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Our world is a Feeling world

Our world is a Feeling world, our first response or reaction to events, to what we see, to what we hear, is a feeling, a function of our heart. Then the fun begins, our mind, influenced strongly and often controlled by our childhood belief system, encourages us to think and act, in specific ways. Our actions are quite often reactions, automatically with little or no conscious awareness of existing facts.It’s time to make more intelligent choices, to be more response-able, which means more awareness of what we are going to do before we act, we need to consider how we will feel about what we are about to do and the results of our actions. This means conscious awareness of the facts and the results  of what we are about to do, before we do it. Sounds like a lot to do when actually it just takes a few seconds and is worth the effort. If what you are about to do will really make you feel good, by all means do it, if it’s going to make you and perhaps someone else feel bad, reconsider it  Feeling bad or making someone else feel bad, is a bad idea and closes the door to good returns. Think about it, then do it.
Here is some year of abundance inspiration.
From Ute
event 265905532
We come to lift your spirit, to fill you with joy and the love that pervades the universe.
You are to rejoice and hold your heart high to see and feel new beginnings at the horizon of your world arising.
We are the bringers of good news and it is up to you to receive them and allow them to rise your vibration and expand your consciousness.
What has been decreed by the Light forces through the will of the Divine Supreme is being launched into your world, although into the subtle foundation of it, not yet visible in your 3dimensional world.
It is important to make contact and to connect with the unseen realities in order to know and in order to draw in and to manifest in a tangible way what has been given already to you by the Divine Heart.
Now you have been given a new opportunity to use your God-given power of creation, to draw the new reality of the subtle realms into your world.
New Creation9sig
This is a glorious co-creative enterprise, one of the most beautiful, astounding and heart-fulfilling Divine Wonders, which enables you to awaken to your own full Divinity by using your creative Divine powers. While you have faith in your Divine heritage, while you draw on it, you move step by step into New Realities that reveal the Divine.
Because in your realm and reality it is the wonderful manifestation of the Dreams of God, with which you restore what you have once lost.
Yes, you have the opportunity to start resuming your original Divine State by participating in the New Creation! While you act, inspired by Divine Visions, your DNA is being sparkled and your light is expanding and intensifies. It fortifies the transformation of your world and ignites the hearts of those who still sleep.
Beloved Humanity, we desire seeing you standing up, reaching with your gifted vision and with the desire of your heart of love into God’s Creation in the realms of light, color and sound, to manifest it in your world. This is the call of your creator now.
Please, dare to step out of what is familiar to you and reach to the stars. All is already there and ready! There is no delay necessary! But you delay when you hesitate and doubt yourself and what is possible, as you prefer the old ways to continue.
What would you manifest? It is not a question of grandiose and big. It is a question of innocence and love alone. In it the Divine Creator dwells.
Beloveds, your gift is written in the heart of each single one of you! It is living there only waiting to be acknowledged and to be acted upon! Listen to the voice of joy, follow the path of love and when you do not know it yet, it will reveal itself to you! Because now is the time when these seeds are ready to bring fruit. All the blessings are with you! The heavens are full of expectations, to see you, humanity, rise and sow deep into the earth the gifts with which you came here. And indeed they are the gifts you desired to enrich your world with.
The Great Starting sign has been given, the doors are open. Currents and choirs of Divine Songs are now flooding to earth, not only to earth, but to your whole universe.
Can you hear it? Bring to here what is being poured into creation, to magnify, to deify, to make It visible in your world by your service to the Divine.
We are waiting for you!
With Joy and Love,
We are the Arcturians!
Message conveyed by Ute

Follow your heart in all things

I just lost what I had almost posted, going on about a new day, with the same struggle, with this strange computer, that does’t want to believe that I AM who I believe That I AM. As long I maintain my determination to achieve my intention, which to post something today, I will achieve my purpose, Hi there! It seems to me that existence is checking me out to see if i practice what I preach? The challenges I’m facing are strong, unexcepted and daunting. Staying centered and pos…itive is taking a more than the average and usual amount of determination from me. So I am working with “I AM, I Can,I Will” after all things are only as difficult as I believe that they are. The Focus is ” The difficult I’ll do right now! The impossible will take a little while” The amused comment is: Cheer up things can get worse, so I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse. That maybe a joke but it often seems to be true. Existence has a way of testing us to see if we really mean it when we say, “I don’t do that anymore! I AM feeling good!” Existence at times has a strange sense of humor. To share an Osho quote ” When we can laugh at ourselves and all of the stupid things we have been doing to our selves, we are growing up.” Here is Hilarion’s weekly inspiration.

