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Spiritual challenge

I keep encouraging myself and everyone I can to look for the good in our life and our experiences, which at times may be difficult to do but is worth the effort. Then I see this one that I’ve shared on Facebook, two Dallas Cops, in response to a mothers asking for assistance, shoot her young child holding a small screw driver, in the door way of their home, 5 times because he didn’t put the screw driver down when they told him to.? Talk about a spiritual challenge, where is some value in that one? The only one I can think of so far is to inspire an uprising that would make sense because obviously Texas and Texans are in serious trouble, to see that as justifiably.
Existence functions in mysterious ways at times and because we don’t understand the overall purpose, it may seem cruel and unnecessary to us. I know that this one is messing with my rationalization. I know there is a win there, perhaps public outrage is its purpose. Perhaps maintaining inner serenity in spite of outer turmoil is the challenge. Any way its inspired this post, all comments are welcomed.

Spiritual challenge

On the brighter side here is some encouragement from the masters.

Golden Age Messages from the Masters Part  2

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School
Living As Your Ascended Self ~ Part 2 (April, 2015)

We continue to support you in living as your Presence, which is your already-Ascended Self, while you are still embodied on the Earth. We are always here to assist you in being a demonstration of this possibility since it encourages others to put more attention on their ascension. The more any soul masters living as your Presence, the more others will remember who they truly are and why they chose to be on Earth while humanity is entering a new Golden Age of Freedom. If what you see around you appears to be chaotic, please know that this is only a temporary appearance of the kind of disorder and disharmony that always precedes an ascension into an entirely new dimension.

~ The Councils of the Cosmic Christ

Humankind is reaching out to discover their true identities and their greater purpose for being on Earth. Many still need assistance to clear, cleanse and transmute any thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving them in moving into the freedom of a new Golden Age. With the shift of consciousness that has been taking place over many, many years, you are comprehending with much greater clarity the higher levels of information that we have been sharing with you to assist and encourage as many as possible to move through the 3rd and 4th dimensions and into unlimited Unity Consciousness on the 5th dimension.

During this ascension process, you may be witnessing an increase in confusion and fear around the world due to the massive release of mis-information that is now being pushed to the surface so it can be transmuted and lifted back into the Love and Light of Source. This cleansing is making it possible for many to align with more of the consciousness of their Presence. It is also starting to ignite more and more of the Divine qualities of the Presence until ever-abounding joy and abundance becomes the natural state of every awakening soul.

You are each remembering and assimilating much of what you have known in past Golden Ages based on the awakening of the previously dormant strands of your crystalline DNA. This is allowing many epochs of Earth’s history to move into alignment with your current timeline so your ancient gifts or talents can be used to create your new Golden Age.

You are all undergoing a process of integration that is preparing you to live in the 5th dimension. This is creating a constant expansion of the frequencies within and around your body, making it important to re-evaluate and reset your priorities so everything you are thinking, feeling and creating is in harmony with your Presence and your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. This will continue until the ascension.

This accelerated and individualized process of growth may be accompanied by necessary periods of rest followed by surges of energy and expanded levels of awareness. It behooves each person to know and support their own growth cycles so harmony can be sustained within all levels of their reality. Everyone will eventually be in complete resonance with his or her higher destiny. It is very important to be patient with yourself and with one another as this process continues, for there is room for all of humanity in their diversity to fully expand in wonderful and amazing ways while each one is remembering and accepting that we were created as an expression of God.

A spiritual awakening comes naturally when you realize that God is not a belief, it is rather the essence of who you are! You are Love, you are loved and God’s creative consciousness abides within you. Every person is here to create their personal life and all aspects of their extended life with this Divine Love. It is only when we live in separation from the Presence of God within us that we are powerless and that we perpetuate suffering and negativity on this planet. Together we are here to allow the bonds of the ego to dissolve so completely that we can embody the Presence of God while we are living on the Earth. It is only from that level of our consciousness that we have what we need to co-create in loving cooperation a new Golden Age of Freedom. As one united force, we can change the world in a very short period of time.

