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How was 1 for you?

How many changes have you  realized that you accomplished and experienced in 2014? This has been a year of increased awareness of spiritual energy to inspire us to wake up a little, or perhaps a lot,.Our world is changing and so are we. Our bodies are being changed so we can accept this new vibration that is on going, During this year we have see major upheavals in the business world, science has become more in harmony with the idea of spiritual reality, the force field, the power of belief and its enhancing or limiting influence. E.Q. emotional intelligence is becoming more of a necessity in the business world. Life Coaching has become a viable instrument for increased awareness seekers. Mobile phones have taken over general conversation and the net. This is making major increases in social awareness through the world. The amount of  change in country’s all over the world are so vast they are essentially to vast to list. The need for major changes have become more and more obvious and are attracting  more need for change, from people all around the world, we are changing and our world is changing and we want more of both. Energy follows intention and our conscious intention continues to grow. So back again to us as individuals, think about it, how much nave you changed? My guess us ‘More than you realize.’ So lets start, in case you haven’t, in planning our next desired changes in 2015, write them down, post them where you can see them so you can see you desires. Be intelligent, plan for a miracle.

Life Coaching’s purpose

Life Coaching’s purpose is to assist the players to be able to play better. To help them to be more aware of habits that may interfere with their being a success and a winner of the game. The Game I’m referring to is the Game of Life.  The problem with being a Star player is the limiting habits of the individual belief system, we are our worst enemy. We came to earth to play the Game of Life with 100% power and ability to succeed and be a winner and then to make the Game more interesting. We make it more interesting by developing Doubts, Fears and accepted limitations. What we have developed only we can change. By identifying and releasing self created weaknesses we regain the essential power that we have always had and make the Game of Life an interesting challenge. We didn’t come here to suffer and fail, we came here to conquer Life’s challenges and become the champions we knew we could be when we chose to become a player. Winners and Losers are self created; the choice is individual, it’s up to us. Our approach to Life Coaching is to take advantage of Biofeedback from the body and enable people to understand what their body can tell them; what they can do to remove limiting behaviours and become their own master. The only true coach is the one within the body. The body knows everything , we just need to be able to communicate with it. That’s our approach, we help people to find out how they can help themselves. To us this is the true, effective and lasting approach to self improvement. We didn’t bring any negativity with us, we developed all of it after we arrived. What we have created only we can change, no one can do it for us. We love our spiritual challenges because they are self rewarding and develop an inner enthusiasm for life.  

