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Wake Up and Live In The Now

We need to become more conscious of higher and lower energy. We are in a higher energy game in the Now and in the Now our communication with our Higher -self is through our feelings. As we recognize these feelings, we need to become at one with them and feel what they have to share with us. We need to communicate with them in order to receive answers to our queries and we will, so we need to be quiet and receptive. In the NOW there is no time identification, when we are into time, we are back in 3 D, lower energy vibration and communication with our Higher-Self is limited. When we are in the NOW, we can ask for information and help and get responses through our feelings, which are our thought forms in the Now, communication with our Higher-Self is always available in the Now. In order to communicate though, we have to reach out, to initiate the contact.Our world has changed and so have we. The question is how consciously aware and response-able do we feel about our changeability? Do we recognize our changes? Are we being more response-able, working on staying in the NOW? Or are we being lazy and holding on to 3 D, lower vibration identification and thinking? The choice is ours, how are you doing?

The Choice Is Always Up To Us.

There is two kinds of Judgement and Comparison, the negative kind is 3 D, finding fault. The positive kind is identifying the good, what’s better, realizing that there are improvements, being alert to old habits that are no longer desired and making proper adjustments. The most important judgement is to keep increasing the amount of Self Love we have. Self Love is the key to 5th dimension reality and to Self Realization. 4 D is essentially learning how to make more desire-able choices, stop being a victim to 3 D thinking and practicing Self Love. Taking care of ourselves takes conscious awareness, dedication, determination and practice. We are the only person who knows what we want, until we choose to give it to ourselves, we remain unfulfilled. Once we care enough to take care of ourselves and do it, Everything changes, we become sharers of what we now have, instead of beggars for what we want and feeling unsatisfied. No one else knows what we want, so be intelligent and take care of yourself.

All There IS, IS Love and We Are IT

We have entered into a period that we can call the Revolution of Love. we’ve spent enough time and energy using the pursuit of and longing for something we’ve always had and are a creation of Divine Love in a human body. That’s why Self Realization is and always has been the the Spiritual Quest of mankind, we’ve been searching for our true self in the wrong places, it isn’t and never has been some where out there, it is and always has been ourselves, we’ve been searching for our true self.Isn’t that interesting, life times of searching for ourselves and didn’t realize it. NOW is the Time, Self Love is the necessity, 4 D thinking ts all about practicing and accepting Self Love, once we get it and become it we are able to function in 5 D and be our true self which was what we were working on in all of our
3 D lives for thousand of years. We were preparing for NOW, once we were conscious enough to take the responsibility, it happened. 3 D energy had done it’s job, prepared us for more, we were ready and 3 D was on longer needed, we were prepared and it happened, it is time to play in a higher frequency, to transform ourselves into a state of Self Love and see through Loving Eyes. The search is over and the Self Realization Game is in full swing. Existence is one and indivisible, a part can not be where the whole is not, we are therefore love becoming aware of its self, let go of 3 D and enjoy the life you chose to live, lovingly.

Now is All There IS, Where Are You?

All Space is here, all Time is now, all things are Spirit, all is Divine. This is the foundation of the 5th Dimension. We need to stay in the Now as much as possible. By focusing on the Now, being Consciously Aware of what is being offered to us,recognizing the value of the offering, acting accordingly, will show us what we need to know. Remembering the past (the past is past) being concerned with the concern are 3 D, limiting mind stuff we are to practice no longer identifying with. Now is ll there is and we need to keep becoming back to Now when we realize we are straying. Read Eckhart Tolle’s book (or re read it) “The Power of Now” so you can understand that ‘All time is Now’ from a 5 D awareness. 3 D is gone so let’s be here Now! We are different people with more awareness of our increased power and ability, now we need to practice how to take advantage of this new person that we are and it takes effort from us, the choice is ours. Just do it!

Rising Into the Truth

Ascension is all about change and our willingness to change. We are the
catalysts for transformation. As we become more powerful change agents, we bring more Light and increase the vibration assisting others to transform.
We all have choices in what we focus on, how we relate to others. We have choices with our thoughts, words and deeds. Why we say we have choices is because each choice has a vibration. We are being asked to choose our thoughts, words and deeds to reflect the highest vibrations possible. The more we put powerful choices into our lives, the more life will reflect back to us that vibrational frequency. This is the mission of all Starseeds.
Remember ~ Limits don’t exist. Boundaries are imaginary. Let Go! Liberate your imaginations! All negativity is 3 D identification, we are no longer limited by yesterday’s thoughts and memories, the past is past. It’s important to Let Go and Let Come. All time is now, all space is here, all things are Spirit, all is Divine.

I Love Myself Because I’M Me

How much time and energy do you spend every day being nice and loving to yourself? How many times in each day and for how long do you consciously choose to Love, appreciate, feel great and thank yourself for being for being the caring, considerate, grateful, joyful person, you choose to be in your life, by purposefully practicing these feelings on yourself, for a few minutes or more, several times a day. This is important for you to do with yourself, especially when you realize that your are feeling low, over worked, under appreciated, taken for granted, not being understood or cared for. Take a “I love myself, because I’m me.” break, give yourself what you really want to feel, give it to yourself, it does not need to come from anyone else, it needs to come from yourself. We’ve been neglecting ourselves , waiting for someone to give us what we want, be that someone and do it several times a day. We can choose to feel good any time we think it’s a good idea, we’ve been wanting these feelings from others, forget it, take care of yourself, check it out, it really works, self love, needs to come from our self, not someone else.

All You Need Is Love (More Please)

The number of people who truly like themselves, essentially and in an on going manner, is incredibly small, on occasion sure, but generally, not really. We are too busy judging and comparing ourselves to what we think we should be or do. Now when it comes to Self Love, just as we are, it’s astonishingly ridiculous, how few of us really love ourselves. We spend life times feeling that we aren’t being loved the way we want to be loved and to some degree we may have been  blaming our self for the problem. If we were what we should be, then the ‘Love of our life’ would give us what we want, (or arrive?) and fulfill our desires, give us what we want the way we want it. This is some thing that only we can do for ourselves essentially, because we are the only one who knows what we want and how we want it. The solution is simple, we need to give it to ourselves. Self Love is the foundation of True love, We are a creation of Love, the energy we are is an expression of Love, we are Love pretending to be a deprived person, we are looking outside of us for the solution of what is and always has been our inner purpose, to love our self and then share the Love we are giving to ourselves, with who ever we wish to give it to, with out any expectations. True Love is giving (first to ourselves) and then sharing. So why don;t you join us at 7 pm everyday for 15 to 20 minutes or so, in our international practice of a Self Love Meditation, invite your friends to join as well. See You Then.

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