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The Game Of Life, Is A Spiritual Challenge

To a lot of us the idea that our life is a game is hard to even consider. Our childhood was an on going confusion, our teens were full of growing pains,young adulthood was a struggle with all of our doubts and fears and then adulthood means to a lot of us, never irresponsibility. Does that sound like a game?. Well it is, when or if you look at your life as a chosen spiritual challenge, that you wanted to experience, to see how you would choose to deal with it. We knew that with Free Will, we couldn’t do wrong and with endless possibilities available at all times, we also knew that we could develop Self Realization turn our life into a journey of Conscious Awareness any time we decided ri do so, The Game of Life was an irresistible challenge, that we chose to play. Then to make it an interesting challenge, we chose to forget that we planed the whole thing and had unlimited power and ability available at all times, in case we wished to re-member it and use it with trust and faith. That’s The Game of Life. from the Spiritual point of view, we all came here to be winners and if you don’t find the Win, you’ll have to ro it over again. If you do find the Win, you;ll want to mdo it over again, It’s the best game in the Universe at present time.

It’s Time To Move UP and Away From 3 D

As we continue to stop thinking in 3 D, we attract more and more of what we really want. All of the energy we used to spend energy on, like comparing, judging, doubting, fearing, resenting, resisting, now becomes available to us to use creatively, to improve our lives and to encourage others to join the 4 D/5 D world of increased self love and increased prosperity. As we leave 3 D thinking behind us, we see how the Law of attraction, Cause and Effect is bringing us more of what we really want, Feel Good stuff. The more we use I Don’t Do That any More. I AM Felling Good, the better our life becomes because of our response-ability, to move from the limitations of 3 D thinking into the higher vibration of the energy of 4 D/5 D. The key of our Ascension is Self Love, the more we choose to love ourselves the higher we get and the better everything gets. Visualize what you want, feel that you all ready have it and work toward it, fill in the missing pieces, Abundance is and always has been up to us to claim. Now that 3 D is no longer a limitation/struggle factor, everything will be more available and easier to acquire. Be alert to your old habits of 3 D stuff and stop identifying with them, the choice is ours. It’s time to trade up.

It’s Up to You, What Do You Want and What Are You Willing To Do To Get It?

One of our biggest problems, is that we have no real idea of how strong we really are, If we had any true awareness of our power and how we create our reality by the way we think, speak, feel and act, we would be more aware of and be more response-able for how use our energy, especially with strong emotions. We not only think ourselves sick, poor, miserable, limited, valueless, loveless, etc. We can and many do, the exact opposite. What some can do, any of us can do, when we believe that we can. Energy follows intention, when and if, we change our intention, we can change our lives, the problem is we must believe that we can, pretending and hoping doesn’t work, when we live in hope we die a beggar. Doubts and fears produce more doubts and fears, more of what we felt we couldn’t do, or manifest,  because we believed we couldn’t, we are creating more of what we are giving energy to. People who heal themselves or change their lives, do so because they believe that they can. Trust and Faith and a positive knowing that we can accomplish anything that we believe that we can, this is the attitude necessary to create the changes in our lives, that we may wish to accomplish. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Is a Spiritual promise for all.” Change what you believe and you can change your life.

We are playing an energy game

What are we stupid or what? We are playing an energy game and instead of taking advantage of the keys we are given to make the changes we are going through easier, we keep playing with judgments and comparisons. We should do, they shouldn’t do and they should do, questioning and judging, why? The only sensible answer is, that we are lazy and uncaring. We don’t get it, that we are being silly when ever we aren’t being more consciously aware of what we are doing to our self, when we are lazy and unaware of what we do and what we don’t do. What we don’t do, is love and honor our self, we don’t take care of our self, we rain on our own parade, we ignore the opportunity that arises constantly in our daily lives to transform our belief system by choosing to feel good consciously, how? “I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good.” and repeating it over and over until the old thought is no longer tempting us to think it, what ever it was. Come on, honor yourself, be nice to your self. choose to feel good instead of wallowing in poor me shit. Be caring and loving to your self, it’s so easy, just do it.

