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Our Job, Conscioue Awareness, Let Go of Yesterdays, Become 5 D NOW

I want to talk more about our house cleansing. In order to move into 5 D energy we need to identify and transform all of our past life attachments. When we choose to be become a human again, we set ourselves up with specific challenges and probable experiences as our spiritual challenges for this life. Our commitment is to find the value of everything beginning with our friend in the mirror. Then to make the Game of Life more interesting, we usually start our life with 3 D thoughts of self doubt, to make it all more interesting. Many of you are experiencing physical issues as old cellular memory surfaces to be cleared. Often a physical body’s weakest area serves as the exit point for these releases. If you are experiencing some recurring physical issue (rashes, aching, etc.) and nothing is ever found to be wrong, then it is probably the clearing of old cellular memory energy. Send light to the cells of your body in the area and allow the process.
Here is an excerpt from Marilyn Raffael to help you understand what we are going through,
Many of you, in fact all of you, chose to enter into this lifetime bringing with you any remaining energy from physical, emotional, and mental injuries of the past so they could be once and for all cleared. You knew these times would be an opportunity to ascend and that these old and dense energies could not come with you into the higher.
Intense experiences of every lifetime will remain stored in cellular memory until cleared, so be patient dear ones. The process is ongoing, but does not happen over night. Try to see the lesser physical discords not so much as calls for medication and doctors, but more as indication of clearing. Trust your intuition and if you are being guided to seek medical help then seek it with no sense of spiritual failure while not allowing fear be a determining factor.
Learn to pamper yourselves, resting more when you can, being still and quiet, and doing the things you love instead of feeling obligated to continue in some old routine that no longer resonates simply because “It has always been done this way, family and friends expect it”. It is time to stand in your power, lovingly making choices that are right for you, and not adopting choices that may be right for someone else in order to be loved and accepted.

All Space is Here, All Time is NOW, All Things are Spirit, All is Divine

The Divine Matrix, the essential energy that everything, in visible existence, is created from, Light and love, in three dimensional form. Life as we know it, is an adventure, or an experience of conscious awareness, with free will, in an emotional energy. This is a very tricky game, to see what and how minds will react or respond to the hearts truth, when it is exposed to experiences of what appears to be threats, to its existence, in the influence of the power of 3 D energy which is the Law of opposites, thought forms of right and wrong, good and bad, success and failure, shoulds and shoulds and nots etc. are working in an emotional world, with Cause and effect, the Law of Attraction as a guide. Free Will is the gift of love and the choice to feel good or bad is our option. The reward to us is either more Feel Good or more Feel Bad , when we chose to feel bad, life becomes more difficult, to show us what feeling bad did for us. When we choose to feel good then good things would cone to us and our inner light would shine brighter, which improves our life and raises our energy and changes the influence of limited 3 D thinking to Self Love. We have changed the energy of our world to where the 3 D experience is no longer of value to us and our world, we have done what was needed, to go to the next level of the transformation of ourselves and our world. Welcome to the 4 D/ 5 D experience of Self Love and prosperity. You’ve earned it, now we can learn how to take advantage of this new energy and enjoy it.

All Time is Now, All Space is Here Its Up To Us

Whether we are aware of it or not, we’ve been changed, from the cells of our bodies to the depth of our minds, we are vibrating at a different frequency. The 3 D influence that we’ve been limited by, is no longer an influence, except by how much of yesterday we are still holding on to. A good example is our childhood belief system. When we created our belief system in the first 7 years of our life, it was with 3 D energy and although we are now in 4 D/5 D energy, under stress our belief system is still functioning with 3 D ideas. So the importance of reprogramming our belief system is even more important than it was before this new energy change.
‘I Don’t Do That Any More, I AM Feeling Good” is the most effective tool we have to let go of 3 D programming, especially our belief system. Change the way you think and you’ll change your life, has always been true, now though it is of utmost importance, we are no longer where we were, in 3 D influence and it’s up to us to re-identify. It can be as simple as we can make it or a long drawn out affair, it’s totally our movie. A sure way to simplify the procedure, is to take a few sessions of Kinesiology, biofeedback from the body and let your body pave the way. How ever you decide to make the necessary changes, just do it.

Who Are WE REally

We are what we think we are and , act accordingly, The Game of Life is an energy of Cause and Effect, and we play it with Free Will, Choice. Before we chose to play The Game of life, we were a part of the energy of Conscious Awareness which is known as God. God expressing its self as a limited human, with limited awareness, in a 3 D world of right and wrong, good and bad with Free Will and no remembrance of it’s self, to see how long it would take each part of it’s self to re-member what it really was and act accordingly, it’s called Self Realization Because of the transformation of this world that we are going through, we need to leave 3 D thinking and re-create our identification.To do that we need to stop all of our negative thinking and 3 D identification. This means we need to re-think everything and start a new reality that has no 3 D Limitation. I’ll do more on this tomorrow. Think about it.

