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All You Need is Love

Our silly mind, although extremely valuable as a our functional computer, is so involved with its self and has such an attitude of importance, that it resists simplicity. After all Its job is to protect us and guide us, help us to solve difficult problems and survive in difficult situations, Its name is EGO. When it comes to simplicity, things that contain no struggle, the mind has to make them a struggle or deny its importance, to keep its position of authority. Actually John Lennon’s wonderful and spiritually correct song is the overall answer. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE God, Existence, Spirit, Humankind (us) are all expressions of love, we just forgot and forgetting that we are really love pretending to be a person to see how long we will feel bad instead of feeling good. Feeling good is the door to our Godliness. The more we choose to feel good the more loving we are being to ourselves and the more light we express. Feel good is a loving attitude and with perseverance even our silly Ego cased mind will be effected. It feels good to feel good.
Here is some encouragement from Hilarion’s weekly message.
Hilarion’s Weekly Message
by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Ones, Love abounds and permeates everything. Tune into this warm and gentle but powerful energy and drink your fill each day. Experiment with different tools and techniques that will help you to do this. An easy way for most people to do this is to imagine a time or situation in the past where you experienced this feeling that brought a smile, joy and warmth to your heart and then try to bring that feeling into your heart in the present moment. By this practice you are drawing down the love of the Infinite and bringing it into your own auric field. It is important to keep bringing in these higher energies on a daily basis in order to bring in the new human template and anchor it firmly on Earth within your own bodies which then expands your own light which in turn expands the light of those around you. As the living conduits for the cosmic energies, you perform an invaluable service for the highest good for all when you do this.
As Ambassadors of the Divine, it is incumbent upon each of you to walk your talk, to BE that which you proclaim and intend in every thought, word and deed, to serve as living examples of the divine human here on Earth right here and right now. Perfection immediately is not an expectation, rather, the sincere intent and desire to be that which you in truth ARE, a radiant and powerful being of Light and a mighty force for good. You are each much too hard on yourselves in your expectations of achieving perfection or your perception of that which is perfection. We say that each of you must take time out to just BE and to enjoy the many precious moments of exquisite beauty and wonder that surround you within the elemental kingdom, the nature kingdom and the animal kingdom. These are the jewels that create an extraordinary life experience. It is the little things in life and your notice and observation of these that can help you to expand your own sense of self and the part that you play in the greater picture.
As each of you rides the waves of love that are currently inundating the planet, you help to magnify and expand this by first experiencing it within yourselves. In order to know your own divinity, you must have direct experience of it through the natural mirrors you have been provided and the world around you is filled and overflowing with the magnificence and divinity of all life which has been showing you your own magnificence. All that you have experienced in your life to this point has been enrichment and empowerment to give you the experiences that your soul needed, to enable you to open yourselves up to greater mastery in many different facets of your lives. You might say that each of you have become ‘well rounded souls’, able to understand others with love, empathy and compassion in a way that gives what is needed without depleting your own energies. As you tune into these current waves, you will find yourselves surpassing the former perceptions of limitations and life will be experienced in a more joyful and harmonious way.
Humanity in vast numbers is now awakening. The hearts of all people throughout the world are opening in a great desire to live in a world that is safe, where souls can experience the wonders around them in peace, harmony and prosperity. Humanity as a whole is so very tired of the old paradigm of fear, war and strife and they want to move forward. This heartfelt desire within each person is creating a vibration of Oneness with all living things upon your planet. This is becoming more and more evident if you but look and observe. The animal and bird kingdom has been emulating this new way of being for quite some time. The ‘law of the jungle’ has changed to the law of love and Oneness.
Each of you are deserving of all the good in the world. Open yourselves to receive from the universe that which you have sent out in this and other lifetimes. It is time to become filled with this love and this light that now permeates the atmosphere. Become like a sponge, soaking up the goodness. Shine, shine your goodness! It is now safe for you to do so. Release the shields around your heart space, take a deep breath and allow the expansion of your divine authentic self to begin.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

Be aware of beliefs and take the response-ability to transform limiting habits into positive value

