling energetically depleted, tired, sleepy, irritable or downright angry. This can happen even though you had the best of intentions to remain balanced and in equilibrium. During these times, it is best to immediately forgive yourselves and replace the disempowering feelings and thoughts with ones that uplift, inspire and remind you that you are in the midst of the greatest metamorphosis that humanity, the Earth and all her kingdoms have ever experienced and that you have chosen to be a part of it. These are the times when adaptability and greater flexibility are required and most important of all, a greater kindness to self. Observe your inner dialogues and begin to change the harsh judgements that you carry towards yourselves. You are all much kinder to others than you are to yourselves. Become your own best friend, one who is always supportive, nurturing and unconditionally loving. This is what you give to others, why not to yourselves?
An individual is not being selfish by honoring themselves first, for without a healthy love and acceptance of self, you cannot truly serve others. When you are happy and feeling positive about your own shining qualities, it is much easier to recognize the same qualities within others. When events in your lives seem to become overwhelming and hard to deal with in an enlightened manner; that is the very time to stop and take a timeout to do something that brings a smile to your face and laughter within your soul. Do not take yourselves or the situation so seriously, for you know, if you stop to take a moment, that you are an individual who is always doing the very best that you can in every instance. Avoid self- recriminations and self-flagellations, for these habits keep you on a disempowering path. This is something only you can do for yourself and it is an important consideration to keep in mind. Spending quality moments connecting to the true essence of your being helps to reenergize and recharge your entire human auric field in a positive and beneficial way.
It is important to pave the way for new habits and new ways of inter-relating with others that constantly focus on all your good qualities. This is your true essence and the truth of who you are! Give yourselves a chance to shine your beautiful light in those situations that used to steal your divine power from you by the habit of berating yourselves for perceived infractions that in all likelihood are not as bad as you seem to think. Love your selves – your human self and your Divine self, for you are a wonderful integration of both. You came to this planet for this very reason and as you do this, it enables and empowers others to accept and integrate all aspects of their selves also.
If you are finding yourselves feeling stuck and unable to move forward, consider beginning a new project, taking a class of instruction in something you have always wanted to learn or even rearranging the furniture in several rooms in your home. Sometimes this instills the feeling of renewed energy and you will find your creative force flowing with inspiration and manifestation. Have faith and trust in spirit and follow through on the guidance and promptings you receive, for you are being guided to help you move into the perfect place on the path you have chosen. Have faith in your own abilities, the choices you make, in the guidance of your heart; have faith in yourself. Any energy you use for this purpose is energy well implemented, for you are worth it!
We remind you that we of the luminous world are ever with you and always by your side. You are loved and cared for. And it is your love, your caring, that this world so deeply needs. Your love holds healing potential, not only for yourselves but a great many people in your sphere of influence. Claim your power, stand tall, claim the magnificent life you have come here to live. YOU are a powerful, magnificent and incredible soul. It is time to let that truth come into your sphere of influence.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

A new era is being birthed

Every little bit helps. We are light-ening up We are winning the war, between Darkness; confusion, doubts, fears, limitations, excepted negative expressions, unconscious habits, judgement’s and LIght; conscious awareness, responsibility, gratitude, appreciation, trust, faith, self acceptance with love, understanding, appreciation and non-judgmental use of our energy. Thanks to us and our efforts, Light is winning. Hooray for us, the more we do, the more we get. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that we are involved and an active part of the manifestation of a new world that we have created. Good for us and everyone else. Increased inner light is contagious. Here is some inspiration for us to keep up the good work that we are doing.
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you with a blessing! Be ever thankful for Heaven’s mercy and sublime grace. Be ever ready to serve the divine and Be in profound joy for what is transpiring across this blessed orb. Heaven instructed us to come to you and ask for your prayers and supplications for the rising of a new world. It is One that brings with it freedom and the granting of spiritual sovereignty to all. Every aspect of this reality’s physical appearance is to transform. This great set of alterations is part of a grander plan for the manifesting of a new epoch for humanity and for the unifying of Gaia’s two realms. We come as harbingers of this new epoch and say in joy that the dark who relish their power and wealth are to see this taken from them. The blessed and the humbled majority of this precious orb are to have their day. This day is to come and bring you messengers such as us to guide you. Hosanna! Hosanna!
These events are underway. Those who began this most precious journey are ready to manifest a whole series of blessed happenings. Each of these is to bring us closer to the day when we can formally appear before you. The lessons that we are to give are to permit each of you to realize what the dark espoused for millennia. These half-lies need to be seen in their true light and compared with what was said to humanity many thousands of years ago. The core of every religion is fundamentally the same. It is about Love and Light. It is about our grand spiritual union with all life. These points need to be reviewed and the true purpose behind them clearly revealed. Then and only then can one start to understand what our blessed brethren meant. In this, you can glean what you are about spiritually and see the true wonder in the Almighty’s infinite Creation.
The beauty of the current situation is that the dark is befuddled by what the Light is doing. When you appear omnipotent for so long, the ongoing events of the day seem insignificant. Nonetheless, they are not. All the deaths, lies and never ending posturing are in reality to no avail. The Light has won because Heaven’s desires are now to manifest. The dark is slowly learning that its former way of doing things is no longer appropriate. Enough people presently recognize the “writing on the wall,” and simply do not believe in what is said or done. The emperor is losing not only his clothes, but also his power. A new way is aborning. This way is to bring in truth, freedom and personal sovereignty for all. This way is to reunite us with all humanity and permit us to bask in the wonders contained within.
Today, we went over what is happening across the globe. A new era is being birthed. It is one filled with joy and the realization that your amazing talents can at last be fully known to you and to all. It is time to watch this manifest and see just how magnificent all of this can be! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