Doing Our Home Work

Practice makes, perfect. remember we are creatures of habit, we are still victims of 3 D thinking and we need to spend some conscious energy realizing how sloppy our thinking is, how much of our thinking, our automatic reactions are still 3 D based. I don’t do that anymore, I am feeling good, needs concentrated effort. Our energy is about to make an obvious increased influence on us Sept 23 – 28 and the more self attunement we do in the next week will make us more available to its influence. To me it’s kind of like preparing for a special event, I AM, I CAN and I Will is a good approach for our spare time (to practice my lines). It will be interesting to me, how much, if any, conscious awareness I will experience during those four days. The more time we may be able to sit in receptivity, should be an advantage, so lets see what happens? (or not) Choosing to change our 3 D thinking is a important necessity for us to work on any way. Cause and Effect needs our help.

Are You Hiding or Seeking?

The Game of Life is so simple that a large percentage of the population of this world isn’t aware that life is an individual game. Most folks think of life as an obligation, to their family, to their Idea of religion, to their society, to their employer, to their business, to something other than them selves. The idea of taking care of them selves first  isn’t part of their understanding, their reason for their existence is to be of service to others, to be, is to be valuable to others. So their self value is judged by the limited way they feel,  that they are in service to what they believe is God’s will. The way they believe it should be done and how they judge themselves, is the way they judge others and expect they expect that everyone, all of us, should see life the way they do. People who don’t agree are a threat to the way they are taught and expected to live, their Game of Life is servitude. Free will is being free to do it the way they were taught that it must be done. This approach is essential tribal and restrictive, until we realize that we judge everything the way we judge ourselves, we live in limited judgment and comparison. The first Spiritual Challenge of our life is to accept and understand our individual value, just as we are. We are unique and so is everyone else. We came here to become what we want to be, not what others say we should do and be, the choice is always ours, free will is the Spiritual gift of life and Love is what we are, in a human body, playing Hide and Seek,

Life is a spiritual energy game of conscious awareness

Life appears different to almost everyone, because we believe that life is what we believe it is. In reality life is a spiritual energy game of conscious awareness. We chose to play this energy game as a challenge to find the value, the good, the true meaning of our experience of humanism in a specific approach. We created the probability of our experiences as a challenge. We never choose challenges we didn’t want and we never choose anything we can’t transform into valuable awareness. This is our own unique movie that we chose to see how we would play our role. Will we choose to be the hero or the victim in our own production? Life is an energy game, every time we think, speak, feel and act, we are choosing how we want to play and tomorrow shows us what we did today. Great game, how are you choosing to play your role? Here is more challenged inspiration from PAO
Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Spirit has moved upon the Earth and brought to us a most amazing gift! This sacred gift is your freedom and a divine prosperity, which enables you to begin your final quest. This quest leads to full consciousness, a sublime state that allows you to reconnect totally with your spiritual family. There is much for you to learn. Spirit has forged a moment when you are to discover how all the evidence you have amassed fits together. We are shortly to give you a foundation to better understand what Spirit is to tell you. This foundation is to renovate your conceptions about life and to ready you for what Heaven is so graciously to give you. Even now, Heaven is assembling its evidence and preparing to present many wondrous things to you. These things go beyond the blessings of the Angels. They go to the highest places in AEON. You are blessedly special and hence are to be given some magnificent decrees to smooth your path to success!
As you look at the dispensations given you, recall this one blessing: “Go my children, and be the ones to return this precious Earth to her former state of Glory.” You are here to reform the Earth and give her reason for a grand “makeover.” This is something which is profound and blessed. Take this dispensation and ready yourselves for divine service. The Creator speaks and sends you means to become whole again. Rejoice in this and know it is your fate to again become a physical Angel. Your seemingly endless years of wandering this Earth as a tool of the dark are over! Spirit desires for you to become spiritually aware and able to understand who you are and why you are here. This knowledge is the key to understand why the dark has lost its hold over you. You, Blessed children, are the reason behind a massive rebirth of this Earth, and you, one of her most blessed subjects, are ready to transition into full consciousness!
Full consciousness is something the dark disguised. Atlantean priests and priestesses stole it from you as a way to produce a willing slave race for their dark masters. That which was so surreptitiously taken from you is now to be returned. This one process is to rejoin Mother Earth into a unified whole and use this orb to alter and recolonize the four water planets of this solar system. This grand blessing by the Elohim is to allow you to become the guardians of a most splendid star nation. Our supervision is blessedly to guide you in making this come about. Your divine destiny is tied inextricably to ours. We were given this divine state of immortal joy only to act as your ardent wayshowers. In this, we are here to permit you to grow in consciousness and assist your fellows in the grand overthrow of the dark and its vile agendas. So, be wise, be strong and be prepared for what is now happening!
Today is yet another example of our messages to you. Remain ready and prepared to do what is spiritually necessary for your freedom. A great prosperity and a great shift in this reality are upon you. Your spiritual and space families are here, and liberation is to be proclaimed throughout this realm. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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