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Common sense

Its incredible that we seem to use so little Common Sense. Its up to us whether we chose to feel good or feel bad. Whose feeling? We keep holding on to thoughts about things that we can’t change, like what others do and say, we identify with the injustice in the world and how much of it seems to be a part of our life. Who is thinking and who is feeling bad? Who is the only one that can chose to think of the good part instead? When we chose to feel good we attract good things. When we keep thinking about bad things we attract bad things. This is common sense. What do we really want? What are we willing to do to get it? Why don’t we do more feeling good and less feeling bad? Are we nuts or what? If you can’t change it then change the way you think about it, there is value in everything if you look for it you’ll find it. It up to us just do it and choose to feel good. Why not its your movie have a positive one.

Common sense

Any thing that limits consciousness causes pain. Any thing that expands consciousness brings joy.Any thing that goes against common sense is an unconscious action. Doubts and fears are unconscious reactions to our idea of the purpose of life. Life is a spiritual challenge to our choice of our innate power to find the value of experience. To grow in awareness and self trust by what we learn from the choices we make. Experience is our constant teacher. What ever choice we make has a result. Common sense tells us if the choice we made was beneficial for us or not, did we like it or not. This returns us to choice. We now have the opportunity to judge how we will respond the next time a similar experience presents its self. Judging how to improve what we do when we think, speak and feel is the Game of Life. We have the opportunity to increase our awareness and consciousness with every experience. Wow! What a wonderful game, Self Consciousness.

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