As we come closer and closer to our individual transition the necessity of choosing to be positive (in the light) becomes all the more important. Being aware of our beliefs and taking the response-ability to transform limiting habits into positive value is a must. We need to stop procrastinating and take care of business. One of the strongest hurdles we need to be aware of, is the fear of success, not the fear of failure. A low sense of worth interferes with succeeding, we don’t believe we deserve success so we create reasons to avoid it. I’ve added a quite long channeling today that may have extremely valuable information for you, please read it.
Acknowledging Your Dark Side ~ by Archangel Metatron
Channelled through Natalie Glasson
June 26, 2014
It is with great unconditional love that I present my consciousness and energy to you now, surrounding and embracing you 
completely in the divine vibrations of the Creator.
Something marvelous is occurring upon the Earth at this time and more importantly within the souls and energies of humanity. People are being encouraged to acknowledge their dark side, to give the darkness of any form, that they may hold onto, space within their beings to be heard and to be observed. As the darkness arises it can create chaos as it influences and tries to 
control thoughts, perspectives, opinions and even actions. The darkness seems to turn your divine and acknowledged alignment to the Creator upside down, manifesting feelings of fear, stress, loss, anger and confusion. The truth is that you are now in a space of power as you exist in the space of love within you and so you as well as humanity are ready to deal with and face the darkness so it may surface and be released eternally.
In fact your dark side simply wishes to be acknowledged after being ignored and striving to influence or control you to gain your attention, it simply wishes to be in your presence as you give it your consideration.
Your dark side is an aspect of yourself that rejects love, is fearful of love and doesn’t want to be loved by you, others or the Creator. It is the part of your being that fears the love of the Creator, this fear can manifest for numerous reasons but it stems from the pain of the separation of the soul from the Creator.
Separation and the experience of existing without the Creator consciousness and recognition that is your truth becomes familiar even though it is but a moment in your soul’s journey upon the Earth. The grip you have upon your physical reality and personality could be recognized as your dark side because it is holding you back in recognizing your unity and oneness with the Creator.
While your dark side is fearful of being loved due to a fear of change and the constant flow of the Creator, your dark side is a part of your being that wishes so deeply to be loved completely, absolutely and eternally. The part of you that so desperately wishes to be loved and accepted could be recognised as your dark side because your need to be loved and accepted hinders your realisation that you are already that which you seek. 
Your dark side and the dark sides of humanity, negativity, pain and harmful energies have always been feared in the past, allowing such energies whether small or large to hinder the growth of the light, soul and love within your being. As we enter and exist in the Era of Love you are able to recognise that you are supported by love, you exist as love and you believe in love therefore you can face any form of darkness without fear but with a heart overflowing with love which empowers your entire being giving you heightened strength and loving power. Now you can give space to your dark side or aspect observing without attachment, reaction or anxiety.
This is a very powerful space for you and humanity to be in as it means that true healing can now take place at a conscious level allowing all aspects of your being to be purified to further recognise the Creator within your 
Many of you will have numerous explanations and descriptions of what your dark side is, it is your fears, your ego, your anger, your pain, your doubt, a past lifetime? It is important to acknowledge that your dark side whatever you recognise it to be is present with you for a reason. It is actually more sacred and special than the pure love of your being because your dark side is a catalyst for deeper Creator recognition. If you can work with your dark side free from attachment and reaction then you will be shown a gateway into the deeper truth and love which is the Creator within your being. Many of you who focus upon your light, love and divine essence may not be willing to recognise that you have a dark side to your being, this is of course true, as the dark or negative aspects of your being are just an illusion but they are also tools of spiritual evolution and growth. It is time to recognise that your dark side isn’t bad or evil but can simply be limitations that hinder your realization of the Creator. In truth your dark side simply fears love and yet yearns love with desperation. This doesn’t mean that it is negative or even dark but is an aspect of yourself that requires attention, tenderness, gentleness and of course unconditional love.
Are you ready to accept the aspect or aspects of yourself that fear and yearn the love of the Creator simultaneously?
The answer is that you are ready and in fact all of humanity is ready as these aspects of your being are being shown to you with such vividness but now you have the tools as if you have progressed to a level of consciousness and awareness to realise that many illusions are present which simply require healing, a new perspective and the abundant forgiving love of the heart. The real question is are you ready to exist in a reality detached from the energies that arise within you, not allowing yourself to believe that negative emotions, feelings or thoughts belong to you even if you have created, projected and held onto them. This time upon the Earth is such a powerful time of healing because it is as if you are all graduating to new levels of spiritual evolution. Facing your fears and what could be labeled your dark side will only create greater freedom, happiness and bliss within your reality and being.
At this time the key areas to focus upon are, to heal your fear of love and to heal your yearning to be loved by the Creator, both are healed through the acceptance of your own unconditional love projected to yourself gently and peacefully to instigate and 
inspire the necessary vibrations and beliefs to fall away, thus you unlock the love within your being and experience it more fully.
Both the fear of the Creator’s love and the yearning for the Creator’s love are actually an aspect of yourself not wishing to feel, sense and acknowledge yourself as a complete being of love. Your spiritual evolution and ascension is a journey of you allowing yourself to experience the completeness of your love, each small step reveals the eternal presence and support of your love to you for deeper understanding and recognition.
Here is an invocation that I feel supports you in experiencing that which I am sharing;
‘I now completely and absolutely love myself, especially all aspects of myself that I recognize as my dark side. In my recognition of my complete love within my being I dissolve all fears of love, being loved and the influence of the Creator’s love. I now allow myself to embrace the Creator’s love. I dissolve all feelings of yearning for love of any form as I know the complete love of the Creator exists within me and is a fountain from which I can draw to nurture and nourish my being forever more.’
You may also wish you affirm;
‘I completely accept my fear of and yearning for the Creator’s love, I am the complete love of the Creator, this is my truth.’
As many people face their dark sides maybe even multiple times they will find themselves experience a heightened vibration, light, experience of freedom and a deeper sense of the Creator’s love. It is a process that is required to occur within your being in order to fully manifest and project the Era of Love from your being.
Let all fears subside, you rest in the love of the Creator, allow this understanding to bring deep profound peace.
With unconditional love, 
Archangel Metatron

How do we feel about ourselves?