We all want to make positive changes and eliminate old limiting habits

We all want to improve our lives and in our own way we do our best to make positive changes and eliminate old limiting habits. The problem is the same for all of us, we are controlled by our belief system. The reason our belief system is so powerful is because we created it to survive. From conception to 6 1/2 years of age all of our energy is used as Instinctive Survival. Until we are  6 1/2 we aren’t able to reason or discriminate we are doing our best to protect ourselves from the emotional impact of our environment. Until we change this self protecting belief system of ours it will continue to do its best to protect us from Pain, Fear,and fear of more Pain to come. In present time when we are exposed to stress ( which the belief system sees as pain ) we automatically repeat our childhood  survival methods. These protective childhood beliefs are attached to our doubts, fears, and create limiting reactions instead of creative solutions. Our Two Week Life Coaching and Counseling Training is focused on identifying these no longer needed restrictive beliefs and changing them into the ability to create positive responses to stressful situations. Here is an inspiration to inspire you to consider your belief system in a more conscious understanding.
Golden Age Message from the Masters
through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School
PART 1 ~ February 2014
The goal of every life is to come home to the True Self ~ the Presence of God that abides within you and within all of life. When this is your reality, then you are abiding within a unified field that is there to support your well being on every level of your existence. Coming home to the Self that you truly are affects the way the universe can come forward to support you since the universe is inexorably linked into the Love and the Light that is making up the very substance of your Presence. This is the exquisite state of perfection and universal support that comes as a result of you living in Oneness.
~ The Masters within the Councils of Shamballa
In this coming year, there will be much less opposition within the hearts and minds of humanity to the idea that they do indeed have a God Self or Presence that is there to guide them into an entirely new reality founded in Oneness or Unity Consciousness. The opposing forces within the minds of the collective consciousness of humanity are losing ground, just as those are who would seek to keep you in fear or in any way separate from following your true inner authority or from experiencing the magnificent reality of your God Self.
It is truly a tremendous relief to accept that you are never a victim of someone else’s ideas about you and that their mental or emotional projections have no affect upon your true identity in God. Children usually love and respect their parents, yet what they often do not see is how easy it might have become for them to accept their parent’s projections as true within their own life. As the child matures, these projections have usually been assimilated by the ego so completely that they are usually seen as one’s “own” ideas or ideals for their life. It therefore becomes part of their own identity.
However, eventually an uneasiness can arise that signals the soul that something very vital is missing, and that “something” is you living as your True Self or Presence. Until this Self is discovered and acknowledged, a shield often forms around the heart so no one else can project their ideas into your heart, mind or soul. These shields are most often accompanied by a deeply seeded and often hidden fear of experiencing true intimacy with another, yet if oneness is to unfold in this new cycle, this fear must be understood, transformed and lifted out of the heart, mind and the recorded memories that are held within the cells of the body.
This often involves a shift in your beliefs, yet certainly it entails a willingness to be guided by your Presence rather than by your past; for how else can you progress into your true destiny as a co-creator of a new Golden Age founded in Freedom and living in Oneness with all life ~ and now, beloved, is the time!
This begins by shifting your attention to living, loving, listening, speaking and creating as your God Presence since the Presence is never bound by your history or by the good intentions of your parents, friends or teachers. Living as your Presence is truly a very exciting invitation since it involves walking out of the mental and emotional constructs that have kept you bound to the limited belief structures that have curtailed humanity’s mastery for thousands upon thousands of years.
The Light that is presently pouring into your planet is bringing to the surface much of the misinformation that has been holding humanity bound to the 3rd and 4th dimensional domains of their consciousness. Yet many of these creations are no longer serving your overall ascension into Unity Consciousness. Please do not waste your precious time identifying with any limiting creations, even if you know you may have had a part in creating them.
Whatever you have created, you have the power to un-create, and this is far different than actually identifying with the creation. The ego likes to identify with its creations, yet the only thing you really want to identify with is your God Presence. The rest is a play that you wrote so you could see what you needed to do, or not do, to bring yourself into your mastery in this embodiment.
As a master, you have the authority to resolve and dissolve, transmute and transform any of your creations that are not supporting your ascension into living in Unity Consciousness. We are inviting you to use your creative energies wisely during this powerful cycle so you can stop carrying around any sabotaging misinformation within the molecular grids in your body. Your impetus for doing this is so all of your creations can move into harmony and alignment with your Presence, and you can receive the abundant support of the universe.

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