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Feel Good Developes Self Love

The problem is never the problem, it’s the way we feel about the problem that’s the real problem. The energy of this planet is E Motion, energy in motion, this is a feeling world. A good example is our body, the condition of our health is totally related to our emotions. If you would like to understand how that works, then read, The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton.When we change the way we think, it changes the way we feel and that is the key to better health, physically. mentally and psychologically. When we choose to feel good it’s the first step to Self Love,which is our essential purpose and the necessity to become in tune to 5th Dimensional reality. It is also what is necessary to be able to re-unite consciously with our higher self and become the whole person that we have been pretending that we are not. Our higher self is vibrating at a higher level (that’s why it is refereed to as higher) and we will become one with it when we achieve the same level and choosing to feel good and love our self is the way to go.

This Sunday Is The Night For Us To Be Positive Lunitics

Tonight is the Eclipse of the Full Moon, something we won’t see again until 2033, we are still being blessed with Wave X and the energy of the Equinox, I’m getting interesting statements from people about the reactions they are experiencing and whether you are aware of body and emotional reactions or not, they are happening. The next boost we will get to help us to let go of 3 D limitations will be October which is numerically a 9, the power of 9 is an increase of Spirituality and an end of the old to make way for the new, like the end of 3 D influence and the identification with our 4 D / 5 D potential. With 3 D energy no longer in force, that means 3 D karmic attachments are gone as well, all we need to do to release the 3 D Karmic influence, is to use our 4 D / 5 D attunment mantra, I Don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good ! again and again until we’ve made the necessary detachment from 3 D and are consciously and responsibly into 4 D / 5 D reality.

Let The Changes Continue, They Will Any Way

I’m excited by the oncoming influx of increased energy that the Equinox ts bringing us, we’ve been working on being prepared for a major change and this will be one of them. The amount of individual change will most likely be related to how much we have done to prepare ourselves to be available for major change.There is nothing to fear, there is only an energy influence on our cellular structure and and an expansion of conscious awareness on our minds. but then what do I know? I’ll be able to comment after the fact from my personal response, before, who knows? I know that my trust and faith is at a high level of interest, I love changes. I’ve added some encouragement from Hilarion, to ease the stress that some minds may be concerning themselves with. We’ve been been preparing ourselves for experiencing major changes and now we get to experience one, how exciting.
Arcturian Message ~ Fall Equinox 2015
from Solara An-Ra
Salutations of love and excitement dear Earth People!
We, your Arcturian friends, are jumping time lines to communicate with you right now. It was not always foreseen that you would receive our frequency or indeed, welcome it, in this time window. The variables were massive ~ would planet Earth succeed in bringing Her people into 5th dimensional frequency in time? Would the energies of resurgence available in your solar system succeed in activating humans to their full potential? Would enough of your populace be willing to extricate themselves from the net of disempowerment cast over your race for so long?
Depending on the answers to these questions, there was the potential for us to insert ourselves into your reality and help you make the leap. And the answers to all 3 questions posed are not black and white – there is a continuum along which the answers are placed, as your drama unfolds on the stage of your physical planet and in your beauteous galaxy. Most importantly, we must tell you quite clearly that you are on the way – that you are succeeding in extricating yourselves from the net, and that you are in the process of receiving the photonic input which is activating you into your full potential. And is this not wonderous news, worthy of trumpets and fanfare from the angelic choirs? Let us elucidate.
As a race, you are indeed moving towards fifth dimensional frequency. The fore-runners of this are already stabilised in this reality – perhaps 2 to 3 percent of your population are able to maintain this awareness as their predominant reality. Most of you reading this are within another 5 percent of the populace who are able to move into fifth dimensional frequency during your peak awareness moments – during orgasm, tantric practise, meditation, pranayama, moments of mergence with nature and so on. Our Star brothers and sisters from Sirius and the Pleiades teach the breathless state through this channel for this precise purpose – in order to temporarily sink you into the awareness of the ‘other’ reality – the non-physical realms of Light, sacred geometry, colour and harmony.
We are with you now not only to bring you these glad tidings, but to assist energetically through our frequency transmissions. You would call this healing – we prefer to call our offerings Light Chamber Transmissions. According to your need and our purpose, we send you different frequency grids at different times, as we are able to see into your Light Bodies and determine what is most appropriate in specific time windows. This September of 2015 on your planet is an extremely auspicious time for you. The equinox on the 23rd is the culmination of a rare series of portals opening energetically on Earth from the 5th of September onwards – the most powerful opportunity to integrate ascension codes since the December solstice of 2012.
You are given the opportunity to be stabilised at your present level of energetic upgrade – you have the potential to integrate all the activations and downloads thus far received. When this is achieved you truly are able to step into your power more completely. What will result is an experience of greater comfort and peace and empowerment. You will feel more stronger physically, more emotionally stable and more mentally clear and confident. We ask you to be very conscious of this potential over the weeks to come and to welcome it actively through stating with vigour:
‘I am ready for stabilisation & integration!
I accept all upgrades and activations already available in my Light Body.
I nurture my body with tender loving care to facilitate this stabilisation.
I accept my power as a multi-dimensional Angel on Earth!’
With this declaration, coupled with your ongoing dedication to this process, you begin the journey. We will offer a further 2 Light Chambers for you to experience. In addition we ask you to spend more time in nature, more time in spiritual practise and more time nurturing your physical vehicle. Do not expect to attain spiritual heights without paying attention to your physical aspects dear people. How would it be possible to transmute from physicality into Light when there is density in the vessel? Avoid processed foods and stimulants such as caffeine and sugar. Eat a balance of cooked and raw fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses that are nurturing to your whole being. Balance and moderation is needed in all aspects of your lives to truly take advantage of this opportunity to come into energetic integrity.
We and all the Galactic Beings of Light are with you in this process. We radiate our frequency in loving turquoise wave bands into your reality right now. You receive this as a heart-opening, field-expanding experience. We repeat – do not seek to further activate yourselves in this time window, but rather to stabilise and integrate that which already within your Light Body. As our Pleiadian friends are fond of saying, The Time Is Now! Namaste.’
Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light ~ are you ready for an UPGRADE?
Dearest Light Tribe, this message from the Arcturian Star Councils is so welcome I am tripping the light fantastic! It appears that we really are getting somewhere, in consciousness terms. I will upload a 2nd and 3rd Chamber of Light in the coming weeks – in the meantime, do the first one here if you have not already.
The Arcturians gift us with this healing session in order to allow our further activation – IF we are ready for an upgrade! Lie down to experience this ‘Chamber of Light’ – repairing on a cellular atomic level, repairing the electrical Light Body in order to repair your nervous system, so that your codes may be activated with more comfort in your physical body.
For the most powerful healing result, allow as much time & space to rest after the session as possible to integrate the healing, with no internet, telephone or any other electro-magnetic interference.
This was recorded live during my ‘Solstice Activation’ Retreat in Ibiza, but I was guided to make it available to you as it will assist many ~ you know who you are! The Time Is Now!
Download the soundfile here: Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light
Love love love,
Solara an-Ra, Magic Weaver for Gaia