Hilarion’s Weekly Message
by Marlene Swetlishoff
May 25-June 1, 2014
 Beloved Ones,
As the energy continues to come in waves, so too, do the symptoms your bodies are experiencing. Just when you thought that you were over the worst of them, another round is started. Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that it brings lightness of heart and being as the ancient memories in your cells are brought to the surface to be addressed and released. All that is of sorrow and sadness is being eliminated and in its place comes more refined light. As those at the forefront of this movement and transformation, you are doing a wonderful job of assimilating and eliminating. The ups and downs that you have been experiencing are a part of the process. Listen to your bodies and allow rest when it is needed and for some of you, this reminds you of the story of Rip Van Winkle who wandered into the mountains and slept for twenty years. This too shall pass.
Follow your heart in all things for it is the true barometer of what is the right thing for you to do in any given moment. Many of you are going deep within to touch the core of your being and are realizing what it is that you truly desire to experience and create in your experience of life. Follow the joy that these activities bring within you and focus on that state of being. Within every moment lies the seed of infinite possibility and it is you who must nurture and allow the seed to germinate, grow and flourish in abundance. The well of creativity runs deep within you and you have but to tap into its flow. Tap into the inner child within you and feel the wonder and the magic of your life with enthusiasm. It matters not what chronological age you are at, what matters is feeling the essence of magic and wonder within you as you begin to experience the unfolding of dreams you have had for your life in an earlier time that are now coming into manifestation.
Allow yourselves to expand in your consciousness and follow the joy. It is true that many in your sphere of influence are just beginning their process of ascension into a higher consciousness and this can sometimes hold you back from moving forward as you patiently wait for greater awakening within them. Know that you must follow your passion and trust that they will follow. You must realize that being with you in their daily lives is an important part of the greater meaning of life for them. Your enthusiasm lifts up their energy and guides them along their journey. You may not realize this but as you seek the answers to your questions about the mysteries of life upon your planet, you inspire these ones with your example. You are greatly admired and emulated as a living example of a courageous person who lives according to higher principles and integrity of being.
The people on the planet are awakening in ever increasing numbers and this has an effect upon the consciousness of all. Humanity as a whole desires to cast off all that has been keeping them in the dark and want to walk the ways of the light. All that was hidden is now being exposed for everyone to reflect upon, to take what is relevant to them and cast off that which no longer has meaning. This is a never ending process of growth and expansion. The growth that has taken place within you in the last six months is wondrous to behold and we wait with bated breath to see the changes within you in the next six months. We know that each one of you would not go back to the unawakened state of being for any reason whatsoever even though it means more of your illusions about life on this planet are shattered.
As the spiritual journey unfolds in its myriad patterns, take the time to honor yourselves for stepping forward and doing the work required. Give yourselves a pat on the back and celebrate often the many accomplishments along the way, no matter how small they may seem to you. Buy yourselves fresh cut flowers often and enjoy looking at them and the beauty they provide, enrich your lives by being good to yourselves and to those wonderful beings who share your life. All is unfolding in divine timing and you are exactly where you are meant to be at this time. We thank you for your gratitude and acknowledgement of many of us for the next many weeks and we stand by to assist in every moment we are asked.

Just do it

Doubt your Doubt. We all want to improve and make things better in our lives. Our health, our wealth, our relationships what ever. We have dreams of success. WE want more and better. Then we start denying and doubting that we can do what we want because we don’t believe we can, we feel that we don’t know how, so we have doubts. Our belief system is our master. We cancel the possibility of positive change with a thought and a feeling that it would be nice, BUT ! We doubt that we are worthy of improvement so we accept that for some reason we don’t deserve what we really want and we reinforce the doubt by thinking that it will never happen. We prove to our self again and again our unworthiness. Doubt your Doubts. How? It’s as easy as you can accept that it is. How? I DON”T DO THAT ANY MORE ! 
I AM FEELING GOOD ! Every time you catch your self in Doubt. Just do it.

What do you really want?

What do you really want? And what are you willing to do to get it?

The inspiration for positive change in our lives is hope.

Hope is a statement of your highest desire. It is the announcement of your grandest dreams. Hope is thought made Divine. Hope is the doorway to belief, belief is doorway to knowing, knowing is the doorway to creation, and creation is the doorway to experience. Experience is the doorway to expression, expression is the doorway to becoming, becoming is the activity of all life and the only function of God.

What you hope you will eventually believe, what you believe you will eventually create, what you create you will eventually experience, what you experience you will eventually express, what you express you will eventually become. This is the formula for all of life. It’s as simple as that.

Life is a game of Conscious Awareness, existence does not create anything that doesn’t have a positive value. The spiritual challenge of life is to choose to find that positive value in everything, beginning with what we see in the mirror.

