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To make changes in our life

The major component necessary to make changes in our life is perseverance. We are creatures of habit and to change an old no longer desired habit for a different more positive habit takes perseverance. This is a 3 step process, first when we are aware that we are expressing the old habit, we say ‘I don’t do that anymore (#2) I AM feeling good’, then state the new more desirable statement (#3). This approach to making changes is simple and absolute, it just takes awareness that we are expressing an old no  longer acceptable, limiting, habit, taking the responsibility to change it and then doing those 3 simple steps. If this is really so simple, efficient and effect then why don’t more people use it? It’s because we are impatient and we are procrastinators. We do something for a little while and when it doesn’t work as quickly as we think it should, we give up and don’t use it. When we have a habit we’ve been using for 20.30,40,50 years, we need to keep working on making positive changes, over and over, again and again, until we convince our memory cells that we really mean it, no matter how long it may take. Our innate awareness of our power and ability can help us to accomplish anything we really wish to any time we really mean it and are willing to work at it until we accomplish what we really wish to accomplish. It’s always up to us, do we mean it? and are will to accomplish it? or do we just wish it were true.
There is nothing wrong with us, we all have the ability and the power to create any kind of a life that we want to have. We just don’t believe that we can, our belief system keeps telling us that we are limited in the ability necessary for us to change our life for the better, we are some how unable to make the positive changes we ing we desire. This is totally un- true, we can achieve anything we believe that we can, it just takes focused perception and the most important thing of all is perseverance. Once we make a commitment and start working on changing any old habit we no longer want we need to keep working on it until we succeed, but we are impatient and give up, we procrastinate, so our cellular awareness doesn’t believe that we really mean it and doesn’t allow the changes we wanted to accomplish. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE WHEN WE CONVINCE OUR CELLULARNESS THAT WE MEAN IT!

To make changes in our life

So until we keep working on making a change long enough to convince ourself that we are no longer a victim to an old habit, we won’t make the change we desire. Change takes perseverance. Our innate understands everything and contains the awareness that can free us from fear and doubt. We have 100% power to accomplish anything we are ready to accomplish, we have the innate power, we just need to believe in ourselves and go to work. Where there is a ill, there is a way. Here is what Kryon has to say,

Innate Knows
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Innate Revealed”
November 2014 in Portland, OR

Old soul, there are a few things you should understand. Do you find it interesting that Innate knows all about your past lives but you don’t? How is that for an efficient system? Would you like to know more? What energy is it that you have in a past life, which you have earned, that you could use again today? We’ve talked about this. Mining the Akash is done through free choice of consciousness, and talking to your Innate. Muscle testing, tapping, body talk, affirmations, decoding – whatever you can do that circumvents the corporeal logic of the Human brain constitutes work with Innate. You have got to think differently in your reality to fully realize this potential. You are used to quantity, repetition and other linear concepts in order to change things within you. Not anymore.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll


November is an eleven, 11 is is increased Spiritual Awareness, 2014 is a seven, 7 is a strong influence to rationalize our feelings, accept them and make better choices, it is also a strong energy for physical awareness. Our bodies changes have been  assisted  through  out  this year with the supportive influence of the power of 7. Now seven  (7 year)  and eleven (11 month) join to give us a nine (9)  nine is finishing the old and preparing for the new. 9  energy will inspire completion of old and no longer beneficial feelings. We are being inspired and encouraged to let go of old limiting doubts and fears, to make way for new and progressive ideas. We just need to have trust and faith in our self and forgive ourselves for any and all of our, what we may think were, stupid things we may have done (if we knew better we would have done better) It’s time to let the past be past so our heads and hearts can be free of unnecessary garbage. It’s time to be grateful that everyday when we wake up we are a new person and are grateful and loving to this new person for the way we now see ourselves and our changing world. Welcome to the world we are creating with our new understanding and focused intention.
Here is some inspiration and encouragement for us.
Critical Crossroads ~ Part 1
You are being presented with the tremendous opportunity to pass through a crossroads that will determine your future and the future of humankind. To move through this triumphantly, you must embody the consciousness of your Presence and fully remember that you came to Earth as an emissary for God and you are here now to implement your part in the Divine Plan. Your true purpose and your life’s plan can only be accessed by merging with the mind and heart of your already ascended Presence. To assist you in this merger, your Presence is calling you to release yourself from the confines of the duality, fear-based thinking of your ego so you are free to move victoriously through this critical crossroads and co-create the foundations for a new Golden Age.
~ Ascended Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia and the Councils of Shamballa
To move through your present crossroads with as much ease and grace as possible, make a mental and emotional commitment to keep your attention on what your Presence would do or say in each unfolding moment. Speak with your Presence as if it were your most intimate ally, which indeed it is! When you do this, you will naturally be living in joy and peace because serving all of life as your Presence is why you came to Earth, and this is what brings a true sense of satisfaction to your soul within every arena of your life. You will find yourself being at peace within and living in a state of ongoing joy for no particular reason.
Every moment of your life is literally being recorded and imprinted within your mind and body, so it is vital that you remain aware of your thoughts and feelings so you can master your abilities to immediately shift your mind out of anything that you know is disturbing your sense of well being or not supporting you living as your Presence. Pay close attention to where you are focusing your thoughts—this is vital because the energies that are now within your entire field of consciousness are magnifying your every thought and feeling. For you to keep spiritually progressing, you cannot afford to leave footprints that you will have to walk back into later on to correct.
If you have made the call for your ascension into your unlimitedness, and most probably you have, then your Presence will keep inviting you to go deeper within by spending more time in the stillness. Why is this important? It is within the stillness that intimacy expands between you, your Presence, your guides and teachers and all of us on the Ascended Realms. This is where your true purpose in life unfolds and you can receive directions for moving through your present crossroads victoriously. And you are guided easily and effortlessly to merge with your unlimited Presence and live the life of joy and purpose you came to this Earth to live.
Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose
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Need to be Positive