Our thoughts becomes things

Our thoughts becomes things

If we had any idea of how valuable we are and how important we are, as a part of the  evolution of our planet, we would be more response-able for how we think about what we do and how we do it. We are far from insignificant. Our thoughts become things, when we think, we create, when we think about what we don’t want or don’t like, we create more what we think about. When we think about what we do like or what we do want, we create more of that. So think about it, what do you really want if you could have it? What kind of life and what kind of world would you like to be apart of and live in? Not only do your thoughts add to creating what you choose to think about, they attract to you what you believe you deserve and we all deserve the best life and the most wonderful world that we can imagine. We are really magicians and don’t realize it, so why not plan for a miracle. This has nothing to do with other people, we can’t change them or make them different in any way, that’s up to them. We can though,set an example of how we can do it and we may inspire them to do the same and it feels good when we are dong it, Be intelligent and plan for a miracle. Here is some inspiration from Hilarion.
by Marlene Swetlishoff
February 22-29, 2015
Beloved Ones,
As you sit at the crossroads wondering which way humanity will choose to go, know that you are not helpless ones – you have ability to effect changes to the morphogenetic fields (fields which influence the pattern or form of things) that surround all situations. These are fields of habitual patterns that link all people, fields which influence and are influenced by, the habits of all people, whether of knowledge, perception or behaviour. It is a field that exists where each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and one which also contributes to the collective memory which affects other members of the species in the future. (See links below.) This is why we tell you that you are more powerful than you know and why mindfulness in your thoughts, words and deeds is so very important. It is through your focused intention, your love, your intuitive clarity and your light that changes to the current patterns in these fields take place. You are the ones that affect them!
It is all a matter of perspective as you work through these fields. Making an assessment of each situation encountered and learning everything about it that you can, looking at all the advantages and disadvantages to decide which road to take that is offered to you, you then choose the best option for you. Trust yourself, make that decision and believe that you are choosing the best option at the current point in time. Perhaps the passage of time will show you that it was not the best way to go, if that is the case, be prepared to face the consequences and make adjustments as necessary and learn from the experience. Life is all about living it instead of remaining a bystander or a passive observer to your own life. Too many people have been conditioned to wait for another person to do what needs to be done. This conditioning must now be changed. It requires your determination and awareness for this to occur. You can do it.
As the energies upon the planet increase, there is more fluidity in all things and so your ability to affect the morphogenetic field is greatly amplified. Caution is required in your daily thoughts and activities. Begin your day by aligning with your divine essence and stay true to this alignment through all activities throughout your day. Repeat powerful affirmations that reinforce your highest vision and highest outcome, not only for yourselves and those you love but for everyone upon your planet. See yourselves as the powerful and wise beings that you truly are and step into those shoes! Become those powerful beings who wield their power for good to manifest into their world. You have come this far because of your strong will and determination to be here during these times and it is not the time to allow all that hard work and effort to fall by the wayside.
Continue in your efforts and in your allowance to release and clear the energies that are still coming to the surface and remember that they are not always because of anything that you have personally endured and experienced and are personally responsible for. Many times, it is a clearing that is occurring for the entire collective morphogenetic field that greatly influences and affects all life. You are playing a part that was agreed to be played before your current incarnation. It is a time of major release for everyone and everything that has previously been conditioned and affected by the old paradigm systems and as you do this work, keep yourselves as energetically clear as possible. You are one of many major lightworkers for your planet and everything you are currently experiencing is for the greater good of all, even though it may not feel like it in the moment.
You have great ability to transmute the denser energies that are keeping humanity from greater awareness of the true nature of their lives upon this planet. Allow your light to shine like a blazing sun and radiate this light from your heart chakra to everyone and everything that surrounds you. As ambassadors of light and love for the Creator, your actual presence does and will continue to make a difference. You are assisting in bringing ancient knowledge and wisdom into the modern world in a way that is appropriate for the current civilization to absorb and ponder upon and learn from, linking the past with the future. You are the anchors and the conduits, the beautiful rainbow bridges of love and full spectrum light, that diamond light, truly making its presence felt upon your planet.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

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