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Abraham couldn’t believe it. He shouted with joy. He had been prone on his nose for hours and hours praying that “God could do anything.” “God could take this burden away.” “God could change reality.” Now he realized the message. He was a part of God! Abraham was about to change his reality with the absolute power within him to do so. Abraham was already celebrating as he took the lead up the mountain, his son on his shoulders. He was going to do the very thing he had asked God to do. The message was clear, and Abraham was empowered to make the change himself.

You know how the story ends. Abraham had a picnic with his son at the top of the mountain! Not quite the moral you remembered? Not quite the lesson you were taught about this story? It’s about changing reality. It’s about the power of the Human Being to create visual solutions to the most horrific lessons possible. It’s about victory over fear, and it’s about peace.

~ Kryon, Book VIII as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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