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Why Wait? Just Do It.

It’s time to pay more attention to our stubborn resistance to change, In order to change our lives for the better we need to have faith and risk success.We know what we would like to change, if we could and we can, we just need to believe that we can and start working on it, knowing that we are making changes that are a benefit to the life I choose to live. Now the work begins; I need to visual my new way of doing things, see them completed, feel proud of my self for having accomplished having done what I anted to do, see my friends congratulating me on my success. Now you need to function the way your new changed approach will allow you to function, The new way you have chosen to be, takes patience, determination and practice. You are literally re-programming your mind and body to behave differently and it may take some time to overcome your subconscious resistance to change, but persistence will conquer, ‘Thy Will Be Done ON Earth as It Is In Heaven. We all would like to make positive changes in our lives, why wait, go to work, I can assure you it is worth the effort. Remember, “I AM, I Can and I Will.”

Take charge Of Your Life, It’s Your Movie

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are much stronger than you may think you are, stronger than you were even a year ago. We are in an era of Personal Responsibility, we need to take control, we are through with being a victim of our childhood belief system. Yes it’s still there but we no longer need to become limited by what it has to say to us, it’s time to take over and do what we want to do, when our common sense says to use, I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good. We’ve been given a simple and effective way to take charge, now we need to take the responsibility to use it. We have arrived at a crossroads, it’s time to stop old limiting habits, they are in our way and we need to care enough to get more consciously involved. If you don’t see the personal advantage to what you are about to do, do something else, let the old limiting habits go and let progressions be added to our growth. Take charge and risk success. What good is more power if you don’t use it.

If You Don’t Find TheWin, You’ll Have To Do It Over Again

Life is an on going challenge of Conscious Awareness, when we can see the value of our experiences we are Consciously Aware, when we don’t see the value we are functioning from 3 D thinking. Existence doesn’t make anything that isn’t valuable, our job is to recognize the value and act accordingly. We are an active, or inactive, part of the game plan, of this world, that we chose to we to play in.We all have the same purpose, to create more light in this world by identifying the value of what we are exposed to. Quite often that may not a simple and obvious task, we need to see bigger picture to justify value. For example sickness may inspire interest in wellness etc. Losing your job may lead to a better job, regardless if you look for the win, you’ll find it. Every time we find the value we add to the positive transformation of our planet and that’s the over all purpose of life, to assist existence in its job and feel good doing it.

My Heart Is My Guide and My Lover

All doubts, fears, limitations,threats, possible problems, are expressions of our mind. All feelings of trust, faith, security, ability, caring, loving, acceptance, oneness, Divinity, Spiritual Awareness, are expressions of our hearts. We are (I AM) I Can and I Will are all from our heart, our heart is life, our best friend, our mind is a problem creator. What we feel is an opportunity for awareness, what we think, quite often, confuses the issue and causes UN-necessary time loss, energy use and maybe the cause of our failure. Our Mind is our created protection, our belief system that is supposed to protect us from pain, Fear and Fear of more pain to come, the problem is that’s what it was doing, subconsciously, before we were 7 years old, without reason-ability. We need to update our childhood belief system with adult conscious awareness., we need to grow up spiritually, we need to think with our hearts, we need to think with Emotional Intelligence.

Let Go and Let Come

As we become more and more consciously aware, our old, no longer of any value habits expose themselves and make refinement of limitations an obvious thing to do. We’ve been a bit player in our own production long enough, it’s time to be the star and it’s so easy to make these changes that are so very important for us to do. I Can’t tell you how incredible the mantra we were given is, you need to use it repetitively to experience its value. It really works. The Law of Attraction reacts to I Don’t do that any more, I AM Feeling Good and our life has more and more Feel Good in it thanks to our efforts. If you are a user of this mantra you know from your use, if you haven’t been using it, check it out, you’ll be glad that you did. It’s time to ‘Lighten Up.

Building My Safe Place

As we get closer and closer to a major change of conscious awareness, it keeps us pretty busy. Old Karmic patterns keep showing up to give us a chance to transform them into our feel good place. If you don’t have a feel good, safe place, then you need to create one. With closed eyes. imagine .the kind of a place you would be comfortable and totally safe in. Perhaps a garden with a stream running through it, with trees and flowers growing all around. You can add anything else you would like in your private place. No one but you knows where your safe place is, when you are there, you are totally safe and protested. This is where you can go to just ,.GET AWAY..
If you are a meditator, this is the place to Meditate from. Remember No ONE BUT YOU knows where your safe place is but you, keep it that way.This your safe haven, go there whenever you need to d-stress or chill out.. Make your safe place as beautiful as you like, this is your secrete. place..

A Little Help From Our Friends

At times it is really difficult to find the value of what we see others doing. To us it nay not seem sensible, the problem is that we aren’t able to see the whole picture, the bigger picture, so our judgment is impaired by a limited mind. We are so quick to jump to conclusions. Everybody is doing the best that they can at all times, if they could do better they would. So the spiritual approach is to see with compassion and when we can see a straggle, to send love, light and compassion to what we see, a little help from our friends. And a friend in need is friend indeed. Sharing our love and light with others is a privilege, because when we do it, the first gift is to the sender, we have to feel it to send it. We can be like Johnnie Appleseed,,who spent his life planting Apple Seeds, only we are spreading love and light instead of apple seeds.. What a lovely thing to do sharing loving energy with others just because we can.,

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