The #1 problem with most of us is our idea of our relationships. I’m not  talking about just relationships with another person, but with everything, our work, our money, our experiences, our wants, our don’t wants, our love life, our bodies, our over all personal encounters with our life. We generally feel that we have little or no control over what happens in our life, we are pretty much a victim to our inner and outer ideas of life and its circumstances. We have forgotten that life is a spiritual challenge to find the value of it and all of it’s adventures. There is a simple, easy and effective solution to all of the above reactions. (in case you accept that you have any of what I’m talking about) the cure or the way to change it all, is your relationship with yourself, when you are O.K. just as you are and understand your true value, you will then recognize the value of everything. Until we learn to love, appreciate and respect our self, we are victims of judgment and beggars for respect. It all depends on the way we feel about ourselves. We are the key to our own happiness. Here is a long Challenging from Saul  to emphasize my point.
Message from Saul
by John Smallman
Turn towards the Light which will never reject you.
All are One. You all know that, you accept it as a basic fact or concept, and then you dismiss it from your minds as you go about your daily affairs. But you need to make it a part of yourselves, an aspect of yourselves that you carry in your conscious awareness at all times, otherwise it remains as meaningless to you as any field of study of which you have only vague knowledge and that holds no interest for you; an idea that is unimportant and is therefore readily dismissed and forgotten.
The fact that all are One is an aspect of Reality that you cannot afford to dismiss off-handedly, and as of no interest, while you go about your daily routines. Awareness of it needs to be an important and distinctive characteristic of your personal field of sentient consciousness. If you shut it out of your awareness then you are putting yourselves on auto-pilot, allowing your egos to rule your attitudes and behaviors, as the real You, the eternal part that is One with Source takes a nap. Then later, maybe, it becomes apparent that something strange has happened and you find yourself struggling with issues and conflicts that are quite disturbing, and wondering what could have caused them.
Then ego suggests to you that nothing untoward has happened that it cannot cope with on your behalf, so you bury the cares that disturbed you in your unconscious, that vast dump where so much junk, gathered and disposed of over the years, festers and grows rancid. But eventually that junk dump is going to make its presence felt, and you will have to deal with it. In fact for many of you now, all that buried and denied garbage is blasting its way into your awareness causing you considerable discomfort.
When you find yourselves experiencing long forgotten painful memories just allow them to flow, like the weather they will pass, do not judge them or yourselves, but if you find yourselves unable to resist doing so, then forgive yourselves afterwards. Remind yourselves yet again that the environment that you appear to inhabit is illusory, as are all the pain, sufferings, conflicts, and betrayals. You are, and always will be, the beloved children of God created perfect – not your bodies which are basically ego-driven vehicles in which you are riding – and therefore remaining eternally perfect. Those memories, however painful, are part of the games of separation that you have been playing, and are unreal. When you awaken they will be gone.
However, while you remain within the illusory world of distrust, suffering, and betrayal, forgiveness is your steadfast and constant ally. Practice it, become adept. Your ego’s shrill protests that you either need to feel intense guilt for what you have done, or that you need to be recognized and compensated for wrongs done to you are distractions that attempt to divert you from your path to awakening. Reality is a state in which only Love is present, and by forgiving you divest yourselves of all that is in opposition to It, of all the judgments and anxieties to which you are clinging in fear and anger, thus clearing your hearts so that Love may enter.
When ancient issues, long since buried and only faintly remembered, seem to overwhelm you remind yourselves that they are coming up for release, and not as a punishment for bad behavior to fill you with guilt. Feelings of unworthiness, for instance, that you use as a cloak or veil under which to hide because you believe that Love, God, your Father would reject or shame you if you entered into His presence. Ask your friends in the spiritual realms – whoever is your favorite saint, angel, guide, or mentor – to help you to feel the field of Love in which you are eternally held safe and secure. When you ask for this, when you seek to know that you are dearly loved, you release some of the blocks to Love and allow It to flow through you once again bringing you peace and certainty of your divine connection. It is a bit like aerating stagnant water to refresh and revitalize it. However, allowing Love to flow through your hearts, even if only temporarily as you take a break from your feelings of guilt and unworthiness, is far more uplifting and invigorating.
The distractions of the illusion consistently draw your attention to all that is unloving – distrust, deceit, corruption, hardship, etc. – and when you focus there fear and helplessness can easily overwhelm you. But you are coming Home, you are going to awaken into Reality; it is inevitable, unavoidable, and for that give thanks, and then focus your attention there, tell yourself: “I am going to awaken!” Deep within yourself you do know this, so to reaffirm it is a most valuable exercise in preparation for this inevitable, imminent, and awesome event.
You are dearly loved, you always have been, and you always will be. However, momentarily, the truth of that eludes you, and so we in the spiritual realms are constantly reminding you, bringing that truth back into your awareness through myriad channeled messages, and by giving you a loving squeeze when you make contact with us during your periods of prayer, contemplation, or meditation.
You have not been abandoned, left alone, forgotten. That could never happen. But you have allowed yourselves to become very deeply immersed in the unreal and nightmarish world of the illusion, and it is from that you are to awaken. Forgiveness is an essential part of your awakening process because it frees you of the guilt and shame with which you have so heavily burdened yourselves, giving you the courage and the desire to turn towards the Light instead of feeling afraid of it and turning away to avoid rejection.
Fear of rejection is a major aspect of the illusion with which many of you are dealing almost constantly, and within the illusion you do experience it. However, like all aspects of the illusion it is unreal! You are all divine beings eternally and infinitely loved and embraced by God, and that can never change. So turn towards the Light which will never reject you, wake up, and rejoice in the wonder of knowing yourselves once more as you truly are.
With so very much love, Saul.