Self Healing Is Our Bodies Job

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know, I know that I am. that my body is letting me know that what ever it was doing for the last week is finished and that it is settling down to what feels like normal function.I consider my self fortunate because of my training in natural Science, fasting is my best friend,
our bodies are self healing when we know how they work.Thank you body, Do your best to take care of your body, it’s hard to function with out did it again.The body is always on our side we just have to work with it.

The Changes Are Increasing In Preparation

My body is going through many changes, my digestion ts doing it’s best to avoid being over worked by having no interest in food, I have no appetite, My energy is being focused on inner changes, I have very little external energy my body wants to lay down and rest, I’m sleepy, I have no interest in functioning physically. I see all of this with interest, obviously my body is being influenced strongly and changed for some reason, which I choose to be a necessary event. I don’t think that I;m sick, so I view all of this as benefits, that are preparing my body for existence in a different frequency, so I’m watching it all with interest and curiosity. I have no concern, I don’t think there is anything I need to concern myself about. September is another month of preparation for a major shift in conscious awareness, we are getting closer so we must be prepared. Actually I’m eager and excited by what I perceive as indications of progress. If you are going through some similar body reactions and you are O.K. with it, then ride it out and let the changes continue. I don’t think that I caught something, I believe my body is in preparation for major change. So if any such things are happening in your body, you might feel the same.
Here is a message of on going change from our alien Masters for inspiration.
Living as a Golden Age Citizen ~~ Part 2
Thank you for choosing to be on Earth during humanity’s ascension into the 5th dimension. The increase in Gamma Rays that are presently entering your planet’s environment are greatly assisting you individually and collectively in opening up some of the dormant packets of information that have been stored in your crystalline DNA since before the fall of Atlantis. The release of these Rays is also accelerating the spin within your electrons, which is assisting you in embodying more of the consciousness of your Presence and more of the 5th dimensional qualities that are preparing you for your ascension. You are more available to reap the rewards of these accelerations the more willing you are to release any 3rd dimensional references you may still be using to define yourself. As these old facets are transformed and lifted out of your limited belief systems, the more available you are to ascend with the Earth, and the easier it will be for you to access the gifts you are here to share in co-creating your next Golden Age.
~ The Council of the Elohim

