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It’s time for reflection and release

It’s time for reflection and release. As the end of the old world nears and the Winter Solstice bringing the birth of our new 5th Dimension arrives we have a little time to reflect on our life up to now and be grateful for all of the good things and enjoyable times we can remember. as well as all the of the difficult experiences we faced and worked our way through, that gave us insight, wisdom, .awareness, and increased power. To forgive ourselves for our resistance and stupidity and self doubt, that made our journey more of a struggle than it had to be. The past is past. We are preparing for a re-birth. So lets appreciate what was and be open and ready for what’s coming. It’s time to let go and let come. Here is a channeling to consider.
December ~ New Month, New Energies
Process to Fuel Your Forward Momentum
by Selacia
Over the past few months, you have had a wild ride of energies – with eclipses, the mercury retrograde, and your personal need to continually adjust to frequency shifts and life’s growing intensity.
Take a breath now – things are not as gloomy as they may appear. Some lighter energies prevailing in December may be just what you need at year-end.
Most likely, you indeed are coping better than you realize. After all, you have been conditioned to be hard on yourself and to see yourself as less than others. This conditioning skews your view, setting in motion waves of self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness. It can cause you to think that you are the only one having a bad day, and that you should be sailing smoothly over the choppy seas.
From a big picture perspective, you do have some good days and even the troublesome ones provide spiritual fuel for your forward momentum.
As a divine changemaker, you are encoded to live at the front and center of humanity’s great shift of consciousness. You aren’t here to sit on the sidelines, but to be a role model of how to find balance when life is unpredictable or even unrecognizable.
If that sounds like a gigantic role to fill, keep in mind that you have had lifetimes of preparation. You sit where you do now because of your past experiences, training, and spiritual development. In between lifetimes, of course, you forget the continuum of your soul’s long journey.
The December 2 new moon in fiery Sagittarius can help you to feel a new passion for being alive during these moments. Invite your higher wisdom to help you connect with this beneficial energy – ask to feel and embody passion for bravely repositioning yourself.
To prepare for the New Year, you want to clear the slate of old energies, old approaches, and even outmoded ways of identifying yourself. Why? You want to begin 2014 without the baggage of things that aren’t working for you, things that simply don’t serve your highest good.
December’s energies can help you with this clearing – especially when you remember to tap your inner resources and connect with spirit. Approached from a multidimensional perspective, you will be focusing on clearing at the same time you are envisioning new approaches to life.
Process to Fuel Your Forward Momentum
Fuel your forward momentum in December by contemplating the following questions. Center yourself in your heart and invite your higher wisdom to connect you with spirit’s big picture view as you read and answer each question. Don’t censor yourself or over think this. Simply go with the very first responses that come to you. Consider coming back to the list, too, for added perspective.
5 Questions to Ask Now
1) What is the one thing I most need to address to move forward?
2) What is the one area of my life that needs more balance now?
3) What do I need to let go of or release from my life before 2013 ends (physical things, emotional responses like anger, mental things such as DNA beliefs, habits)?
4) How can I better prepare for the opportunities 2014 will bring?
5) What do I need to change about how I position myself in the world – to reflect who I really am now and to fulfill my soul’s purpose?
The answers to these questions can help you accelerate your spiritual progress this month, preparing you for more lightness of being and success in the coming times. Remember that it’s not enough to receive answers. You must act on what you know and remain present to the need for necessary updates over time. Trust that you can do this. Spirit is with you always.
Copyright 2013 by Selacia – All Rights Reserved *


This is a time of the necessity of maintaining Trust and Faith. We need to support and spend more time in our Heart Chakra. This means to choose to Love yourself consciously. To be your own lover, to care for and take care of yourself first. This is our responsibility self love. The more we do this the more love we will have to share. We don’t need someone else to love us, we  need self acceptance and appreciation. Just do it, it feels great. here is a channeling to think about.

The Masters within the Councils of Shamballa

Kamala Logo 2

Living Presence to Presence is the glorious opportunity that is presently being made available to every soul on Earth. It is an invitation that involves your active agreement and participation. It is your alliance with your Presence that is ultimately going to take you and all of humanity into Unity Consciousness on the 5th dimension. That dimension has the capacity to support both your uniqueness as an individual as well as your co-joined abilities to sustain a new Golden Age. Only your collective field of Divine Love, which is always in union with Divine Light, has the power to fully magnetize the hearts, minds and bodies of humanity into their Presence and into the 5th dimension where all of life is living in Unity Consciousness. This is what the new Golden Age is really all about.

Living Presence to Presence within your families and communities is vital so humanity can live in Unity Consciousness during your present window of opportunity. When you join together as conscious beings in Councils of Light that are dedicated to supporting the Presence of all beings, you then meet as we do within a field of Source Love and Light that is always there to support you walking the Earth as living masters.