Here is some inspiration.
A Message from Archangel Gabriel

by Marlene Swetlishoff

April 9, 2015
Archangel Gabriel Sm-1

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as receptivity. There is always much activity that is occurring within one’s self. There are feelings, desires, one’s intuitive senses and a desire for inner peace. It is important for each individual to make the commitment to take some time every day to pray, daydream, meditate, contemplate, experience and get to know what they are feeling. Listening daily to self is how one develops a receptive state of mind. This receptive and open state of mind allows one to enjoy hearing the birds chirping, to taste delicious food, to smell the flowers, and to feel the gentle wind across one’s face. Through this receptivity, one enjoys many other important and meaningful details of life and living that they could miss otherwise. Tuning into one’s senses reanimates the world around them. The open and receptive heart supports the ability to be in the world from a place of one’s largeness as a soul in every day life. An open and receptive heart is necessary to raise the spiritual vibration for evolution. When one’s heart is open, there is a deeper capacity to manifest greater good in the world around them. An open and receptive heart is one that is without limitation, it is the doorway to deeper spiritual connection and loving service.

To be open hearted and receptive is to allow the world to move freely, without the need to control circumstances and individuals in that world. Having an open and receptive heart takes practice and discipline to achieve and begins with clarity of mind. When clarity is present, the mind does not react from past history and distortions overlaying this history onto current events, rather it sees the situation as it truly exists in the moment. The presence of clarity is a simple statement of what is currently unfolding and is devoid of drama or excitement. Opening one’s heart and soul is the first step to unleashing the unlimited power within. Trusting one’s self and remembering that they are a divine being brings reason and meaning, not only for the different experiences in one’s life, but for their life as a whole. By trusting in every experience and being receptive to the idea that every single one of them brings one closer to their life’s destiny, one recognizes in each positive or negative experience the lesson and tries to find the meaning of each one.

As a conduit to higher consciousness, the heart plays a pivotal role in spiritual development, as well as the experiencing of joy in everyday life. The receptive state of the heart promotes receptivity in the mind, as higher understanding and awareness prevail. In this way, the mind begins to connect with knowingness, an awareness that exists beyond words and which brings deeper understanding to each situation in one’s life. As the mind develops comfort in its quietness, it will become more receptive. No longer feeling the need to have an answer or to know what is next, one’s mind then opens to the receptive state. Receptivity invites what is next to come forward. It includes all aspects of consciousness as a contributor of value even if it does not understand the role or significance. As the mind is nourished, its world view begins to change. Events previously seen as stagnant become easily transformed. Often one small change from this place of awareness and receptivity provides a great transformation. The open hearted and open minded state continues to grow allowing for more useable energy for the creation of a life of joy and love.

Taking several periodic moments to slow down and listen to one’s self makes one more effective in their daily activities and enables one to get more done and accomplished. As they slow down for periods of the day so that they can experience their own bodily emotions, sensations and feelings, they can utilize this same receptive state of mind to become a good listener to others. Most people spend very little time truly listening when their full attention is on the other person and truly taking in what they are saying, meaning and feeling. When one puts effort into slowing down long enough to become willing to be receptive and understanding to another’s point of view, they will find that their relationships are greatly improved. By staying open and alert within unfolding events, one brings clarity and compassion to one’s life and to those around them. An open heart freely invites the world around it to enter and engage. It acknowledges the wisdom within and creates opportunity for the expression of this expansiveness out into the world. As the heart opens, access to higher wisdom, soul presence and divine energy are all possible. From this place, the human personality and mind are supported to relax and open to these higher possibilities.

Transformation of old held consciousness opens the doorway for ongoing evolution and heart opening. Each time one is receptive with what is in the moment, they learn to open to the depth of whom they are right at that moment, rather than who they once perceived they were. By making this choice they open to the divine within them, they choose their path and invite their spiritual dimension into their daily lives as a willing partner along this path of evolution. The spiritually receptive mind exists in a place of knowing; it is quiet, devoid of thought but extends its wisdom through presence. Life is all about learning and growing. When one sets an intention of being willing to see things in a new light, the most amazing ways to live life open as one becomes receptive to all ideas, people, places, and opportunities. The universe is always sending every individual new ways to live magnificent lives filled with love, one just has to be conscious and present to it.

May you be at peace and in a receptive frame of heart and mind so that you are open to whatever the world wants to bring your way in unexpected and delightful ways.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

What is Love?

