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Free will

What Do You Believe?

If you observe how people govern — or fail to govern — their lives, it turns out that we all register on various points along the scale, starting with free will and self-determination on one end and ranging to no free will and ruled by God or some other higher power on the other end.

Everybody claims to know his or her own place on the free will continuum. This is really interesting as it demonstrates somehow that either most of us simply don’t know how much free will we exercise, or that there is simply no basic rule applicable.

Exercising free will means that your decision is not based on any circumstances or influences from the past or future. Nor is your free will based on moral issues — and absolutely not on personal preferences.

When you closely examine your decisions you will soon see that they are indeed based mostly on existing facts and personal preferences. So how much free will do you really exercise?

What if you follow your intuition or go with your gut feeling? Are these based on free will? Where does intuition come from? Where does your gut feeling come from? You can see that the limits of free blur rather quickly when compared to most non-rational processes.

Your level of free will is determined by the state of your consciousness.

When you base a decision on intuition, you are really exercising free will because you are giving a certain higher level or your consciousness the power to rule. Intuition is free from any indoctrination brought about by past forms of beliefs and concepts.

That’s why success in life has a lot to do with your spiritual path. True success is far beyond what most of society focuses on. Don’t let yourself be pushed into a box by shortsighted claims that money and beauty are all there are to success. Success in your life is not dependent on how much money you have, where you live or if you are in a relationship.

Success is not feeling happy; it is feeling happy about who you are.

Creating Goals Beyond Yourself

Most people start out creating their goals on a physical level — that’s fine, we all do. However, to get further into the power of manifesting you want to learn what is beyond what you call ‘That’s Me’.

‘That’s Me’ is just an assortment of beliefs and experiences that you have collected over time. Compared to who you truly are, it is merely the tip of the iceberg.

To expand your level of control you need to step aside of your usual cause-and-effect thinking. Pay more attention to coincidences. Allow yourself to make spontaneous decisions. Connect and listen to your heart and follow its guidance when it comes to life decisions. Simplify how you live and reduce stress as much as possible. Stress is the biggest challenge in allowing your being to reach a higher potential of awareness.

Manifesting with Higher Purpose

When setting up your intentions and dreams, try to get to the point of what you really want, and not what you think you need. Think about what would be the highest purpose you could fulfill in your lifetime. Imagine — beyond anything that you may think is possible!

When you start doing this, magic happens in your life!

Free will

Free will is the first Law of our world. It’s also a catch 22. Our ability a make new or different choices is essentially controlled by our self created belief system. If we are unaware of what choices are available making new and different choices can be limited by our determination to see new and different possibilities. Looking for new ideas and things to consider is what we do when we become dissatisfied with what we have or know or like in our life and our world. If we could make changes in our life and world what would they be? Most of us do that to a degree, it’s our dream or fantasy world. Now in this new and increasing energy we are experiencing we can plant the seeds for our ideas of a different and better world. Actually that’s our job to create the world and kind of lives we want to see become our reality. Think about it and then do it.

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