The solar frequencies that have been coming into your realm since last December are a tremendous gift that are being given to assist each of you in burning out the last remaining fear-based thoughtforms that may still be residing within your consciousness. These limiting thoughts and feelings were established many thousands of years ago within both the 3rd and 4th dimensional domains of your consciousness. As these stored thoughts and feelings are lovingly transmuted out of the personal and collective levels of humanity’s consciousness, your Earth will have the support to start manifesting more of her higher destiny, which is to be the Heart Center of your galaxy.


Your present alignment with your Central Sun is also assisting you in merging your mind and your higher spiritual centers with your Presence. This alignment is preparing those higher spiritual centers to be educational avenues for teaching you about Golden Age living, leadership and communities.

Your thinking mind and the information that your brain is carrying needs to be fully aligned with your heart in order for you to embody your Presence. This means that your mind and your heart need to be functioning as an indivisible unit of consciousness. As this becomes a more conscious part of your everyday reality, you will move into greater contact with many dimensions that are a part of your ancient memory grid. Your stellar awareness is connected into codes of Light that are presently being awakened within your crystalline DNA. The awakening of these ancient domains of your consciousness is bringing you into a much greater alignment with levels of your being that are connected into the overall intelligence that abides within your universe.

You have many geometric keys that are encoded within your DNA that are now being opened so they can serve you in anchoring in your new Golden Age and the intelligent energy that is presently coming in from the overlighting consciousness of your Central Sun. These solar frequencies are presently being illuminated within your spiritual centers and the spiritual centers upon, within and above your Earth.  

Hilarion Beloved Ones

Life upon your planet is changing rapidly as it moves into a higher dimension and octave. That which was familiar no longer works as before and many things that didn’t work before are now manifesting. Those who have held the vision of peace and goodwill in their hearts are seeing these qualities being reflected back to them in their daily lives in many ways. Those who make a practice of silently blessing others as a way of being are now beginning to be blessed in turn. The goodness and kindness that is inherent within the hearts of humanity is now finding reciprocity in their interaction with others. As people’s hearts are opened more fully and their old modes of behavior which they had adopted in order to shield their hearts from being hurt are cast aside, the true beauty within each soul shines forth more brilliantly. Each soul reveals the higher qualities of their divine essence.
As these changes within humanity take place, new ways of interaction and communication come into expression. The people of the world are tired of the shields that had to be erected in order to protect themselves. The people of the world simply want to live with each other in peace, harmony and transparency. There is a longing within each soul to be connected in a way that begets only the highest and greatest good for all parties. Each individual is beginning to desire to live in a way that honors the divine aspects within themselves and within those around them so that each person can begin to express their gifts and potential in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement. As the baser instincts of the old dimensional influence within each person falls away, there rises up a more loving way of conduct which will have a far reaching impact upon succeeding generations.
This is the work that you have been doing and that you shall continue to do as you hold the vision of the world that you always knew existed and it was all that was necessary to keep your faith alive. Your steadfastness in this focus is very much needed and greatly appreciated. In these times of change, a balanced person who is grounded into the Earth’s crystalline core and connected to the cosmos through the sun serves as a conduit, a bridge to bring heaven to the Earth. It is by your thoughts, words and deeds that you serve as a role model to those around you. Maintain calmness and loving acceptance no matter what dramas take place around you, for this serves to set the example for others to emulate. Give help as asked and needed and empower others through inspiring words of loving support and encouragement. Sometimes a wordless hug is all that is needed to lighten someone’s load.
The focus within each heart is shifting from that of constant self interest to that of true and sincere service for the good of the many, for it is only when the basic needs of every person on the planet are met and given with love that the energy of fear will subside. Then people can move beyond mere survival to more altruistic endeavors. If everyone has everything they need, their focus turns to making their environment more peaceful and filled with beauty. In this way, more feelings of joy and happiness bring harmony and peace in all interactions with others and the understanding that in their hearts all are connected in oneness to each other and that bringing joy and happiness to their fellows brings joy and happiness to themselves. Practicing random acts of kindness will become commonplace amongst all of humanity as the concept of oneness is embraced.
These potentials are now emerging in the dawning of new beginnings for all. As humanity continues to let go of all that no longer serves them and which has created great unhappiness and unrest, and begins to trust in their own wisdom and innate intelligence and that of their human counterparts, more moments of tranquility within each heart will prevail. There will be a concerted effort to eradicate senseless noise intrusions from the environment so that everyone has a more serene and peaceful daily existence. This in itself will create healthier and less stressful effects overall. This will give all an opportunity to reconnect to the Earth and the natural kingdoms and elements. Each person will strive to create and maintain a harmonious environment for themselves and for all in their own communities. The natural cycles of the movement of the planets and the seasons will become the focus and observance of ceremonies and rituals which many will embrace and take part in. Humanity’s connection with Source will naturally take place within these new structures and when once again experienced within each soul will be the impetus for ever greater evolution upon your planet.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
by Marlene Swetlishoff

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