I’m going to talk about love, for a couple of days, most of us spend a good part of our lives involved with our idea of love. We search for it in others believing that we need to find someone who will be the true love of our life and fulfill our lives. We have lots of expectations on the people or the person that we feel will give us, what we think will be the solution, the answer to our love problems, a love that will fulfill our emotional needs. We quite often go from one relationship to another, one unfulfilled love story to an other unfulfilled love story.Then a lot of us settle for a relationship that may not give us everything that we’ve been searching for, but has enough of the compatibility that we need, to make a go of the mutual consent, that can keep a relationship lasting a long time and perhaps for the rest of this life, children have a lot to do with our keeping relationships alive. True loving relationships are quite often the results of mutual respect. So why are relationships such a problem? The answer is essentially  expectations, we are looking in the wrong place for what we really want and expect someone else to provide it and so is the person we expect to fulfill our desires, looking for us to do the same. The whole idea is generally a process of mutual confusion. We can’t get what we want from someone outside of us, it’s not out there, it’s inside of us andtomorrow I’ll talk about it.

How was 1 for you?

How many changes have you  realized that you accomplished and experienced in 2014? This has been a year of increased awareness of spiritual energy to inspire us to wake up a little, or perhaps a lot,.Our world is changing and so are we. Our bodies are being changed so we can accept this new vibration that is on going, During this year we have see major upheavals in the business world, science has become more in harmony with the idea of spiritual reality, the force field, the power of belief and its enhancing or limiting influence. E.Q. emotional intelligence is becoming more of a necessity in the business world. Life Coaching has become a viable instrument for increased awareness seekers. Mobile phones have taken over general conversation and the net. This is making major increases in social awareness through the world. The amount of  change in country’s all over the world are so vast they are essentially to vast to list. The need for major changes have become more and more obvious and are attracting  more need for change, from people all around the world, we are changing and our world is changing and we want more of both. Energy follows intention and our conscious intention continues to grow. So back again to us as individuals, think about it, how much nave you changed? My guess us ‘More than you realize.’ So lets start, in case you haven’t, in planning our next desired changes in 2015, write them down, post them where you can see them so you can see you desires. Be intelligent, plan for a miracle.


Visualize your dreams

We all want more, more health,more wealth, more happiness, more love, more understanding, more awareness, more of the good things of life. We all can have as much of the good things that we believe we can have. The first step is to visualize how much of those things that we want as being ours and that we all ready have them. Now add your senses, feel them, imagine the positive changes they are  adding to your life, visualize your friends congratulating you on the positive changes you have made. Be thrilled that you are this new person with all of these wonderful accomplishments. Don’t allow your self any doubts at all, you must stay focused on the your new possessions, any disbelief will destroy your vision. Do not be impatient. A good help is a vision board with pictures of your accomplishment. Abundance is our birth right we just haven’t claimed it. This takes focused intention. Here is an inspiration of things that are happening and close to manifestation in case you are interested.  
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We bless and praise Heaven for all its glories and wisdom. The moment for a grand celebration has come. Our beloved associates are finishing off a most marvelous set of enterprises that are to terminate the power and the lies of the dark ones and their endless minions who seem to be ready to delay our sacred tasks. Heaven and her emissaries arrive. The dark is now to allow all that has been given us to appear. The Light is indeed triumphant! The path to Truth, Prosperity and Redemption is at hand. This path is to lead you first to facts and realities that set the table for the arrival of our space and spiritual families! Their arrival is to signal that it is time to begin to learn and understand the wonders inherent in full consciousness. We accept you as our enthusiastic children. There is much to learn, do and understand in this new and divine dimension!
We are all to live in a world filled with the essence of Heaven and cloaked in the joy that comes from Oneness with the Creator! You are to experience rapture and feel your Soul filled with the celestial and cleansing music of Love and of Light! Here you are in bliss and you use this to unfold the divine plan in the various physical realms. This is ahead for you. We as an Ascended collective are here to help you through the first moments of this endless glory. Long ago, we began to pass through the spiritual veil and rediscover exactly what full consciousness was about. We know much. Yet, we understand that full knowledge of this realm takes more than a moment to master. It takes lifetimes that are each literally more than a millennia in length. Together, we are to take our joint knowledge and produce a new star nation.
As you pass through the limitations of your current life and reach the infinite, you change. You become one that has moved beyond the ways of this present world and learned what Heaven desires from us all. In this light, you can see what is needed and what needs to be sloughed off by you. You are to learn why you are here and what is expected of you. Your life contract becomes visible to you, as does all the contents of your personal Akashic records. You become able to converse easily with your spiritual guides and discover those who can advise you in the physical. This revelation opens up a torrent of wisdom, and gives you a guide as to how best to live your life and aid your fellows. You are able to accept new responsibilities and learn how to forge a true society based upon your abilities and those of others. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Today, we further explored the wonderful events of the day. We examined the changes taking place and discovered where they are leading. The long awaited point of joy is nigh! Soon, the full extent of this is to manifest! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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