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The More You Care, The more You Have To Share.

Wisdom is a gift of love, from the conscious awareness of the heart to the mind. As we become more aware of the value of experience, we become wiser and stronger. The basic wisdom that we are growing in to now, is to be alert to, how consciously we are caring for ourselves. Until we develop our self love, we are still holding on to kind of self denial. As we accept our self, just as we are, we are still functioning in self imposed limitation. As our degree of self love expands, so will our ability to manifest what we really want as well. We need to learn how to be positive selfish, to take care of ourselves first, so we will have more to share. First getting then sharing. you are the only one that knows what you want and I don’t mean from someone else, when we love ourselves,we have love to share. When we consciously care for for ourselves, we will consciously be a caring person. We all want to be cared for, so just do it. take care of you. Why? Because your worth it.

Taking Care Of Business, Loving Myself

How are you doing with your new responsibility? In order for us to clean up our old identification to 3 D domination and to eliminate Past Life Karmic attachments. To do that, we need to be alert and determined. We are such creatures of habit, that we need to replace our old, no longer desired, limiting, habits, with new consciously progressive habits. This takes persistent repetition, we have to convince ourselves that we mean it. It usually takes 60 to 90 days, or longer, to prove to ourselves and our cells that we are sincere, that we really mean it. Until we take responsibility for making positive change, our old habit patterns and our subconscious belief system has control of our life and are a victim to yesterday. We need to choose to be here NOW. By being consciously alert and purposely response-able for how we use our energy, . When we dedicate ourselves to letting of what is no longer desired and spending more conscious time in the NOW, we are caring for ourselves, taking charge of our life consciously and therefore developing our self love. Welcome to the 4 D and 5 D world. Hoe are you doing? Every day, in every way, a little bit better, with everything, especially Self Love.

Smile and The World Smiles With You

I asked my guides what was the most effective thing we could all do, that would be would raise our vibration and assist ourselves, the world and others during this period of transformation that we are going through. the answer was, to Focus on Smiling, with love in your heart. Begin in the morning, when you look in the mirror. When we smile the neurotransmitters in our body, get an influx of light. When we smile at others, we both get it. So lets change our old habit of comparison and judgement of ourselves and others with a Loving Smile and perhaps a salutation, a Good Morning or whatever instead. We are all doing the best we can at all times, when we know how to do better we will. Smiling is contagious, so lets start an epidemic and hope. that everyone catches it. So Good Morning (with a Loving Smile)

Present Time Is Now The Past is 3 D

Most of us are so stuck in our 3 D identification, our 3 D thinking that letting go seems like a an impossible task and therefore it is. We that we are victims to our own way of thinking, we are using our power to prove to our selves that we can’t change the way we think, all it really takes is focused determination. The winner never quits and the quitter never wins, where there is a will, there is a way. The easiest and simplest way is ‘I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good. I AM, I Can and I Will, used repetitively, we just need to prove to ourselves, our cells and our mind that we mean it. The results are definitely worth the effort. Here is an excerpt from a Pleladian channeling by L’Aura Pleladian inspire you.
You have stepped out of 3D waiting, your Soul is guiding you every moment, and you have QUIT the endless battle of struggle and suffering, which is the resistance to the path of ease and grace, in the present moment. Everything magically unfolds, in the present Moment~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness. It is ARRIVAL and the end of struggle and fighting the PATH of your Soul. The path you have incarnated over and over to RECEIVE.
live in the moment 1
Living in the Present moment, and bypassing the Need to Wait (which is bypassing your need FOR control and resistance to arrival) is the allowance and acceptance of your Arrival, of the present moment, which ends the perpetual need for waiting (which is the 3D cycle) that you keep “incarnating” into. Do you need to wait till another incarnation to receive your Destiny?
Will you STOP Waiting and stop obsessing over everything THAT is not PRESENT NOW in your life now, and you Let that go And arrive NOW, YOU Receive. It is in the being present and in the letting go of the need to control and wait for what is not here now, that you RECEIVE your Destiny, your Desires AND MORE.

All Space is Here, All Time is NOW, All Things are Spirit, All is Divine

The Divine Matrix, the essential energy that everything, in visible existence, is created from, Light and love, in three dimensional form. Life as we know it, is an adventure, or an experience of conscious awareness, with free will, in an emotional energy. This is a very tricky game, to see what and how minds will react or respond to the hearts truth, when it is exposed to experiences of what appears to be threats, to its existence, in the influence of the power of 3 D energy which is the Law of opposites, thought forms of right and wrong, good and bad, success and failure, shoulds and shoulds and nots etc. are working in an emotional world, with Cause and effect, the Law of Attraction as a guide. Free Will is the gift of love and the choice to feel good or bad is our option. The reward to us is either more Feel Good or more Feel Bad , when we chose to feel bad, life becomes more difficult, to show us what feeling bad did for us. When we choose to feel good then good things would cone to us and our inner light would shine brighter, which improves our life and raises our energy and changes the influence of limited 3 D thinking to Self Love. We have changed the energy of our world to where the 3 D experience is no longer of value to us and our world, we have done what was needed, to go to the next level of the transformation of ourselves and our world. Welcome to the 4 D/ 5 D experience of Self Love and prosperity. You’ve earned it, now we can learn how to take advantage of this new energy and enjoy it.

Feel Good Developes Self Love

The problem is never the problem, it’s the way we feel about the problem that’s the real problem. The energy of this planet is E Motion, energy in motion, this is a feeling world. A good example is our body, the condition of our health is totally related to our emotions. If you would like to understand how that works, then read, The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton.When we change the way we think, it changes the way we feel and that is the key to better health, physically. mentally and psychologically. When we choose to feel good it’s the first step to Self Love,which is our essential purpose and the necessity to become in tune to 5th Dimensional reality. It is also what is necessary to be able to re-unite consciously with our higher self and become the whole person that we have been pretending that we are not. Our higher self is vibrating at a higher level (that’s why it is refereed to as higher) and we will become one with it when we achieve the same level and choosing to feel good and love our self is the way to go.

What You Decide To Do IS Up To You

Be here Now seems like a simple thing to do and it can be as long as you don’t start doing your old 3 D game of dualistic thinking. Breaking old habits takes concentrated effort, especially something we have been doing life time after life time for 36,000 years or so, if you think that quitting smoking or loosing weight was a challenge, Taking control of how and what you choose to think, is a whole new game of Conscious Awareness, you must stay alert. We were given the way to make the necessary change a simple process, we just have to Key we were given, we need to use it response-ably, repeatably and consistently, until we have achieved our goal, Being in the Now, maintaining present time awareness and becoming the person we really are, until we have conquered our old 3 D limited thinking. I Don’t Do That Any More, I AM feeling Good, works, but we have ti use it. This takes alert commitment and dedication, to demand from ourselves, that it is time for us to, “Let Go and Let Come”
Be a Nike, Just Do It.

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