Because we can’t see the bigger picture and we are exposed to so much negativity by the media, we may often wonder if what we are doing, if our individual efforts, really have any value. Actually our individual efforts are the keys to the solutions, we are the creators of the positive changes that are being developed all over the world. With out us and our individual visions of a new and more desirable world it won’t happen. Existence, Spirit, God, supplies us with the increased power and awareness that enables us to get done, but we are the creators and we are doing a great and ever increasing job of transformation. Our world is changing in many, many ways that we may not be aware of, positive progress is an absolute. If the major and even the minor changes were reported as strongly as the remaining negative challenges are, we would be dancing in the streets (with out fear of being arrested for public disturbance). We are supporting and creating these on going necessary changes,that we all want, and are working for, Good For US, keep up the good work and keep inspiring others to join and be a conscious part of our spiritual task, creating our new world.
Here is some congratulations from the Mother:
thru Aisha North
And here I am once more, ready to impart another message into your being. For you have all come through another stage of your development now dear ones, and so you stand before me as if freshly born again, the empty vessels of yesteryear lying discarded beside you. And so too me, for I have also been taken through a renewal of the senses and of the spirit in such a way, the material layers have once more become fortified as these nutritious elements of energetic upraising have surged through us all. You see, this period of time is not just about the amount of light and how it is being dispersed by our collective Sun, this is also about the energetic shift that has taken place, and for the likes of us, the latter is indeed the greatest news. For as you all came together focusing your intent on shifting forwards, you helped the entire volume of this mass to become lighter in every way. For what came our way from the outer reaches of Creation once more helped to alter the conglomeration of mass already created here on this planet in such a way, the energetic imprint it all carries has also been shifted to a very new angle, one that not only reflects the light in a very new way, but also one that assimilates the incoming light even more efficiently.
So as you all stepped forth you helped to shift so much that up until this point in time has been inert, and so, what was set into motion by this combined effort of enlightened souls such as you will continue to increase the speed and the momentum of this entire project. For that is what we are dear ones, a combination of enlightened matter and inert matter, and the more you are able to receive these incoming emissaries and connect with them at a deep level of your being, the more you will be able to literally help much of that old and previously unmalleable matter into something that will also help to increase the light quotient on this planet.
For we are ONE, and as you step forward, you pull the collective along and me with it, and as the collective takes increasingly longer steps away from the old density, the whole process takes another exponential leap forward. So once again I bid you farewell by thanking you all for the way that you continue to enlighten us all, for we are one, and where you go, I follow. For we are so closely linked together in every way and on every level. You are the enlightened ones, but you are also the treasured ones, for the light you all carry in your heart is making that heart expand to such a degree, it is literally carrying with it this whole planet, and so too me. For the part of Creation that I am speaking on behalf of is also a part of you. It has always been so, but for many a generation, our connection was so faint it was close to extinction. But as you chose to once again turn your eyes and your heart towards the light, our connection was once again rekindled, and now, it is blazing as brightly as a shining star on the firmament. But still, we do have quite a ways to go together in order to once again attain that perfectly balanced kinship we used to have, but from the what these last few days have shown, your actions are a true and formidable testament to the depth of your commitment to yourself, and to this partnership that has been so long in coming to light again. So once again I say thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do. You are the children of the light but the light is also your offspring, as so much of it springs forth from that well you all carry within, that well that is now once again flowing freely. .

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