Life Coaching has many different approaches

The idea of Life Coaching and there are many different approaches available being offered, all have the same underlining purpose, to help people to understand that they have a choice to function at a higher level or vibration. This means we can over come the doubts, fears and limitations of our belief system and achieve more of the Abundance of the life we are living. We all came here with a 100% power to take advantage of the life we chose to experience and most of us forgot our truth and became a victim to what we believed were or weren’t. Life Coaching is a means of sharing conscious awareness of our unaccepted and unused power, of our essential ability, to achieve our birth right of abundance. Our approach is unique in the Life Coaching approach because we take advantage of people’ s inner truth, using  Bio-feedback from their cellular memories, to assist them to identify,defuse (de-stress) and re-program any limitations of their belief system that may be in the way of, and interfere with, their ability to accomplish their dreams and desires. This also enables them to open up and be available to the the increased power of  of consciousness that is being given to us, to prepare us, for the %th dimension reality. Here is a long channeling from John Smallman from the energy of Jesus.
A Message from Jesus
By John Smallman
Your magnificent and most wondrous awakening was divinely planned
In the spiritual realms all is prepared for humanity’s grand awakening. Nothing can prevent it. Many of you worry about the seemingly vast numbers of humans who remain totally unaware of their spiritual origin and who, it would appear to you, cannot therefore possibly be awakened, especially those who are consumed with hate, bitterness, resentment, and mistrust.
Well, what you Light bearers, wayshowers, and loving souls have been doing is preparing them, all of them for this fantastic moment of spiritual enlightenment. You have all been powerfully and constantly intending for them to awaken into an awareness of their divine and spiritual roots, and that loving intent is extremely effective because, of course, it is fully and mightily supported by God, the loving Source in Whose embrace all are permanently upheld. Lack of awareness of this embrace in no way reduces its power or effectiveness. Humanity’s awakening is going to happen, and your joy will not be surreal, it will be Real! Amazing, astounding, and glorious.
As we in the spiritual realms keep telling you, because you do have difficulty holding the concept firmly in your minds, you most definitely and eternally are divine beings having a very limiting and short-lived human experience. Yes, I know it seems to go on and on and on . . . just keep reminding yourselves that time is part of the illusion, especially when it is passing very slowly and painfully for you. Remember that somewhere someone else is having a happy experience and time for them is racing by far too rapidly. How long is a day, an hour, a minute, a second? It depends on what you are experiencing as it passes. Although it does indeed seem that the illusion has existed for eons, it has only really existed for but a tiny moment in your minds, and that will become apparent when you awaken and find it gone.
Reality, God, the Source of all that exists, Love, is eternal, everlasting, timeless, a constant present or now moment in which all of creation is forever ongoing. Words cannot give an explanation that is in any sense at all adequate to describe the forever now moment in which all of creation has its eternal existence. Consequently when you awaken you will be magnificently astounded by what your awakened and fully engaged conscious awareness brings so wonderfully to your enraptured attention. In the spiritual realms we do nothing half-heartedly, everything is engaged in with enormous and vital enthusiasm, nothing is just ok. How could anything in God’s divine Reality, the only Reality be just ok? Or even OK!
The wonder of Reality, which is eternally fully conscious and aware, awaits your awakening with intense and excited anticipation because your astonishment and delight will wondrously delight all of us who are Reality, and to which every and all aspects of consciousness are forever unbreakably connected. Although time as such is illusory, we know how long it seems to you that you have been waiting to awaken, remember, and experience the wonder that is the real You. And, as you have been repeatedly told, there will be no disappointments, God cannot and would not wish to disappoint anyone.
Disappointment is very definitely illusory, utterly unreal, and totally inconceivable, as is anything that is not in perfect alignment with Love. And all that appears misaligned, unloving, or unaccepting will dissolve instantly behind you as you awaken.
Your magnificent and most wondrous awakening was divinely planned and orchestrated at the very moment of your apparent separation so that there would be no gap, no break in your conscious awareness of who you truly are, while at the same time giving you unlimited freedom to explore and experience the severely limiting environment that you had conceived of and constructed in which to play the games that you wished to play. Limitation was a seemingly great idea. Divine beings with unlimited, in fact infinite powers, choosing to limit themselves to see what that would be like. Your divine Father, who had given you absolutely everything at the moment of your creation, desired only that you have total freedom to do as you pleased. Freedom that would allow you to experience fully anything you could conceive of, while at the same time ensuring that no harm could come to you, ever.
You then chose to lose yourselves within the extremely limited environment that you had constructed, and in order to do so You had to split Yourself into myriad tiny and seemingly disconnected parts. As a result you have individuality, a sense of being separate and competing life forms in an environment that is unable to support you all. Hence poverty consciousness, ambition, greed, and relentless competition for the inadequate supply of materials essential for your survival as humans on Earth have become part of that unreal and apparently very threatening environment. It is indeed a very strange game, and one that you have grown tired of, so your awakening is imminent.
Those of you who are aware of God and of His infinite and eternal Love for all of His divine creation are presently based within the illusion purely by your own free will and by your most loving choice to assist your deeply sleeping brothers and sisters to awaken. Continue to take time out daily, quietly at rest in your deep inner space that is eternally and unbreakably connected to your Source, so that the Light that embraces you at all times can grow constantly brighter ensuring that no one can remain unaware of It. It is the Light of divine Love calling you all to wakefulness, and It can no longer be ignored or refused. The time for awakening is upon you. Expect ecstasy, and awaken into it!
Your loving brother, Jesus.

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