An Important Happening To Be Aware Of

The energy that is being showered upon us From Aug.15 – 20 is the heaviest that we’ve received, so far.The 5th Dimensional, Crystalline transformation of our cellular structure, that enables our ability to absorb and comprehend the changes that we are experiencing, is expanding our awareness of the I AM That I AM That I AM presence that is what we really are a part of, that most of us haven’t been aware of. It’s time for that reality to dawn, to become conscious within us.We are changing into what we have always been and weren’t aware of it. We are being prepared to be consciously aware of the truth of our existence as a light barrier in a physical body.
If this is of real interest to you, I’ve added a You Tube link that takes us on the journey of what we are going through, you need to give yourself 30 minutes or so to watch it. It’s an illuminater and a mind blower. Enjoy.


by Patricia Cota-Robles

The I AM Presence of each and every one of us has been preparing for this moment for lifetimes. Since our fall from Grace aeons ago our fragmented and fear-based human egos have been manipulating and controlling us. This mutated aspect of Humanity’s fallen consciousness thinks our physical body is who we are and that its purpose and reason for being is to gratify our physical senses. The distorted perception of our human ego thinks that whatever it needs to do to survive is appropriate, even if it means lying, cheating, stealing, or killing. We can see evidence of this raging all over the World at this time.

Literally, every single thought, feeling, word, action, and belief we have that is not based in Love, Oneness, and Reverence for All Life is part of the manipulation and control of our fear-based human ego. But NOW, everything has changed!

Since the Birth of the New Earth, which took place December 21-22, 2012, we have finally reached a frequency of vibration that will enable us to burst the bonds of the paralyzing grip of our human ego. This will create a sacred space that will allow our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven to Initiate us into a Higher Order of Being. Once that is accomplished we will transcend our ego’s ability to control and manipulate us ever again. Then we will be able to Love this fallen aspect of our personality into the Light. I know this sounds too good to be true, but this has been the goal of the Divine Plan since the initial impulse of our fall from Grace.

Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth unprecedented events have taken place since the Birth of the New Earth. These Activities of Light have raised the energy, vibration, and consciousness of Humanity to a frequency that will enable Humanity and the Company of Heaven to God Victoriously accomplish this phase of the Divine Plan.

This Divine Plan will be fulfilled August 15-20, 2015. The I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth is well aware of this Cosmic Opportunity. That is true no matter how oblivious a person is on a conscious level or how difficult their present life experiences may be.

We are ONE with every precious person on the Planet and those of us who are aware of what is happening at this time have a tremendous responsibility to invoke the Light and to hold the sacred space on behalf of our sisters and brothers. Millions of people are so buried in their painful life experiences that they cannot begin to comprehend the importance of invoking the Light of God during this wondrous moment on Earth.

The Company of Heaven has assured us that with the heartfelt assistance of YOU and me and the myriad Lightworkers all over the World, this Divine Plan will be Victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause where everything begins. Then as each person assimilates this miraculous event it will begin to reflect into the world of effects, which is the physical plane of Earth. The length of time this will take is up to you and me, but once something is accomplished in the Realms of Cause, NOTHING can prevent it from manifesting in the world of effects.

Every Lightworker on this sweet Earth who is willing to be the Open Door for the influx of Light that will take place August 15-20, 2015, will be guided unerringly by his or her I AM Presence as to the most effective way to participate. In addition to our individual guidance and participation, the Company of Heaven has given us some powerful invocations through which we can collectively empower this facet of the Divine Plan.

There is a video titled Releasing the Human Ego that will greatly assist in this process. I have included the link below in case you do not have it.

If this does not work download it directly from You Tube

Home Work for the Interested

What to do with this increased energy that is happening to this world and us? Breathe, every time we take a deep breath, we connect our left and right brain hemispheres and have a one brain awareness working for us,a whole brain clarity of thought.Breathe, the more we practice deep breathing, the more oxygen we increase, the better we function, with deep breathing, our brain and body work better, the healthier we become and the more clarity of vision we develop. With clarity of vision and trust and faith, we can handle and find the value of anything and everything that may come our way. To put it simply, we are being transformed, and changed into a more consciously aware and powerful person, but it takes our intention and involved assistance. In order for us to be open to and available for this unknown increasing phenomenon. We need to welcome change, understanding that we can’t figure out or presuppose what’s going to happen, just be interested, with trust and faith and go with the flow. Wow ! What a great time to be alive.

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