A time like no other

You are entering a time that is unparalleled in your recorded history. We suggest you walk into this next cycle as an innocent child rather than as one who knows what is going on. Living in the mystery of each unfolding moment is part of living as your Presence and loving more fully from the heart of your Divine nature, which is what your next Golden Age will entail. Part of living in this next cycle involves becoming more neutral in your observations and less attached to the limited conceptual domains of your mind, which is what led humanity into living in fear and duality. The Divine Feminine capacities within the right hemisphere of your brain will be more deeply utilized in your new Age and this will create totally new forms of leadership in your world.

Masters Jeshua & Mary Magdalene and Saint Germain & Lady Portia

Being neutral does not mean being indifferent or having no preferences, yet it does mean being unattached to your limited viewpoints, as new leadership cannot be born out of the mind of an ego that is attached to how it thinks things should be done. The highest solution comes when everyone is fully connected to their Presence whose focus is always on the highest outcome for the greatest good of the whole. This is how we serve together in our Councils of Light on the Ascended Realms, especially since the Orders of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are now working in equal numbers within what were previously either male or female Orders.
You will soon begin to naturally attract one another into Councils of Light on your Earth based on your desire to serve as your Presence. In the Love and Light of Source that we share with you, your Golden Age Councils can then remain aligned with ours when your intentions are always focused on staying in harmony with the Presence of each person in the group.
The home base of your Presence is within the silent chambers of your Spiritual Heart, which is the true temple of your Being. The Presence is also aligned with the etheric domains of your being that are connected into the non-physical energy vortices within and around your body. This etheric intimacy you have with your Presence is expanding during your present cycle because your ascension involves bringing the Love and Light of Source into every cell and atom in your physical body.
Your ultimate potential is becoming one with your Presence and one with the all-embracing Divine Love and Light of God that is holding all of life together. In the silence of your being, your rational, conceptual mind can expand much more easily into the loving embrace of your Presence, where every fiber of your being knows you are home at last!
As the Earth goes through her ascension process, many are consciously witnessing their worlds being rearranged to reflect their new levels of consciousness and the energy shifts that are taking place across every walk of life. Some are experiencing pain created out of holding onto the ego’s old ways of doing things and of trying to make things happen. Now is the time to let go of all you thought you knew so your mind is free to move into the unlimited mind of your Presence. Almost everyone on your Earth at this time has made a soul agreement to be part of the ascension process of humanity and the Earth.
Your present opportunity is to express all the qualities of your Presence from so deep within your being that others can remember that they also have an unlimited Divine Presence. When you mirror the Presence for others, you naturally become one with a team of beings across the world who are all here to lead humanity into its new Golden Age of Freedom.



All humans have ego, and it is one of the greatest mysteries to those of us who have never experienced duality. Make no mistake, ego is the antithesis of love, and many of you know this. It is the balance of this ego with love that is critical. All of these duality attributes are appropriate, given to you in love, imprinted upon your very biology. It is what you do with it that is so honored. Ego, tempered with love, becomes appropriate. It is in its raw, untempered form that it becomes the enemyof love. Think about it. Isn’t it odd that a poison becomes a healing substance when love is added? That’s the way it is with ego.

~ Kryon, Book VI as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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