Existence does not make mistakes, there is nothing wrong with any of us, we are exactly what we wanted to be. We are exactly what we wanted to be just as we are. The challenge is to understand the value of our chosen creation.

We are unique and this gives us a unique view of life that no one else has, there is only one person like us and we are what we chose to be. We are our own creation. We came here to learn about life and ourselves in our own way.

We chose to be born so we could learn from our own choices. There are no good or bad choices, no right or wrong choices they are all opportunities for positive growth. Experience is our only true teacher. By figuring out how to cope with our experiences we become stronger and wiser. By choosing to be Grateful for all of life’s experiences we are prepared to discover the built in solutions that all problems contain.

Self Acceptance is very important

Abundance is our birth right. We can have anything we want the problem is our self worth. What are our doubts and fears? What are our believed limitations? Why can’t we reach our goals and fulfill our dreams? The answer is the same for all of us who are struggling and not achieving the life we would prefer to the life we are living. We subconsciously get in our own way. We have a self esteem problem. We don’t believe in our selves and or blame ourselves. We think we must have done something in this or another life that we shouldn’t have done and we are being punished for our sins. We can’t be wrong and existence (God) doesn’t judge and doesn’t punish. We create our own limitations. The only thing we are a victim to is our own idea of our selves. If and when we decide to change our attitude about ourselves we will change our life. It all begins with self acceptance as is and self love. WE can start right now. Doubt your Doubts and love your friend in the mirror. I help people do this for them selves in sessions everyday. What they can do, you can do. The only thing wrong about you is the way you think. Change the way you think, change your life.

Energy follows intention

We are told by many that the Secret is Intention. Energy follows Intention. So we practice positive intention and most of us are still looking for the promised results. Why? The answer is simple, our self limiting belief system’s intention is interfering, it is stronger than our intention to manifest positive, so we subconsciously defeat the positive with our belief that we are unworthy. Here is a channeling on intention that may help. Doubt your doubts and be patient.
Dear Ones, these are such wonderful times you are living in now. We see your amazement at so many surprises happening to your daily lives and do remember that they are here because you were able to clear yourselves from the old, which we feel has no real power over you, and if there is something that sometimes makes you to turn back, you are quickly returning back to the new wonderful experience of Love and Light. We are so very happy that so many of you finding your true connections to Yourself and others that are your companions on your chosen path. You can feel it in your heart, and from your heart you will surely know if you feel attracted to someone or not. This is the way of communicating with each other because you always know the true intention of the other, no matter what he or she says, as intention carries energy that cannot be hidden behind words or actions. Do practice this way, and you will see that it became so easy in no time, and you will feel such comfort in knowing that no one can lie to you and on the other hand you cannot lie to them, as they will feel it too. This does not mean that you always have to tell “everything to everyone”, but you want to show yourself the way you feel it and the way you truly are, and do not need to hide behind the mask of “what someone else would think of you”. There is no one who is judging you, and you are wise now to know that if someone tries to do it, they are blaming themselves because they do not feel enough self love. Send them your love and think of understanding and sooner or later they will also come to the state of mind when they can accept themselves as they truly are.
We hear you constantly asking when your dreams and visions will come finally true and the only answer is already so very well known to you – in the right moment for each and every one of you. Let your heart tell this to you, as we know you are able to feel it. Some do not feel it and that means they are not ready, and they wish to work more on issues they are currently processing, some feel it so very strongly at this moment and no other thing is in their mind and this means they are ready and sending out this intention very powerfully, they will see it happening Now. This is the time of great changes and we are starting to play the next role in our common plan and this is to help you to enter the higher reality, the one filled with love, joy, friendship and Oneness of All That Is. Feel the energy behind these words and it will help you to visualize where you belong and all that is there for you in higher reality that you have created for you. Feel the power of your own creation and explore all the possibilities that are coming from it. You will surely feel strong attraction towards one or few more, so focus on them and make it your intention. Remember that you are very powerful now, so shortly you will feel that you are walking the way straight to that possibility of your choice.
Let the Light and Love shine on your path with full power and intensity, and in no time you will see peaceful and loving energies surrounding you each moment of your existence. This will enable you to feel all Beings of higher dimensions so closely, that no more doubts will hold you back on your way. They are all waiting for you to welcome you and they will help you to understand all that is happening to you. Do ask for help, do speak to them and the help and the answers will find a way back to you and you will surely know it.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I know that all your wishes are being fulfilled right now and we all are so happy to see your light growing immensely and all of you that want to meet us will do so, according their wish and choice of the right moment. We bless you all.
Channeller: MADAD 


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